Best Exhaust Fans For Kitchen in India

Best Exhaust Fans For Kitchen in India

The exhaust fan is one of those smaller, indispensable items that all households need. They’re used for ventilating a room of any size by helping to circulate the air being pushed out by your air conditioner. They also keep the smells, mildew, and smoke out too and are essential for controlling heat and humidity.

Buy the wrong fan and you could end up spending more on servicing. Finding an exhaust fan for use in your work place, garage, bathroom, kitchen isn’t as easy as placing an order for one online. Other times, you’re aware of the application, but aren’t sure which fan model to use or the CFM that’s appropriate for it.

Ventilating is just replacing stale air with fresh air. Based on application and your budget, certain fundamentals do change. These are the fan model, air volume flow, sounds being produced and resistance to air flows.

So if you need an exhaust for the office or working area, then you want one of those smaller, quieter ones. Could you imagine listening to loud whirring noises while working? Of course, the RPM can be a little on the lower side: assuming that you’re work space is air conditioned and that AC’s do have their own air flow systems. These exhaust fans only support the functioning of the AC.

Your bathroom and kitchen will require exhaust fans that are slightly bigger, with a stronger RPM. These fans last longer and will be lighter on your household expenses as well. They’ll also do a much better job at pulling out smoke the next time you make that chicken tandoor. You’ll also be keeping mould from building up inside the bathroom and dry up the floors after showering faster.

Next comes the installation, and whether you can do that yourself. Setting up the exhaust fan should be a simple task for your electrician and yourself. Most models are the fit and go variety but yes, you do have some wiring to do, set up power lines and screw the fans into place. It’s for these reasons, we’d suggest a professional.


10 Best Exhaust Fan for kitchen in India


1. Havells Ventilair DSP 230 mm Exhaust Fan

The Havells DSP exhaust fan is an economical way to regulate the flow of fresh air into your home, even drawing out odours and stale air for fresh breathing. It’s durable too and is built with metal blades and body for optimum power, breeze and distributes air evenly.

The fan is designed to be installed onto a wall, roofing and as such can be used in your bathrooms, kitchens, workshop areas. It only requires a minimum of 40 W power to work properly in clearing your home and office spaces of smells while pulling in fresh air. The super thin metal blades that produces a sound level between 40 to 50 DB only.

Price: Rs. 1,228


  • Fan sweep area: 230 MM ;
  • Fan body dimension (Length x Width x Depth): 290MM x 290MM x 200MM
  • With bird guard to protect the fan in running condition
  • Powder coated metallic finish
  • Specially designed metal blade giving 1350 rpm
  • Power Source: Electric (40W)
  • Minimum Air Delivery: 700 cubic meter per minute

2. A&Y Copper Shivako Metal Fresh Air Exaust Fan for Kitchen/Bathroom

The A&Y company, a proud partner of the Make In India initiative presents another affordable, durable, top quality exhaust fan. This robust option also ensures that your living and working spaces have the best ventilation. The 1400 RPM aerodynamically designed metal blades move pretty fast too and takes out harmful elements, stale air and odours very effectively. The sturdy body is maintenance free and powder coated to ensure it stays rust free. We recommend this one for busy family homes or kitchens that see a lot of use.

Price: Rs. 849


  • High Speed 1400 RPM Fan | Powder Coated Metallic Finish Body
  • Suitable for Bathroom, Kitchen, Study Room, Office &Godown
  • 100% Pure Copper Winding
  • Sweep : 230 MM | Body Dimensions : MM X MM X MM
  • 1 Year Replacement Warranty


3. Usha Crisp Air 200 mm Exhaust Fan (Black)

Consumers who had bought this said that this Usha piece stands out where long term, silent functioning is concerned. Most have suggested using the Crisp Air 200 mm Exhaust in smaller, smell filled bathrooms. One thing is that a certain amount of modifications will have to be done to get it fixed onto existing wall exhaust holes, especially if one had used a larger fan prior to the Usha.

It might look tidy, neat but the air sweep isn’t very strong and might only be suited for smaller rooms. Quality is the best and it works as it’s expected to but isn’t meant for use in the kitchens. That being said, they’re even happy with the online price of fan as well, which they say is much lower and gives them the best value money can buy.

Price: Rs. 1,285


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Rust proof body and blades
  • Noiseless and light in weight
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 40 watts; operating voltage: 230 volts, RPM:1250, Sweep :200 mm
  • Box Height: 16 cm, Box Length: 30 cm, Box Width: 30 cm

4. VARSHINE Metal Exhaust Fan for Home

The nine inch fan runs on 200 watt and 220 volt power and Varshine guarantees ideal ventilation of the area placed. They don’t specify any noise decibel limit, so it’s tough to say what kind of noise output one can expect. The fan does include a bird guard on the external side, so there’s no issue of messes, jamming and eventual destruction of the motors. Looks wise, it appears to be solidly built and might produce a strong air pull and flow.

