Best high speed ceiling fan in India [Updated 2019]

Best high speed ceiling fan in India [Updated 2019]

How does one shop for ceiling fans for home use? The right answer to this question would have start with finding the right brand. But, you have loads of them in the market: some expensive, some affordable, some have basic design and functionality, while others are for the premium price bracket. They’re no longer just fans that are placed on the ceiling for breeze, but are interior decor elements that upgrade your home.

Check for these things when out shopping for ceiling fans.

  • What’s the size of the fan? Pick one that’s suitable for the room you’re installing it in. So the bigger the room, the bigger the fans.
  • What’s the warranty like? This gives you security for your purchase. Make sure it covers technical specifications.
  • What’s the performance like? Check for better engineering on the fan. Stronger motors and a higher CFM count will last longer.
  • What’s the installation like? These are various fitting and electrical connection controls. Most fans are mounted onto boxes that contains light fixtures.


10 Best high speed ceiling fan in India


1) Striker Platinum Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan with Anti Dust Feature from Usha

The Usha Striker Platinum new range of ceilings are called Good Bye Dust. They’ve finally take care of an age old problem found on all fans – the collection of dust as the blades move around. The Striker Platinum has a special coating that’s hydrophobic so it can resist water and oleo phobic to resist oil build up. This makes for easy cleaning and reduces the worry of dust and grease flying all over the place.

This series comprises of fans known for their aesthetics and great performance, even at low voltage along with unique style.

The fan has a 240 CMM air delivery radius, at 385 RPM all while consuming just 80 W power.

Its covered in a lacquer metallic paint and the blades have this geometric design that makes them more aerodynamic and improve air flow. Fitted with V2 grade ball bearings that guarantee quiet rotation and longevity of the fans functioning.

Price: Rs:2,699.00


Dust resistant, easy clean, aerodynamically designed blades, grade electric steel lamination. Speed: 385 Rpm, Air delivery: 240 cmm; Air sweep: 1200 mm, Wattage: 80W


2) Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan from Orient

Another reliable name is Orient and this Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan is a good budget option for any home. Available in two different powder coating colours that will blend easily with any decor and provide coolness and comfort.

Its performance and durability comes from the copper motor, ensuring full air delivery that works best all year round and regardless of the seasons.This motor has double ball bearings for smoother, noiseless spinning.

Then it’s got very wide aluminium blades that’s much better for higher air delivery. The blades also feature a ribbed blade design that pushes air out to a larger area.

Price: Rs.1,389.00


RPM: 360, Air Delivery: 200 m3/min, Service Value: 2.5 CMM/Watt, Power consumption: 78 Watts, reliable and efficient copper motor, simple design for simple lifestyle.


3) Briz 1200mm Ceiling Fan from Crompton Hill

The Crompton Hill Briz 1200mm Ceiling Fan is also made fully out aluminium with a ribbed body in a unique angle that allows better air delivery.It is powered by a double ball bearing 370 RPM motor for enhanced air speed using just 75 W.

So you get maximum cooling with minimal bills, while enjoying powerful air delivery of 205 cms and fan sweep of 1200mm. It is the perfect fan for bigger rooms and fits your budget as well.

Price: Rs.1,259.00


Sweep- 1200 mm (48 Inches), Bearing: Double ball bearing, 3 blades, 370 ROM speed, 2 years warranty, 220-240 volts operation, 75 W power input.


4) Diplomat 1200 mm 74-Watt Ceiling Fan from Usha

If you want a ceiling fan with great style, performance at affordable rates, then this Usha Diplomat is the right choice. It’s even got that classic design or look that’s a must have, so you can avoid decor colour scheme clashes.

The actual colour and finish is the result of a glossy powder coating that also gives it rust protection and therefore longer life span.

Other than looks, the Usha Diplomat works optimally even when connected to a low voltage line, because the high lift angle blades ensure broader spread of air delivery every time.

We recommend this ceiling fan for buyers who are looking for value for money, with a smaller budget but don’t want to compromise on effective cooling, build quality, air flow and prices.Adding to that, the Usha Diplomat isn’t too heavy and is guaranteed to work well for a long time.

Price: Rs.1,309.00


High lift angle of blades, glossy powder coated paint for superior, performs well even at low voltage. Air Delivery : 207 cmm, Power : 74 watt, RPM : 350, Sweep : 1200 mm, Warranty: 2 years warranty


5) Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan from Havells

When decorating your home or simply adding those basic necessities to it, people think of ceiling fans. The fans should not only have a great look but work well for maximum comfort. And in summer, to circulate the air conditioning.

The Havells Nicola fan is a mix of all these things. First, its got great performance due to the efficient 68 W power motor that gives high cooling at low voltages.This brand is known for innovative designs and optimum quality.

You can get this same fan in 4 different variants – 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm and 1400mm depending on the size of the rooms. And you can choose from beautiful colours as well, even with designer trims on the motor covers and blades– so there’s something for every home.The blades and the pole are made of aluminium for robust build and die cast covers.

Price:Rs. 2,806.00


Blade size: 1200 mm (48 Inches), metallic paint finish, contemporary elegant design, colour combinations variety, decorative trims on motor cover and blades. Also available in 600mm, 900mm and 1400mm sweeps.Power: 68 watts


6) Aure Prime Anti Dust 1200mm Ceiling Fan from Crompton Greaves

Crompton Greaves is a brand that’s just starting to make a name for itself in the Indian ceiling fan market. One of their offerings is the Aure Prime Anti Dust 1200mm Ceiling Fan. Going by the name, this model is meant for places that are very hot and dusty. It is capable of running for a long time, deliver cooler air but consumes less power. Less than what your AC would require.

