8 Effective Ways to Boost Testosterone

8 Effective Ways to Boost Testosterone

Keeping the testosterone levels in your body well regulated is absolutely essentially if you want to lead your life as a healthy, happy and successful man. Your testosterone account for much of your sexual health and need to receive a boost every now and then if you are to enjoy your sex life and keep yourself free from sickness and disease at the same time. To know more about the effective ways by which you can enhance or boost the testosterone levels in your body, and that too without suffering from any side effects upon doing so, you need to keep the following points in mind.

Importance of High Testosterone Levels


Helps in Fighting Health Issues

The testosterone levels in the body of a man begin to decline from the age of twenty five to thirty years. This in turn exposes the body to the risk of diseases like obesity and heart disease. By ensuring that the testosterone levels in the body are well boosted, you are far less likely to suffer from health related problems such as heart attacks, over weight issues, shortness of breath etc.


Essential for Women who want to be Healthy and Fit at all Times

For women, the production of testosterone in the body is as important as the production of estrogen and phosphorous. Women need adequately regulated testosterone levels in their bodies, if they are to be fit enough to perform household chores, professional work and the crucial activity of child birth.


Necessary for a Good Sex Life

Most importantly, testosterone is needed for an active, healthy and sex life. If your body’s testosterone levels are low, you are not going to have a good time during intercourse. In fact, you may not even feel inclined to engage in intercourse, which in turn may severely disrupt your personal or private life.

8 Effective ways to Increase Testosterone Levels in the Body


1. Follow a Carb, Fat and Protein Rich Diet

Following a diet that is rich in carbs, fat and protein can go a long way in boosting testosterone levels in your body. Such a diet will help in optimizing the hormonal levels in your body, keeping your testosterones well stimulating and improving your health in general. A few examples of the foods that you can include in such a diet are eggs, meat, fish, pulses and potatoes. It is important to remember not to eat too much of fried food, if you are following a specific diet for boosting testosterone levels. While fats definitely form a major part of such a diet, too much of fried fat will end up adding a number of empty calories in your body, making you look bloated and obese and increasing your cholesterol levels by a considerable degree. It will undo all the good that you were doing for your body, and for your hormones in particular, making you lethargic and unfit.


2. Try Weight Lifting and Exercising

Exercising and weight lifting can also have quite a vital role to play in boosting the testosterone levels in your body. It is believed that physical activity, and rigorous physical activity at that end up enhancing and regulating the hormonal levels in your body like never before. If you have been exercising for quite some time now, you should increase the duration of your sessions and focus on lifting heavy weights. The more intensive your physical activity, the better this will be for your hormones. Of course you make sure not to go overboard, as too much of exercise can make you feel fatigued and weary.


3. Increase Vitamin D Intake

A low vitamin D count in your body can be responsible for reducing your testosterones and for not making you feel much like the man you that you are. If you want to ensure optimal hormonal levels and good sexual health, then increasing the Vitamin D intake can definitely be a good thing to do. One of the best ways to enhance the level of Vitamin D in your body is to opt for the use of supplements. You can consider consuming Vitamin D3 supplements four to six times in a month for best results. You can also consider exposing your skin to sunlight for a certain number of hours in the day, especially in the early morning. The sun’s rays will give your body the Vitamin D that is needed to boost testosterone levels and to lead a healthy life in general.


4. Reduce Stress

Reducing stress as well as the cortisol levels of your body is important too as far as boosting testosterone is concerned. When your stress levels are high, the cortisone levels of your hormones also become unusually high, which in turn results in the decreased production of testosterone. If you wish to keep your testosterone levels in check, you must reduce or combat stress as much as possible by following a well balanced diet, exercising regularly and by getting plenty of laughter and rest. The less stressed out you are, the better this will be for your hormonal health, especially if you are a person who is in your prime.


5. Ensure Regular Intake of Vitamins and Minerals

Taking plenty of vitamins and other nutrients is necessary if you want to keep the testosterone levels in your body well regulated and well boosted at all times. Minerals like zinc and vitamins like Vitamin D and Vitamin B, and even Vitamin C can really help in maintaining healthy hormones. While the desired amount of vitamin and mineral intake can always be ensured by following a properly planned diet for this purpose, you can always consider consuming Vitamin and mineral supplements too, in order to give your hormones all the stimulation that these need to function well enough all round the year.


6. Get Plenty of Rest

Getting the right amount of rest is always needed if you intend on living a healthy life and maintaining good hormonal health. A tired and weary body will not facilitate the production of testosterone in the same way that a healthy and well-rested body will. So no matter how busy it is that you are in life, you need to find enough time in your schedule to get the sleep or the rest that you need to keep your health in check, especially your hormones. For instance, you should consider getting a good night’s rest of at least eight to nine hours, and take some afternoon power naps if possible`


7. Stay away from Estrogen like Chemicals

You need to keep yourself free from estrogen like chemicals or compounds as much as possible if you want to boost the testosterone levels in your body. The more estrogen there is in your body, the less likely it will be for your body to produce the testosterone that is needed in order for you to have a good sex life. An effective way to avoid estrogen from entering your body is to keep your body’s exposure to plastic items to a minimum. If you drink and smoke on a regular basis, then you should consider cutting down on this as well, as increased drug and alcohol intake can facilitate the presence of estrogen rich chemicals in your body, accompanied by a fall in testosterone.


8. Opt for Natural Testosterone Boosters

Taking natural testosterone boosters like herbs such as ginger and ashwagandha can help in optimizing hormonal levels of the body. Both ginger and ashwagandha are capable of increasing testosterone and reducing cortisol, may be consumed as part of a regular balanced diet and do not trigger side effects.



Thus, there are quite a few effective and popular ways by which you can boost the testosterone levels in your body and improve your sex life like never before.