Price: Rs. 999


  • Suited for kitchen, bathroom, stores, offices
  • Sweep : 150 mm
  • Specially designed 3 leaf metal blade
  • Conformsto IS:996 Only Motor


5. Crompton Brisk Air 250 mm Exhaust Fan

Crompton & Greaves says that this is a high speed ventilating fan with an RPM of 2370, which means a very strong air flow too. It’s designed in an elegant, sleek way so one can use it indoors in air conditioned cubicles, offices etc. without worrying about noise or dirt settling on it. If it does get dirty, one simply has to wipe it down with a cloth as it’s made of plastic. The use of plastic to create this fan and the blades, also makes it rust proof and light. It comes neatly packaged in a box and installation is as easy as latching it on and turning the screws. There is a built in, concealed safety grill too just behind the blades.

Price: 1,249


  • Fan sweep area: 250 MM with 2370 RPM
  • Fan body dimension (Length x Width x Depth): 350MM x 350MM x 128MM


6. KAFF Exhaust Fan ZEPA

This fan has been described as a wall mount ventilation fan for kitchen, bathrooms and homes. Kaff says its unique design creates a perimetrical extraction of air and can be placed on any type of wall, glass window or any other place that requires a neat and discrete exhaust option. It’s even extra slim, comes with an indicator light and can be installed or cleaned easily without damaging surrounding interior finishing.

When used in the kitchen and bathrooms, the fan will work with an automatic shutter and a shaded pole motor design that prevents dust from collecting and therefore ensure longer life.

Price: 2,890


  • Multi room use
  • Easy maintenance, quick dismantling of blades for easy cleaning.
  • Warranty: 2 years on products
  • Exhaust Fan Power: 25 watts;
  • Operating voltage: 220 – 240 volts.


7. Maxio Steel 100 mm Exhaust Fan

This is another concealed exhaust option from Bajaj that you can get in metallic silver and white finishes. In this piece, the front is actual metal while the back is plastic. This is a clever way to mixing design, functionality and easy installation all in one go. Very similar to the Kaff Zepa Exhaust Fan, this has the fan blades and motors hidden under the metal plate. One can easily take apart the fan from the back for maintenance and set up. There is no indicator light here, but that’s been made up for by the plate that stops dust from settling on the blades.

Price: Rs. 1,179


  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Airflow 325 (Cmh)
  • Designer Looks
  • Power 20 Watts
  • Rpm 2500


8. Orient Electric Ventilator Dx 200mm Fan

Like all smaller fans, the Orient Electric ventilator is fitted with five blades that work with a 1250 RPM. This is still a mid to low level air flow and is perfect for small rooms. If you do need to install this model in bigger rooms, consider getting many pieces. One plus point is that it is made out plastic, making it light, easy to set up or dismantle and clean as well.

Buyers had something very different to say, beginning with the air flow that wasn’t strong enough to open the shutters. Then, others described damages to the product during packaging and handling that ruined the fan.

Price: Rs. 1,049


  • International design
  • Resin body and blades for easy maintenance
  • Shutters to prevent dust from outside
  • Sweep size of 200mm
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 45 watts; Operating Voltage: 220 – 240 volts


9. Maxima DXL Domestic abs plastic Exhaust Fan, 200 m

The best way to describe the Maxima DXL Domestic abs from Bajaj is that’s it’s a nice, durable and good fan in this price range. As for the functions, it works perfectly with very less noise. Adding to that, the fan has been made out of plastic that’s easy to clean and if used indoors, there won’t be much of that to do either. Works well and priced reasonably too, so this is right purchase option for any buyer.

Price: Rs. 1,299


  • RPM 1350
  • Power 28 Watts
  • Airflow 500 (cmh)
  • Easy clean plastic body
  • Fan Sweep 200 MM


10. Cata Exhaust Fan – B 10 MATIC – WHITE

The B MATIC extractor fan from Cata has to be installed using a tube that goes into the wall, ceiling, window without screws. It is a recessed design so it can go on to glass windows too. The fan comes in a complete set with a window kit, automatic shutter and operation is noise and vibration free.

Price: Rs.2,990


  • Suction capacity (m3/h)-98
  • Low Noise level Db (A)-41
  • Diameter (mm)-100
  • Size (mm) – A(98) B(150) C(42) D(56), Please refer second image for better understanding.
  • With automatic shutter