Window AC versus Split AC

Both the window AC and the split AC are widely in use during the hot season of summer and comes in our large appliances category, and are known to provide customers with value for the money that is spent on their purchase. Both systems of air conditioning are known to be quite effective, but for some, the split AC proves to be a better deal than the window AC, while for others, the window AC works well enough. To know more about which type of AC would be better for you to buy, you need to keep the following important points in mind.

Split or Window which ac you should buy?


1. Window AC is Noisier than the Split AC

One main difference between the window AC and the split AC is the fact that the window AC makes a bit of noise at the time of being used while the split ac is a device that operates in a noiseless manner. The split AC is capable of functioning in a powerful and effective manner without generating any type of noise at all and that too for very long hours at a stretch. The window AC on the other hand makes a vibrating sound when it is in operation, especially if it is an old machine and has been in use for quite some time.

2. Window AC and Split AC both function on Low Energy

The split ac and the window ac are both devices that are capable of functioning on low energy provided these are systems that are energy efficient. A window AC or a split AC that comes with a 5 star energy rating will be able to cool up your room in no time at all, and without consuming a lot of power for this purpose. So in terms of energy efficiency, it does not matter whether you use a window AC or a split ac as these can both function using limited power provided these have a 5 star energy rating.

3. Split AC is of a Compact Size

The split AC is quite compact in size and does not take up a large part of the room at the time of being installed. The window AC on the other hand requires a lot of space in a room in order for it to be used. There are AC points and AC drills that need to be carved out in the walls of the room prior to getting the window AC installed over there, after which a wooden frame needs to be put in place, to position the window AC firmly into the wall.

4. Window AC is Easy to Install

When it comes to the actual process of installation, the window AC is one that can be installed far more easily than the split AC. All that you have to do is place the system inside the drill in the wall that has been created for this purpose. Setting up the window AC takes a few hours of the day only, where as the installation of the split ac is far more complicated and could end up taking quite a bit of your time and your money, given that you will have to recruit expert assistance to get this done for you.

5. Window AC is Easy to Repair

The window AC is easier to repair over the long term than the split AC. The window AC is a device that you can put apart easily, get it cleaned and then put it back in its place again, something that you cannot do too easily with a split ac. Cleaning a split ac involves more intricacies and complications and you will have to get a mechanic to come and do the job for you. The split ac also needs to be examined for wear and tear a lot more frequently than in the case of the window ac.

6. Temperature is Easy to Regulate for Both Window and Split AC

The temperature of both the window ac and the split ac can be regulated with the help of a thermostat or remote control. The remote control lets you choose the temperature at which you would like the ac to function, whether cold, moderately cold, or super cold, depending on your convenience. So as far as temperature regulation is concerned, both the split ac and the window ac operate in much the same way. You get to choose your desired temperature with the help of a remote control, making the room cool or cold as and when you want to.

7. Split AC Cools more Quickly

The split ac cools a room more quickly than a window ac does. The compressor of a split ac is far more powerful than that of a window ac. You can expect your room to become cold in a matter of a few minutes only when you use a split ac, irrespective of whether the room is large or small in size. When it comes to the window AC on the other hand, the time taken to get a room cooled is a lot more. It can take two to three hours for a room to cool in the hot summer months if you happen to be using a window AC.

8. Window AC is Less Expensive

When it comes to pricing, the window AC tends to be more inexpensive compared to the split ac. A split ac is one that costs a lot of money given how quickly it cools a room and that too by using very limited energy. The window AC on the other hand tends to be far more affordable, especially for the middle income customer and comes with more extensive warranty facilities too that can later be renewed.


Thus, when it comes to choosing between a window ac versus split ac, it is important to remember that both devices can do equally well. Both the window ac and split ac allow easy regulation of temperature and are easy to operate. The split ac however cools faster than the window ac but is more expensive to buy and more complicated to install than the window ac.