Best Rechargeable Fan in India [Updated 2019]

Best Rechargeable Fan in India [Updated 2019]

Rechargeable fans can be found in many homes as they’re affordable, easy to use and can be taken or anywhere. Slim and compact, multiple power sources and you do get a decent air flow and motor from big and small fans.

Rechargeable Fan

Some consumers feel that the compactness and plastic build means that it isn’t durable. But rechargeable fans have come a long way since then and you have better construction, they’re lighter, can fit into handbags and might not have blades!We’ve reviewed a few of the unusual fans out here.


Best Rechargeable Fan in India


1. Sonashi 7 inch Rechargeable Mini High Speed Table Fan with Flash Emergency Light from Gadget-Wagon

The best part about the Sonashi rechargeable fan is that its light and portable – two important things to have if you’re going to carry this fan around everywhere. Other than using it for breeze in places or situations that don’t have any ceiling fans, exhaust fans – the fan has other features too.

This includes a 22 LED light torch as well that is not only bright enough but won’t lower the battery power. Unfortunately it does require a 12 to 15 hour charge duration, after which you get 2 to 2 ½ hours fan operation at the higher speed. At the lower speed, an impressive 4 hours – and that’s quite a lot for a 7 inch, full plastic fan. Given the size and output, we’d suggest using this indoors when there is a power cut.

Price: Rs. 1,900


portable, 7 inches total height, 5 inch blades, 2 fan speeds, torch with 22 LED lights. Sealed Lead-Acid Rechargeable Battery pack. 12-15 hours charge duration.

2) Geek Aire, 12 inch Rechargeable Table Fan

The Geek Aire CF 1 is a utility rechargeable table fan that is guaranteed for good performance. It is an upgraded version of the smaller, plastic fans that usually fall into this category. This is because of the brushless DC motor and 12 inch metal blades that produce a 1500 CFM air flow.

It even has the IX4 design standard meant to withstand outdoor usage in places like fishing zones, camp sites, construction sites, barbeques and sporting avenues. Since you can use it outdoors, it comes with a dual power supply too. One is the 15600 mAh lithium-ion battery and that generates 24 hours of run time. The other is the 24V AC power charger for charging the unit or when using its indoors connected to any AC power outlets.

When powered up either way, you can enjoy high performance air flow for 4 to five hours – at 1500 CFM and can be adjusted depending on the angle, height or areas where the fan may be plugged in.

It also acts like a power bank too, where you can charge your smartphone and other digital devices with the help of the USB output.

Price: Rs. 5,999


outdoor high velocity floor fan, 15600mAh high quality Lithium-ion battery, 4-24 hours run time (varies by speed setting), with 24V power charger, fully charged in just 4-5 hours.

3) Solar 15W AC/DC Rechargeable Table Fan with Inbuilt LED Light from Prabha

The Prabha solar AC/DC fan is a energy efficient and green table fan option. This is because it uses significantly less power to produce an air flow and operates through solar power. Given this one feature, the fan is the perfect for very sunny regions: where you get breeze from the fan and charge the unit without worrying about the bills.

Made entirely out of ABS plastic that is durable but light as well – so you can easily carry it around without damaging it. The strength and longevity of this fan has been made even better with the powder coated grill. You also get an LED light and a charging port for your phone as well.

Price: Rs. 3,150


ABS plastic material, operates by solar module, easy portability, heavy powder coated grill, USB cable port for mobile charger, inbuilt led light.

4)Bladeless rechargeable floor fan from Asiproper

The Asiproper 16 inch AC/DC Fan features an ABS plastic build that’s slim and stylish. The most obvious specification is that there are no blades. So you don’t have any air buffeting or worries about smaller kids being near the fan.

The speeds can be adjusted using the knob or the remote control. The fans works by pulling air and magnifying 15 times before output. It even works like an air purifier by cleansing this air of negative ions and might be especially useful for those with breathing difficulties, allergies.

You could get this fan if you have kids crawling or running around the house and want to keep them safe. With the remote control, seniors can easily operate the fan without getting up and enjoy fresher, cleaner air too.

Price: Rs. 7,709


Remote control,turn dial speed control knob, battery recharge indicator, slim and upright bladeless design.

5) Gazebo 3 Blade Rechargeable Table Fan from Orbit

The Gazebo fan is a space saving unit that is very light comes with a carry handle for easy portability. It runs when the connected to the charger on the battery for an approximate duration of three hours when put on the high setting. When operated on the low setting, the fan runs for a total of 4.5 hours.

You can choose from two speed settings, both of which have an active overcharge and over discharge protection function. Apart from the two 6 W fluorescent tubes there is another reading light that oscillates as well. The brand advises charging the fan overnight before the first use and for three to four hours for subsequent uses.

Price: Rs. 2,399


2 Speeds,24pcs LED Light, USB Fan Charger,AC/DC Function, overcharge & Over discharge protection function, carry handle on top. Duration time : High 3.5 Hours, Low 7 Hours, Battery : 6V, 4.5Ah rechargeable battery. Covered in Warranty : 1 Year

6) 12″ Rechargeable Ac/Dc Table Fan With 8 Led Light from Premium Care

Premium Care brings you this 12 inch table fan complete with USB charging ports for your devices. For recharging the unit, there is DC Solar Panel Socket and yes, it runs on the charger as well. This another fan option for those living is sunny areas and have to deal with lots of power cuts.

