Types of Bra Available in India

Types of Bra Available in India

Looking for a perfect bra for your perfect outfit?

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Fed up of buying different lingerie for different outfits? Enough of all these questions. Here the answer to your entire bunch of questions. All the different types of bras about which every woman should be aware of.

Types of Bras

18 Types of Bras every girl must know


1. Push-Up Bra

The name is enough to know what they exactly do. It is a brassiere designed to elevate the breasts and make the cleavage look sexier. They are padded so that breasts look larger than the actual size. In some bra’s pads can even be removed. Some bras are padded with gel so that they can be adjusted with the size of breasts. For women with smaller breasts, it can be used to make breasts look larger. And for women with larger breasts, use it for creating cleavage.


2. Padded Bra

As the name suggests, padded bras have a cup to lift your breast to give the appearance of larger breasts and to prevent nipples from showing while wearing T-shirts and fitted outfits. These are more comfortable than the thin ones, especially if your breast tissues are particularly sensitive and easy to get hurt.


3. T-shirt Bra

T-shirt bras are a kind of padded bras designed to be comfortable enough so that they can be worn in regular days. They are specially made for T-shirts. The cups are lightly padded to stop the shape of your nipples showing through.


4. Balconette Bra

It is to make the ladies feel feminine and super luxurious. The height of the cups are shorter and the straps are wider set than normal, meaning that this style of bra can stay hidden even under the most plunging of necklines.


5. Convertible Bra

It has its importance because of its detachable straps that can be re-arranged according to the outfit. The straps will have hooks at each end and there will be lots of slots that they can hook into on the bra. You can have a single bra for multiple outfits.


6. Strapless bra

It comes without straps, won’t it fall down? No, it won’t. All you need is the perfect size of bra. The two cups of the strapless bra are held in place by a strong, wired underband. If it’s too lose it will keep slipping and you will be pulling it up all the time. Often strapless bras will have areas of silicone that will help it to grip against your skin and prevent it slipping down.


7. Bandeau Bra

It is a hybrid of a strapless bra and a tube top. With minimum support, it gives maximum comfort. As there is little to no shaping this isn’t a supportive bra, it really only works well for smaller breasts.


8. Longline Bra

The longline bra gives cover below the bust to somewhere above belly. This helps to redistribute the weight of your breasts and help you stand up straight. They are more supportive than regular bras. They are great for more than just weddings and proms.


9. Bralette

It is the one without worries. It is unlined, unpadded and wire-free. Now you can comfortably wear loose fit tops and low necklines.


10. Sports Bra

It is specially designed for women during workouts and exercises. If you wish to prevent breasts from the bounce and hold them firm during workout sessions, this would be the lifesaver for you. It drives sweat away and breathes well. Just check the comfort before buying them, as it can cause you trouble during exercise, if you buy the wrong one.


11. Plunge Bra

Plunge bras are designed to wear deep neck outfits without the visibility of bra. Cups cut away on the sides and are wide. Just check the right size before buying so that your breasts don’t fall forward while leaning.


12. Stick-On Bra

Want to wear backless and sheer back outfits with ease? Then this is the perfect option for you. They have adhesive on both the ends so that bra glues to your body leaving perfect shape for the outfit. The most common type of stick-on bra is made of silicone but there are ones that look almost the same as the silicone ones but are made of foam.


13. Maternity Bra

They are also known as a nursing bra. A maternity bra is for the time while you are pregnant and has the features you need for comfort and support during that time. A nursing bra will have some way to easily access your breasts for breastfeeding, normally this is done with drop down cups that have clips. Many of the features you would want from a bra while pregnant and while nursing crossover, so a lot of the time all those features are combined into the same bra. They change themselves according to the change in size and shape of breasts.


14. Cage Bra

You can show off your back and neckline through the multi-strap designer cage bra. It looks fantastic on any size bust because it appears to give ample support to any cup size. Caged bras are the chameleons of the lingerie world; they will change their vibe accordingly depending on the character and personal style of the wearer.


15. Minimizer Bra

It is specially designed for the intention to create the impression of minimized breasts. Depending on your size a minimizer bra could reduce your bust measurement by an inch or two by redistributing the breast tissue.


16. No Sag Bra

Sagging breasts are the breasts pointing downwards. It has the coverage of a camisole and the support of a bra. No sag bra has a very defined shape that your breast tissue—which is malleable—will conform to. It makes your breast look uplifted.


17. Cami Bra

It is for dresses with plunging necklines. It is for the women who want to flaunt their cleavage by showing it too much. It is very comfortable, made up of cotton.


18. Mastectomy Bra

Mastectomy bras are full cup bras that have a pocket inside the cups to insert breast forms. They are for women who have had one or both breasts removed and for the women who had undergone Mastectomy. Some are also specially designed to be worn during the recovery process after surgery.