It has an understated design too, just full white with a gold ring on the motor. An interesting point to highlight here is that the fan is dust resistant and although it will collect dust over time, you simply have the wipe the blades down to clean them. So it always looks as good as new.

Price: Rs.2,699.00


Consumes less power than ACs, standard design suitable for any home or office interiors. Power Input (W)-74. Speed (RPM)-380


7) Uranus 1200mm 72-Watt Ceiling Fan from Crompton Greaves

A ceiling fan is the safest, cheapest and most effective way to combat the heat in India. In air conditioned homes, they also serve the purpose of an air circulator system, all while adding style to the room. Crompton Greaves is a brand that seems to have got this right, as their fans have the right blend of utility and aesthetics.

With 4 adjustable speeds, the Uranus 1200mm ceiling fan keeps you cool with optimum air flow. Reduce your bills and enjoy quiet operation from the 320 RPM motor.

This fan is double the cost of an average ceiling fan and is cut out as a premium offering. So, you will find a classy gold finish on it too and 3 lampshades under the motor cover. It doubles as a fan and a lighting fixture and could help you save money on buying additional lamps.

Price: Rs.4,559.00


Blade size: 1200 mm (48 Inches), excellent gold finish design, 4 blades and 3 lampshades. Air sweep: 1200mm, Air Speed: 320 RPM, Air Delivery: 200 CMM, Power: 72 watts. Warranty: 2 years on product


8) Leganza 1200mm Ceiling Fan from Havells

What we love most about the Havells Leganza fan is the price to style ratio. That is, it comes in an attractive finish that upgrades the interior decor of the room with its gold & bronze tones.

There are exotic trims on the blades and a ring on the motor, placed in an aesthetically pleasing, suave and stylish design. Such features enhance the look of the fan, turning it into a decorative ceiling ornament when it is switched off. And, it turns into a ceiling fan when you need it.

There are 4 blades for stronger breeze by providing an air sweep of 1200mm that’s perfectly adapted for the summer heat. And you get these three important features at a retail price of Rs. 2900.

You may be wondering if this fan is durable or if the trims will wear off in a short while. Havells gives you a two year warranty on the fan and guarantees prolonged performance, beginning with the ingenuous blade design that reduces buffeting problem usually seen on blades. So there’s more air under the fan and spread across the room.

The main work of this fan is to provide air and the Leganza does exactly that, with an HPLV motor that runs well on low voltages helping the fan to deliver a strong air sweep. And as such, can be installed in any room with a 60 to 100 square feet measurement and on any electricity line.

Price: Rs.2,900.00


Blade size- 1200 mm (48 Inches), metallic paint finish, superior air delivery, 4 blade innovative design fan, exotic blade trims and body ring. Power consumption (Watts): 72, Rated Voltage (Volts): 220-240. Warranty: 2 years on product


9)Electric Aeroquiet 1200mm Premium Ceiling Fan from Orient

The Orient Aeroquiet is part of the Orient electric’s aero series range of fans. This fan promises very high air delivery, super quiet movements and is supposed to set the bar when it comes to design and performance. Another high prices, premium fan just like the Crompton Greaves Uranus 1200mm ceiling fan.

Taking the design first: the blades have an advanced 3D aerodynamic profiled feature on them meant to improve the air flow without overworking the motor, which happens to be very silent because of double ball bearing and a sturdy 10 pole heavy motor.

Next, the Aeroquiet is made out of top quality glass filled with compounded ABS instead of aluminium. What this does is make  the fan 100% rust proof – a must for more humid climates and ten times stronger.

In terms of styling, the fan has this unique silhouette PU high gloss finish. The bottom and top canopy are integrated and there is a stainless steel decorative rim on top to give it that premium look. But unlike other ceiling fans, the Aero quiet requires 240 volts 50 hertz of power to enjoy it fully.

Price: Rs.4,634.00


Aerodynamic 3D profile blades, strongest 18 pole motor for longer life and durability, 100% rust free body and blades made from high grade glass filled compounded ABS, high-gloss premium finish with PU paint, double ball bearing for smooth and noise free operation.Airflow CFM: 8122, Blade Sweep: 1200, High Speed, Power: 62 watts 240. Power Requirement: 240 volts 50 hertz. Warranty of the product is limited to manufacturing defects only.


10) Jaipur Bandhej 1200mm Ceiling Fan from Luminous

If you’re interested in buying premium, elegant ceiling fans like the Orient Aero quietor the Crompton Greaves Uranus 1200mm fans reviewed here but don’t like the price tag, then the Luminous JaipurBhandej is your pick.

Available in classic white and gold finish, the fan design includes the Jaipur Bhandej filigree pattern normally found on textiles. Its applied on the shank less blades and body that have been made out of the aluminium for longer life, rust and corrosion prevention.

Along with that, you have the 14 pole motor for smooth, noiseless blade movement to create the 230mm air delivery output. What’s advantageous of this Luminous Jaipur Bhandej ceiling fan is that you get all the style you want to add to your home – just like the Crompton Greaves Uranus 1200mm or the Orient Aeroquiet reviewed earlier. What you don’t have to deal with is a huge price tag, as the Jaipur Bhandej fans retails for about Rs. 2,675. You can enjoy maximum style, comfort without breaking the bank.

Price: Rs.2,675.00


Jaipur Bandhejfinish found on traditional textiles as trims, classic white and gold matte colours pattern, ideal for lavish styling of rooms. Power: 75 watts. Warranty: 2 years on product.