How to choose a perfect bra?

How to choose a perfect bra?

The bra is one of the most important lingerie for women. Wearing a perfect bra has many advantages for the perfect shape of the body. The bra protects the breast tissue and will let the breasts be still without falling loose. Bra also brings a perfect shape to the body when a dress is worn. The bra has the most advantages when wearing a light shirt or t-shirt. It makes women feel comfortable in any dress worn. Bras prevent sagging breasts. Breasts mainly contain fat and tissues. A lot of lingerie brands present in the market, so choose your brand carefully you can help with this article while selecting best bra brand for your body type and which suits your outfits.

When you’re sitting or standing, there is pressure on these parts of the body. When walking or any other movement, the tissues inside the bra may get injured due to which slight pain or discomfort may be caused. In order to avoid all these a bra is used. There are a variety of reasons for wearing a bra which varies from one woman to another. Some of the reasons are they prevent sagging of breasts, prevent bouncing of the breasts which causes pain, makes clothes look better, hides nipples etc.

How to choose perfect bra

Wearing a bra is not compulsory but not wearing a bra may cause the following things:

  • Slight pain in the chest while walking
  • You sweat a lot
  • You have no way to show your cleavage

Anyway, wearing a bra is a personal choice of women


What is the right age for wearing a Bra ?

The right age to start wearing a bra also varies depending on the size of the breasts. On an average, it is around 10-11 years. Bra also adds in the personality of a person. Wearing a bra increases the confidence. A woman feels more confident about herself on wearing it. It also induces professionalism into the person. The most important thing with the bras is all about the breasts. However, there is no health benefit added by wearing a bra but wearing it defines the shape of the breasts. Not wearing a bra also may lead to stretch marks on the breasts. When in a crowd, wearing a bra makes you feel comfortable and confident. However, going braless in the home is more comfortable.


Importance of wearing a right bra

There are so many types of bras for different clothes worn because a single bra can’t go with every dress. A woman needs to know all the types of bras before she wears one as most of the women in the world, about 64% of women wear the wrong one. There are bras which match to the work we do. Choosing a perfect bra for a dress is the most important thing as wearing a wrong one can cause disasters. For choosing a perfect bra, one should first know what all are the types of bras actually available. So some of the many different kinds of bras are a sports bra, T-shirt bra, strapless bra, push up bra, padded bra etc.

Comfort and fit are the most important things you should remember when you shop for a bra. It should be well designed with the quality materials. Better quality materials last longer, hold up the brand and help the bra to keep its shape. Cheap material stretches out quickly and doesn’t hold up when washed and does not hold its shaping over time. Plastic or cheap metal fittings on the bra break, snap or bend when any regular stress is put on them. If the bras you wear have a poor fitting, then it can cause back pain or shoulder pain.  A poor fit will also reflect on how your outfit looks on your body.  Good design is important. Bras designed by someone who understands how the women body is shaped and functions mean a bra designed to fit her and do its job.

Some Important factors for choosing Perfect Bra

Choosing a correct bra is more important 

Before choosing a bra you must know your breast size and type because the bra can’t fit all. So, whenever you go to purchase a bra firstly, measure your bra size and breast requirement. There are many bra size calculators available online. You need to undergo very few steps to know your size. Shopping a bra is an easy task for all ladies now they can shop at their fingerprints via the internet. Shopping a bra is easy but choosing a correct fit bra is a difficult task. Some of the tips are –

i) Size of the Bra

Choose a perfect bra that fits exactly by choosing the size of the bra.Wearing a correct size bra will definitely highlight your curves and gives a groovy body line.  It is very important for every woman to pick a good fit bra to avoid the discomfort while wearing it.

ii) Goes with your outfits

Choose a bra which is apt for your outfits.

iii) Choose the right colour

Choose the bra colour in such a way that it does not look awkward. For example, choose white or light cream colour instead of thick colours.

iv) Ensure the Quality

Choose the bra with the best quality.

v) Buy Branded Bras only

Choose the high branded bras.


How to determine a correct bra size?

  • When you try a bra keep three things in mind. They are the cup, the baseband and the shoulder straps.
  • Lift up your arms and check your baseband.
  • Connect the hooks nearer to each other
  • Make sure that cup does not have folds in them if so then bra cups seem larger. So go with the small size.
  • Check whether you have wrinkles near your armpits if so then bra is too small.
  • Make sure that straps do not dig into your shoulders or should not fall to down.


To conclude, a bra must not only support your busts but also it should raise the bust up.

However, whatever bra it is, it becomes the most comfortable with the size chosen. To know the size of your bra, take a measuring tape and first measure the circumference around the ribs which gives the band size and then measure around the breasts which gives the breast size. Knowing these and then selecting the type of bra according to the dress will easily solve the issue of choosing a perfect bra.