Best Kitchen Chimney Under 10,000

Best Kitchen Chimney Under 10,000

Indian kitchens now include the chimney, an appliance that keeps this part of the house free from build-up of grime. The most popular kind are straight line and wall mounted, because most home owners place the stove next to walls. You do get island chimneys for really big kitchens, that are fitted on the roof just above counter tops or the centre of the rooms.The second characteristic is the filter that varies by design with the intention of improving filtration.
Mesh Filters: These are flat mesh plates place above each other in multiple layers and absorb grease, vapours when the chimney is on. Oils, grease gets stuck on these layers and fumes escape through the exhaust vents. This is why they need to be dismantled and washed out, as they are delicate and excess grease could destroy them. The suction power depends on how clear these filters are and the motor overworks itself if the filters are blocked badly.
Baffle Filters:Are easy to handle and can take on heavier loads of grease getting trapped on them. This is why they are a popular choice out here in India. Baffle filters are more robust too and can withstand a little neglect. Cleaning them is much easier: you can do this yourself either with a caustic soda soak or wipe it down with oil or damp cloths, as the case may be. This only has to be done once or twice every month and suction doesn’t get affected.
Charcoal Filters: This is a similar to what we use in water purifiers and is made up entirely of charcoal granules. The granules soak everything up, can’t be washed or reused either. This filters needs to be discarded three to four months later. This does help a lot but is extremely expensive to maintain.
Filters are made out of stainless steel or aluminium. Stainless Steel has the advantage of easy cleaning but is heavier and expensive. Aluminium is lighter and cheaper but can be damaged without the right care. Also, you can’t use caustic cleaning solution on them as this would cause a reaction that could weaken their structure.

Best Kitchen Chimney Under 10,000 available in India

1) Felixe Glass Kitchen Chimney


  • Company installation, free installation kit, Aluminium flexible foil pipe, 5 Years warranty on motor, Easy to clean baffle filters, push buttons controls, 3 way suction technology, 3 speed powerful motor.
  • Felixe brings you the CG Noir glass kitchen chimney complete with a curved glass on the hood. Fitting this equipment isn’t much of a problem because you get a full installation kit with it.
  • Along with that you also get a flexible aluminium pipe that can be extended up to 6 feet. Given these set up requirements, the company does provide a servicing agent but this is chargeable.

In terms of performance, the chimney is capable of a 1100 m3/Hr power due to the 3 way suction technology feature. Using it is fairly simple too thanks to the LED indicators and push buttons so you can adjust power and speed of the motors. The CG Noir can works with induction and gas stove tops.
On the downside, there isn’t any Auto Clean setting, so maintenance has to be done manually. This might prove to be too tedious and time consuming for some, even if the baffle filters are easy to clean.
What’s good: push button controls, 3 way suction, motor warranty, additional pipe length.
What’s not: No Auto Clean, no free set up, manual cleaning.

Price: Rs. 6,999


2) Classica 60BKBF Pyramid Kitchen Chimney from Inalsa


  • 5 year motor warranty, 3 speeds, 875m3/hr air flow, Push button control, anti rust powder coated.
    Inalsa gives you the Classica 60BKBF in the standard pyramid shape that will add elegance to your kitchen.
  • The brand says that it can be installed easily, is user friendly for an ideal smoke and odour free kitchen. This is possible due to the push button that control three speed variables to manage the 875m3/hr suction.
  • The Classica 60BKBF has two removable baffle filters made from stainless steel and can be cleaned regularly.
    With a noise output of 65 dBA, the chimney is perfect for those that want a noise free kitchen.

As for durability, the entire unit is powder coated to prevent rust, along with a 5 year warranty on the motors.
What’s Good: Easy set up, minimal noise, powder coating, long warranty.
What’s Not: No mention free installation, manual cleaning

Price: Rs. 5,395

3) Straight Line Kitchen Hood Chimney from Kutchina Slimo


  • 52 Db noise level, push button switches, 700 +/- 50 m3/hr suction, 1x25W Incandescent Lamp
  • Kutchina gives you this small, compact straight line chimney for making cooking in kitchens a good experience.
  • It does have all the features that make this possible, including low noise, lamp, easy push controls.

There are two fans in place of baffle filters that can only be cleaned with the help of your servicing technicians. Heavy use of the chimney and overlooking regular upkeep could reduce its efficiency. It is still however a pretty economical buy for light use and smaller homes and families.

What’s Good: 1x25W Incandescent Lamp for late night cooking, noiseless operation, auto clean
What’s Not:Smaller in size, not for big kitchens, no removable filters, problem with maintenance, no exhaust pipe included.