It’s great to have this twin AC/DC energy efficient feature too. You can use it on the DC mode in case of power failures, after charging it for at least twenty hours. Alternately, operate the fan in AC mode when its connected up with electricity.Run either of the two speed settings, knowing that the fan will be protected by the Overcharge And Over Discharge Feature.There is a small LED light that acts like an indicator, letting you know when the fan is charging and when it’s done. And like most rechargeable fans, the Premium Care AC/DC table fan is portable, light and can be placed on any flat surfaces.

Price: Rs. 2,599


AC / DC Function Backup, 4 Hours On High Setting & 6 Hours on Low Setting, USB Port for Charging Phone, 8 LED Emergency light, two 6v Sealed Lead-acid Rechargeable Battery, DC Port for Solar Panels.

7) 7611 4500 mAh Rechargeable Table Fan with LED Light from Care 4

Care 4 brings you this energy saving cooling solution ideal for use in garages, kids study rooms, office cubicles and even outdoors when camping. One advantage of using this fan is that it can be placed in areas where you need a high performance fan with noiseless operation.

When the 4500 mAh battery is fully charged, you should get 5 hours of power with the high setting. At the low setting, the maximum is 8 hours.This fan also comes with a 2W LED power torch too.

There are two working modes: using the charger plugged directly into a plug point preferably with an output of 220V AC. The other way is cordless, when outdoors or not near any plug point by using the 4500 mAh battery.

The company even provides everything you could possibly need to use the fan easily, in the box. Included with the 14 inch personal fan is a power cable, rechargeable battery and the 6 month warranty.

Price: Rs. 2,229


14-Inch 5 Blade design, 2 different speeds, sealed Lead Acid 4500 mAh battery, 5-8 hours working time, can be powered from AC Mains Power as well, 150 degree swivel head, 2W Led Light with 15 Hours Backup

8) 14 inch RF03 Rechargeable 3 Blade Table Fan from Eveready

For those that are looking for branded fans, the Eveready RF03 with LED light and AC/DC power is the right choice. The fan rotates automatically at 180 degrees to deliver a 150 mm sweep at all angles.The 16 LED light has an auto on feature, where it switches on its own when put in a dark or dimly light room.

Other features include duo speed settings, 90 degree air flow direction, deep discharge/ overcharge protection. You should get a run time of about 2.5 hours if the fan and light are used simultaneously. And if you use just the light, around 20 hours. This fan has to be charged for a full 24 hours before the very first use, as this improves the longevity of the battery.Regular charging sessions take 16 hours each, approximately.

Price: Rs. 3,495


Motor Speed: 1200 – 3000 RPM, Power Consumption: 60 W, Number of Speed Settings: 4

The biggest plus point of any rechargeable fan is that its portable: and, based on that you have regular sized table fans and the very small, pocket friendly options as well. The last two items that we’re going to review are miniature rechargeable fans.

9) Portable Sports Mini Usb/Battery Fan Air Cooling Handheld Fan by La Forte

Wouldn’t it be nice to keep a mini fan in you handbag or backpack at all times? Well, that’s what this La Forte Mini Usb/Battery Portable Sports Fan is for. It’s about the size of a handheld mirror around 7 inches tall.The fan blades are 4 inches across.

The fan is made of ABS plastic, with silicon grip on the handle with a copper motor and 1200 mAh lithium ion battery. You will get a standard USB 2.0 cable for recharging the battery. You can do this by connecting it to your phone, laptop, PC and even ordinary wall plug points with the help of a travel adapter.

Despite its size, the fan can operate for three hours on the second speed once fully charged. An indicator light will come on once the fully boosted. This can be controlled to a lower speed with a button placed on the handle just under the fan. Along with the charger, you get a carry strap that you attach to the bottom of the fan.

To run the fan, press and hold the power button for around 2 seconds till the white light comes on.The unit can be switched off in the same way. Change the speeds of the fan by pressing this same button quickly.Tiny,powerful and quiet performance, you can use the La Forte handheld at sports events, picnics, outdoors, carry it in your bag to use in metros, taxis, buses etc.

Price: Rs. 599


ABS plastic build, silicon grip, 1200 mAh battery, USB charging, small size, portable, 2 speed settings, power on/off button, carry handle.

10) Super Quiet Desk USB Fan from Opolar

Slightly bigger than the La Forte, this fan is meant for use at your desk – at offices, college PGs or home. The stand has a width of 6.5 inches and doesn’t go all the way around the 5.5 inch blade cage. This is because you can swivel the cage around 360 degrees, and can comfortably place the fan at any height or angle.

The fan runs through multiple power sources usually found on desks, like plugging in the USB cable to any laptop, power bank and even AC travel adapter. Note that the adapter isn’t included with the fan. You have to put the power switch placed on the back the fan on and then run any of the two speeds. The fan is slightly overpriced for a miniature desk cooling solution but we recommend buying it especially if you need a quality option.

Price: Rs. 3,899


compact and sturdy design, rotating fan head, USB charging, multi speeds, minimal noise.


Conclusion: Best Rechargeable fans in India

If you’re looking for a rechargeable table fan for your home, living room, PG accommodation consider things like electricity consumption, charging points, blade/motor RPM, brand and price of what you plan on purchasing.Summers are rough in India and you can stay cool with one of these alternate air supply options might be useful – and enjoy the same comforts of a regular fan no matter where you are. What you choose is up to you – from trendy models to high speed fans – keeping in mind your budget and needs. We have handpicked, taken a closer look at a few good options to help you decide.