Testosterone Booster Side Effects

Testosterone Booster Side Effects

The use of testosterone boosters is very common among men who are between twenty five to thirty years of age. This is because men belonging to this age group witness a rapid reduction in their testosterone levels, which is not desirable at all, given that testosterone is something that boosts sex drive, promotes the development of sexual organs and improves sperm count while also assisting with the building of muscle mass. Hence testosterone boosters definitely need to be used by you if you belong to this age group and wish to enjoy a healthy and happy life. Yet the testosterone boosters supplements are also known to be characterized by a number of adverse side effects if these are taken without advice or in excess. To know more about such side effects, read on.

6 Side Effects of Testosterone Booster


1. Risk of Heart Disease

One of the most important side effects associated with the use of testosterone boosters is the risk of heart attack. You definitely put your heart health at risk when you take testosterone boosters on a regular basis. This is especially the case for testosterone boosters that are antibiotic in composition and which have to be prescribed by a doctor in order for you to consume them. Poor heart health and the increased likelihood of suffering from a heart attack is an inevitable consequence of regularly using testosterone boosters.

2. Onset of Stroke

You also make yourself to nervous disorders like the possibility of a stroke when you opt for the regular and continued use of testosterone boosters. It is believed that the ingredients that are contained in testosterone boosters clog up the arteries, making it difficult for your body to supply blood that is rich in oxygen to the heart. This in turn leads to problems like shortness of breath and can eventually lead to a mental breakdown like a stroke, recovering from which can take years and months.

3. Polycythemia

Polycythemia is something that you will be likely to suffer from as well if you opt for the frequent intake of testosterone boosters. Polycythemia is quite a dangerous condition, as it increases the number of red blood corpuscles in your body, which in turn causes your blood to thicken quite a bit and form clots. The clots in your blood can eventually lead to the likelihood of a stroke, and you may just find yourself being bed ridden for the rest of your life. Even regular and disciplined therapy can fail to heal patients fully after they have suffered from a stroke.

4. Aggravates Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is quite a terrible condition to suffer from. This is a health condition whereby the flow of air during sleep is considerable reduced owing to narrowed or blocked airways. Irregular heart beat, heart attacks and strokes can be caused by a condition such as obstructive sleep apnea. The testosterone boosters are known to worsen this condition. If you take testosterone boosters very often to keep your sex life well regulated, you will end up suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, which in turn will make you more vulnerable to health issues like a stroke or a heart attack.

5. Brings on Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes can occur in your body if you take testosterone boosters a bit too often. While testosterone boosters primarily help in increasing the testosterone levels in your body and keeping your sex drive well stimulated, their intake can also result in excessive hormonal changes in your body. This in turn can find manifestation in the form of plenty of hair growth over the face and on your chest, increased heart beat, and other changes that might need medical attention at some point or the other, given that hormonal health can never be trifled with at all.

6. Affects Children, Women and Pets

When you have women and children in your life, you expose them to a lot of risk when you use testosterone boosters. For instance, the topical testosterone boosters that are applied over the chest, over the arms, under the arms and on and around the neck can also be rubbed off on children and women, when coming into close bodily contact with them. When women come into contact with the testosterone boosters, they can suddenly witness a spurt of facial hair growth or a lot of body hair growth, which can be extremely undesirable, given that most women tend to be quite conscious of their appearance. When female and male children get exposed to testosterone boosters, they can experience a number of health related problems, particularly problems related to their appearance such as advanced puberty, the growth of large sized breasts, enlarged genitals and very aggressive behavior. Even pet animals like dogs and cats should not be exposed to the testosterone boosters at any point of time. If they are, then cats and dogs will also display signs of aggressive or violent behavior and will witness changes in their bodies such as the growth of large sized genitals, among other things.


4 Important things to Know when Using Testosterone Boosters

When making use of testosterone boosters, you need to be aware of the following.


i) Should be taken in Small Doses

For one, you need to ensure that you take testosterone boosters in small doses only. Taking too much can result in hormonal changes and other health issues like the risk of heart attack and stroke.


ii) Should not be taken by People suffering from allergies

If you are allergic to certain foods and medication and have sensitive skin, then you should consult a physician or a dietician before you use testosterone boosters on a regular basis. It would not be wise to buy testosterone boosters over the counter and use them, if you suffer from allergies or specific health conditions that cannot be treated too easily.


iii) Ought to be taken only if Required

You should consume testosterone boosters only if you need to and not because you have to. If your sex life is in a good place and you don’t require the use of supplements to keep it well stimulated, then you should avoid using testosterone boosters at all. These are only needed if things have been getting a bit too dull for you in bed and you need that extra bit of spice or zest in order to make your sex life exciting once again.


iv) Testosterone Boosters that are Organic are safer

If you want to use testosterone boosters, you should opt for boosters that are organic in composition instead of those that are chemically strong and which are medically prescribed. The organic testosterone boosters are not half as harmful as the chemical ones, and have fewer side effects. While aswamedha is by far the most well known natural testosterone booster that you can take for boosting your sex life, there are other natural herbs and spices that you can consume as well, such as ginger, in order to regulate the testosterone levels in your body in the best possible way.


Thus, there are quite a few vital side effects associated with the use of testosterone boosters that you need to be aware of, if you intend on making regular or frequent use of such testosterone boosters to improve your sex life and keep it spicy always.