Best 10 AC Maintenance Tips

Owning and using an air conditioning system is definitely imperative in the hot months of summer, when you are looking for respite from hot temperatures and humidity. However, if you want your AC to give you good value for over a long period of time, you need to look into its regular maintenance in order to keep it in great shape for the most part of the year. To know more about how you can look after and maintain your AC in the best possible way, there are 10 useful tips that you can keep in mind.


Best 10 tips for AC maintenance


1. Clean the Filters

You need to make it point to clean the AC filters every now and then. The filters of the air conditioning system are those that are known to gather heat and dust very easily, and you need to clean these out every once awhile to keep them free from dust. The dustier that AC filters are, the more polluted will be the cold air that is emanated from the air conditioning system. It is best to clean the air filters of the AC system once or twice in a month at least to ensure clean airflow from the AC.


2. Check the Thermostat

The thermostat of the AC is something that should be kept well regulated at all times. The AC should not be allowed to operate at a temperature that is too cold, and neither should you make it function like an average air cooler, with little cold air coming out of it. The temperature should be regulated well enough to keep the air coming out of the AC moderately cold, the type of cold that can make a room cool and comfortable in just a few minutes, after which the AC can be switched off or kept on standby.


3. Limit the use of the AC

If you want the AC in your home to serve you well for a long period of time, you need to limit its use to two to three times in a day. It is wrong to make extensive use of an air conditioning system by keeping it on all day or on all through the night, as this can end up causing the machine to get exhausted. If you overuse your AC, it may not last for longer than a year or two after which you will have to get a new one to replace it instead. To avoid this you need to try and use the AC twice or thrice in a day only.


4. Check for Air Leaks

You need to check the doors and the windows of your home for air leaks if you intend on using your AC system very regularly. The more the number of air leaks, the more damage this will cause to your AC. Once the air conditioning system has been turned on, you need to make sure that air is not allowed to escape from the room too easily through cracks and holes like air leaks. Air leaks will lead to a continuous inflow of hot or warm air into the room, and this in turn will affect the effectiveness of the air conditioning system.


5. Clean the AC Ducts Regularly

The AC ducts need to be cleaned out on a regular basis as well, if you want to maintain your AC well enough for long term use. While you can always get a professional cleaner to do this for you, you can also try cleaning out the AC ducts by using dry cleaning solvents or solutions for this purpose. You need to try and avoid using water as much as possible when cleaning an air conditioning duct line or air duct as this can interference with the internal functioning of the machine.


6. Monitor the AC Blades

The AC blades, rotators and wings or fans need to be monitored on a regular basis for damage or signs of wear and tear. If these do show signs of decay, you need to get the matter looked into immediately by an AC mechanic. The quality of the fans and rotator blades must be absolutely top notch as must be the quality of the AC compressor, if the machine is to function effectively in the home for several months and years to come. Allowing wear and tear issues to aggravate can end up doing a lot of damage to the machine eventually.


7. Use the Right Cleaning Materials

When cleaning out the air ducts and filters of the AC, care needs to be taken to use the right materials for this purpose. While water should always be avoided and cleaning solvents used in its place, you can also make use of a large brush with strong bristle to dust out all the dirt that gets accumulated within the AC system. By dusting out the interiors of the AC every once in awhile using firm and powerful brush to do so, you can keep the AC in good condition for a long time.


8. Ensure Correct Installation

You need to make sure that the AC has been installed correctly prior to being used. If the installation has been done in a faulty manner, it could impact the way in which the machine functions in course of time. AC installation is always something that you should get done by an expert, and not on your own.


9. Ensure Warranty

You need to make sure that the AC system which you buy from the market comes with a warranty at the time of purchase. The warranty will help you to avail repair services for the machine, enabling you to look into minor wear and tear issues with expert assistance, within a limited period of time.


10. Check Voltage Use or Capacity

The voltage of the air conditioning system and its capacity to function on limited energy is an area that you need to look into a well when using an AC. The AC’s that operate on limited energy last for a longer period of time than the AC’s which consume a lot of power when used.


Thus, by keeping these useful points in mind, caring for and maintaining an air conditioning system over the long term will be an easy and hassle free process for you.