How to Make Green Coffee

How to Make Green Coffee

Green Coffee is a healthy alternative to regular coffee and is being consumed by health enthusiasts in each and every part of the world today. Green coffee is derived from green or unroasted Arabic coffee beans that are manufactured organically contains important vitamins and minerals in it.  Like Green Tea, green coffee is characterized by a wide range of health benefits and can be used to detoxify the body, freeing it from the harmful chemicals or toxins that can otherwise prove to be dangerous for human health. There are little or no side effects associated with Green Coffee as well and it can be consumed by people of all ages, and most importantly of all skin types without the fear of experiencing allergy triggers, nausea or vomiting. Making Green Coffee is something that can be easily done by following a number of important steps for this purpose. To know more about how to make Green Coffee, read on.

Ingredients Required for Making Green Coffee

In order to make green coffee, you need to first acquire all the essential ingredients and place them on your kitchen table. To make green coffee you will need 150 ml of hot water, around 10 green Arabic coffee beans that have been manufactured organically and a variety of sugar, honey or cardamom that you can add to the coffee for taste.


Steps for Making Green Coffee


1. Allow the Green Coffee Beans to Soak in Water Overnight

The first step that you need to take when making green coffee is to allow the green coffee beans to soak in water overnight. The coffee beans should be made to soak only in a measured amount of water and not in a bowl full of water, as excessive exposure to water can destroy the nutritional value of the green coffee beans while hampering taste as well. Since the process of soaking the green coffee beans can prove to be quite a time consuming affair, it is better to prepare for several servings all at once, rather than just one or two servings.

2. Stir the Coffee Beans in Water over the Stove for 15 Minute over a Low Temperature

The next step to take for making green coffee is to stir the coffee beans in the water the next day in a slow and gentle manner. The coffee beans soaked in water should be then placed on a stove, bringing the water to boil after which the stove temperature needs to be turned down by a notch. The green coffee beans should be allowed to simmer in the hot water for sometime that is for at least fifteen minutes or so, and over low heat. Stirring should be done occasionally.

3. Cool the Water and Pour it through a Sieve, removing the Beans

Thereafter the water containing the green coffee beans should be allowed to cool for an hour or so, after removing it from the heat of the stove. Once the water has cooled, it needs to be poured through a sieve, with the green coffee beans being removed from the water in the process.

4. Dilute the Green Coffee Solution with Water

The fourth step to take would be to dilute this green coffee solution with a bit of water. This is because the green coffee received might just be a bit too strong in terms of taste, making it bitter and undesirable for consumption.

5. Add Sweet or Cardamom to the Coffee for Taste

The final step to take when making green coffee will be to add a small amount of cardamom, honey or sugar to the green coffee, after which it will be ready for consumption. Care should be taken not to add too much sweet to the green coffee or else you could end up killing its health value by a considerable extent.

6. Keep the Remainder of the Green Coffee Solution in the Fridge and Use for Two Days

The rest of the green coffee you can store in a container and keep it in the fridge. The green coffee that you make can be used for a period up to two days.


An Alternative Way to Make Green Coffee

Green coffee can also be made using ground green coffee beans. To know how to do so, read on.


1. Crush the Green Coffee Beans into Fine Powder

The first thing to do is to crush the green coffee beans into fine coffee powder. It needs to be remembered in this respect that green coffee beans are very hard in terms of form and texture and cannot be ground into powder too easily. It is best to make use of a strong mill that comes with a powerful rotating blade in order to crush the green coffee beans in the finest way possible, ensuring that there is not the slightest bit of solid residue.


2. Pour Hot Water over the Coffee Powder

The green coffee powder then needs to be poured into a cup after which hot water needs to be poured all over the powder. Care should be taken not to keep the water a bit too hot as it could otherwise hamper with the nutritional components of the green coffee beans.


3. Let the Coffee Powder Simmer on the Stove for a Few Minutes

The green coffee powder needs to simmer in hot water for about ten minutes. Once ten minutes are over, the green coffee solution can be poured through the sieve, after which the coffee will be ready to drink.

As in the case of the previous preparation, you can add a bit of sweet to the green coffee solution in the form of honey, sugar or cardamom, for taste.


Some Important Things to Know about Green Coffee

  • Green coffee should be consumed in the form of one cup of coffee in a day after a main meal for best results
  • Green coffee does not taste the same way as conventional cocoa bean coffee does. It is neutral in terms of taste, is characterized by herbal flavors and can taste a lot like green tea.
  • Green coffee can be consumed for experienced quite a few health benefits. Green coffee like green tea helps in flushing out all the toxins from your system and boosts your immunity system, making you more resistant to disease than ever.
  • You can also experience more energy and less fatigue when you engage in the intake of green coffee, thus being in a position to perform your day to day tasks with more vigor and enthusiasm than you were able to before.


Thus, making green coffee is something that can be done in quite a smooth and hassle free manner if the above mentioned steps are taken into consideration. Green coffee is made in much the same way as regular coffee and it can be a time consuming affair, especially if you are making it for the first time and want to come up with the best brew there is. Green coffee is also quite easy to digest and you need to remember to take it once in a day at least after your primary meal, in order to experience the amazing health benefits associated with green coffee.