Price: Rs. 7,790

4) Range hood EX1050TD Slim Kitchen Chimney from Surya


Dual out duct for any wall height and type, 1100 M3 suction, 3 speed motor, dual motor, finger Print Proof Stainless Steel
This is another option similar to the KutchinaSlimo. Made by Surya, theRange hood EX1050TD Slim comes with smoke exit ducts so that it can be fitted onto thicker walls. Unlike the Slimo, the chimney has 2 baffle trays built into the hood. The unit is made from stainless steel and won’t pick up or show any fingerprints. So, it might be easy to clean and should stay dust and grease free.
The controls are simple too, with the power button, three speed variables and the light button. You don’t get any exhaust pipe and an additional piece to cover the pipe so if installed improperly, the pipe will show.
What’s Good:Smaller unit for compact kitchens, LED light, push buttons.
What’s Not: Installation not handled by company, no set up kit,

Price:Rs. 4,985

5) The Stainless Steel Cooker Hood from Eva-60


  • For use with 2 or 4 burner stoves, wall mounted, 1050 m³/hr suction, 62 dB, 3 Extracting Speeds.
  • Eva-60 finally gives you an option for medium to bigger kitchen where you have a lot of cooking taking place.
  • This full stainless steel monster gives you a suction power of 1050 m³/hr even on the lowest setting, which is pretty strong.

As per design standard found on all chimneys made for residential use, the Cooker Hood has three extraction speeds. You can change this for grilling, frying, boiling and other daily cooking activities.
The hood is fitted onto the wall just above the stove tops and measures in at 60 cms, just large enough to cover 4 burner stoves. Using it is pretty easy too, with the push buttons like you’d find on most models and removable baffle trays. One thing to be noted is that the Cooker Hood has to be installed at the buyers cost, because you don’t get complimentary install kits, additional exhaust pipe length or installation services.
What’s Good: different exhaust modes for cooking, strong power for big kitchens, 5+ year warranty.
What’s Not: A bit noisy, bulky size not suitable for smaller areas.

Price: Rs. 5,209

6)The META 60 from KAFF


  • Wall mounted pyramid structure, 60 cms hood width, 925 m3/hr suction, Push Button Controls, 59 dB noise output, 2 cassette filters
  • If you liked the Eva-60 Cooker Hood, but want something a little less powerful then the META 60 is the choice to go with.
  • First is the wider suction areas of 60 cms, suited for people that use 4 stove burners.Design wise you have a neat, clean finish that permits a very low sound but is unbeatable in suction power.

It’s got two LED lamps, soft push buttons controls and aluminium filters that can be removed easily. Cleaning these filters is as quick as soaking them in hot water and then washed out with soap. So, maintenance isn’t a hassle either. Easy maintenance, good looks and exceptional performance – the META 600 from KAFF is a very good purchase for any home.

What’s Good:Stainless steel finish, low sound, aluminium mesh filter, soft push control
What’s Not:Smaller inferior quality exhaust pipe, few expected installation hiccups.

Price:Rs. 5,450

7)Aveo SS Dx Kitchen Chimney from Sunflame


  • 700 m3 /h air flow, push button functions, Stainless steel body finish, 2 incandescent lights, baffle filters,
    Sunflame brings you another slim chimney.
  • In order to make the most out of this chimney, it’s recommended using it in a smaller room. This model is a combination of the compactness of the slimmer models and the power of the bigger hooded ones.
  • Choose the Aveo Dx from Sunflame if you want something that’s simple, stylish and neat. You can install it without damaging the wall area above the stove or if your main concern is neatness and space.

Maintenance too is easy where you only have to move out the baffle filters and wash them. This is done usually every 2 to 3 months depending on usage. The rest of the unit can be just be wiped down with a soft, damp cloth.
What’s Good: Affordable and good design, easy after care, can be fitted without exhaust pipe.
What’s Not:Need to buy separate pipe,

Price:Rs. 5,948


8) The 6000 Junior Straight Line Kitchen Chimney from Glen


  • Italian motor with Thermal Overload Protector, 2 40 Watt lights, Sleek Straight Line Hood, push button functions.
  • The 6000 Junior from Glen is a straight line cooker head which means that you can use it over a stove with minimal overhead space.The baffle trays and body is made out of stainless steel so it’s easy to clean.
  • Fitted with a 145 watt copper winding motor and Thermal overload protector you can use the chimney for a long time without worries of it overheating.

Despite its compact size, the 750 m3/h suction is just enough to remove smoke, grime and odours from your kitchen. That being said, the chimney is quite small and will collect grime quickly. Frequent maintenance is required just to keep the chimney operational and effective.
What’s Good: Affordable, compact, neat design.
What’s Not:Panels and filters need cleaning every 6 months, ductless design recirculates odours.

Price:Rs. 5,495