Types of Watches

Types of Watches

The watch is a device that you wear on your hand in order to keep the time, but it is regarded as an accessory. The type of watch that you wear can say a lot about your personal sense of style, as well as your outlook to life. There are many different types of watches brand available in the market that you can choose from, if you are looking to get one for your own use. To know more about the various types of watches that exist and what such watches entail, you need to keep the following in mind.


Best 8 type of watches


1. The Analog Watch

The Analog watch is one that comes with quite a small watch face and it is equipped with a minute hand as well as an hour hand. There are some analog watches out there that come with a seconds hand too. Most analog watches usually have sixty minute markings in order to indicate when it is that sixty minutes have crossed. The numbers in an analog watch are those that are represented in the form of roman numerical. Analog watches are specifically designed for formal wear but can also be adorned on informal or casual occasions.

2. Digital Watch

The digital watch is a watch where all the minutes, hours and seconds are mentioned in the form of digits. Looking at the time in a digital watch is the same as viewing the time in a mobile phone or in a computer. The digital watch is one that is capable of looking quite trendy when worn and is suitable for both men as well as women. Digital watches are also accessories that are specifically meant for outdoor use. If you are looking to go out on a camping or hiking adventure anytime soon, then wearing a digital watch can prove to be a good idea.

3. Automatic Watch

The automatic watch is one of the best watches in the market today, which is powered essentially by the movement of the wearer’s wrist. The battery of an automatic watch does not have to be wound every single day. The watch energy is saved in a small metal disc that is known as a rotor which powers the watch and keeps it going for long hours at a stretch without wearing down. Known also as a self –winding watch, the automatic watch is one of the sturdiest watches out there and is a great accessory to invest in.

4. Chrono Watch

The Chrono Watch is in essence a stop watch and is one of the easiest types of watches to operate. The watch comes with a start button and a stop button that can be used to set the watch on and off as and when needed. A push back button also exists on this watch that lets you set the watch right back to zero. The Chrono Watch is used for timing events such as a morning run, a racing event, or even a morning walk, and comes with a long shelf life.

5. Diver’s Watch

The Diver’s Watch or the Diving Watch is an accessory that is capable of being used under the water. The Diver’s watch is resistant to water that goes as deep as 200 m to 300 m though there are many diving watches in the market today that can be used when going further deep into the water. Such a watch is generally worn by professional swimmers as well as by those who like to go deep sea diving. It is stylish in terms of appearance and is sturdy and durable, capable of being used over a long period of time.

6. Dress Watch

The Dress Watch is specifically meant for being worn on formal occasions and it not something that you can wear with a regular pair of jeans and a tee shirt. It looks good when worn with a business suit or a business outfit. The Dress Watch features a sophisticated yet minimalistic design and its prime purpose is to tell the time. It is not characterized by complications of any sort and looks more like a clock than a watch. It is also quite a durable accessory and is not easily prone to damage.

7. Quartz Watch

The Quartz Watch is a watch that functions on an electronic oscillator which is in turn synchronized by the quartz crystals. The power of the watch is one that is released through a small sized stepping motor which is responsible for setting both of the watch hands in motion. An important point to note about the Quartz watch is that this is an accessory that may require battery replacements every now and then. So you need to be prepared to invest in batteries if you intend on using a quartz watch very regularly to keep the time.

8. Mechanical Watch

The Mechanical Watch is one that makes use of specific mechanisms in order to measure passage of time, and it does not function on electricity in the same way that a quartz watch does. This is a watch that is powered by a spring board, with the spring board having to be wound from time to time. It is the spring board in the mechanical watch that is responsible for the ticking sound that it generates. The mechanical watch is not something that is worn too frequently and is regarded often as a collector’s item rather than a trendy accessory.


Thus, there are quite a few watches in the market that you can choose from, if you are thinking about getting a new one for yourself anytime soon. Certain watches like the mechanical watch and the diver’s watch are meant for use in specific occasions or circumstances only, while those like the analog watch and the digital watch can be won on different types of occasions or events. Every watch is durable and sturdy in quality and usually comes with a manufacturer’s warranty at the time of purchase, making them easy to service and repair as and when needed.