Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

When you have a washing machine at home, you need to take sufficient care of the device in order to ensure that it functions in a smooth and hassle free manner for a long time to come. The washing machine is very important large appliance that is made use of daily, so it is more than likely to show signs of wear and tear every once in awhile. If you maintain your washing machine well enough, you will be able to use it without sending it in for repair every now and then. To know more about how best to take care of your washing machine, read on.

8 Best washing machine maintenance Tips


1. Inspect the Hoses Regularly

The hoses of the washing machine are those that you need to inspect very often, for leakage or for damage. The hose pipes are the pipes through which the dirty water gets drained out of the washing machine, so if there is any crack or leakage in the hose pipe, it could mean your entire bathroom, or the room in which the washing machine is kept, getting flooded with dirty water. So you need to be diligent enough to examine the washing machine hoses regularly, so avert such a disaster from arising in your home.


2. Use Good Quality Detergent

The type and quality of the detergent that you use in order to wash clothes in your washing machine will have to be taken into consideration as well, if you intend on maintain your washing machine well enough for the long term. You always need to make sure to use high quality expensive detergent when washing clothes in a washing machine, and to opt for the type of detergent that is specifically meant for use in a washing machine. There are many washing machine specific detergent powders that you can come across for sale in the market.


3. Avoid Overusing the Washing Machine

You need to avoid overloading the washing machine at all costs, if you want to ensure that it remains in good condition for a long time to come. Load only a minimum number of garments and other materials for cleaning, into the washing machine at a time, even if it means that you have to use the washing machine three to four times a day in order to get your materials washed. If you overload the washing machine and fill it to the brim, then this will affect the washing process and will damage the internal components of the washing machine.


4. Clean Heavy Materials one at a Time

While the washing machine is a device that is well suited for cleaning heavy materials like bed sheets and blankets, you need to consider washing these one at a time only when using a washing machine to clean them. By doing so, you will not only get to avoid using and wasting a lot of soap, you will also enable the washing machine to do its job effectively. Getting a blanket cleaned is a heavy and intensive process, and by opting to clean one blanket at a time, you get to prevent the shelf life of the washing machine from running out too easily.


5. Switch the Power Point off when the Machine is not in use

The washing machine plug should be taken out of the socket after being switched off, in the event that the machine is not being used. It is very dangerous to keep the washing machine connected to an electrical point and to keep this point switched on, if the machine is not operational, given that a short circuit here and there could end up completely damaging the internal mechanisms of the washing machine. So you need to be diligent and careful enough to switch off the power point immediately after you having finished using the washing machine.


6. Clean the Interiors and Gaskets Regularly

The gaskets and the interiors of the washing machine need to be cleaned on a regular basis as these are parts of the machine that tend to accumulate dirt and dust very easily. The gaskets and the interiors can be cleaned using soap and water, but you can clean them more effectively by using cleaning solutions instead. The gaskets and the interiors of the washing machine ought to be cleaned out two to three times in a week at least, in order for these to remain completely free of dust and dirt particles, helping the machine to do a thorough job of cleaning the items that are placed inside of it.


7. Transfer Clothes into the Dryer after Washing

As soon as the clothes in the washing machine have been washed, you need to get these transferred into the dryer immediately, rather than allowing them to remain inside the washer. By allowing the soapy clothes to remain in the washer for too long, you end spoiling the quality of the garments and other materials that have been washed, while spoiling the internal components of the washer at the same time. Once the washing process is through, you need to quickly drain out all the water and get the clothes transferred into the dryer.


8. Avoid Using the Machine too Often

The best way to maintain a washing machine is to avoid using it a bit too often. The washing machine can be used for four to five times in a week at the most, but not everyday of the week, if it is a device that you intend on using over the long term. By limiting the use of the washing machine, you will be able to strengthen its shelf life and keep it in good condition for a long time to come, and without having to send it in for repair too often.



Thus, if you take the above mentioned points into consideration, you are certain to do a good job of looking after your washing machine in a way that you are able to use it and benefit from its use over an extensive period of time.