How to Find the Right Probiotic for you

How to Find the Right Probiotic for you

The use of probiotics is on the rise today. More and more people around the globe are consuming probiotics in large numbers largely due to the fact that such supplements are capable of curing anything from skin infections and blemishes on the skin, to improving mental health and even resolving digestive issues. Since there are many different types of probiotics in the market that contain different strains of bacteria and in different types of combinations, it often becomes difficult for people to select the best probiotics for personal use. To know more about how you can locate the right probiotic for you, you need to keep the following points in mind.

8 tips before buying right probiotic for you


1. Read the Fine Print and Look for CFU Composition

The first thing that you need to remember to do when searching for the best probiotic supplements in the market is to read the fine print on the containers with a good deal of care. You need to determine first and foremost what the CFU composition of the probiotic supplement is. The Colony Forming Units or CFU is measured in millions, and the average composition of CFU in a probiotic supplement should be anything between 20 to 50 million CFU’s.


2. Look for  Supplements that are Third Party Tested

Since the probiotic supplements that are in circulation in the market are not regulated as such, it is imperative for customers to find out if these have been tested in third party laboratories prior to being purchased. If you are looking to benefit from the intake of probiotic supplements, you need to ensure that the probiotic supplements that you buy are third party tested and that they are entirely safe for human consumption.


3. Use  Supplements for Treating Specific Conditions Only

When buying probiotic supplements, you also need to ensure that you locate the right type of bacteria for the specific condition that you are looking to treat with it.

Probiotic supplements are primarily used for treating skin and other health conditions that occur as a result of there being an imbalance in the amount of specific bacterial strains. When you set out to look for the best probiotic for yourself therefore, you need to first be specific and determine exactly what health issue it is that you are looking to address using it.

For instance, the Lactobacillus strains are a well known example of probiotic supplements that can be used to cure a wide range of digestive conditions. Yet if you have plenty of lactobacillus in your gut, and if your illness or disease is not one that is caused by such a bacteria in the first place, then this probiotic supplement will be of no use to you. There are different types of probiotic supplements that can be bought and used for treating conditions such as respiratory and digestive problems, eczema, ulcerative colitis and diarrhea. You simply need to be sure of the condition that you want to treat, either over the short or long term, with s, before you go ahead and make a final purchase online or elsewhere.


4. Consider your preferred Method of Delivery

The method of delivery is something you need to decide upon as well when you start looking for the right probiotic supplement for you. There are s that are available in the form of tablets, capsules and even powder. You need to opt for the type of s that you are best able to consume and digest. If taking powder is easier for you than swallowing down capsules, then you should opt for the s that are specifically available in powdered form, rather than those which are packaged in bottles and containers. The powdered s are as effective as the other probiotic supplements available in the market.


5. Learn to Experiment and Accept Errors if Any

Being open to trial and error is absolutely imperative when looking for the best probiotic supplements for yourself. It is necessary to remember that the results of probiotic supplements are those that tend to vary from one person to another. Hence a probiotic supplement that works well on your friend, may not have the same impact on you.

There are certain probiotic supplements that can take quite a bit of time in order to show their results. At times you may even have to wait for ninety days or more in order to witness the benefic results associated with the use of probiotic supplements.


6. Be aware of Probiotic Side Effects

Digestive problems can at times be worsened due to the intake of probiotics. While the probiotic supplements are usually used to cure digestive conditions, there are instances where these can aggravate such conditions instead of curing them. So you need to be well aware of this before you use probiotic supplements to treat digestive problems.


7. Consider your Lifestyle and Lifestyle Choices

A number of lifestyle factors such as the stress that you undergo in your daily life, the overuse of antibiotics and other types of prescription medication, poor sleeping habits and the excessive intake of alcohol in addition to bad habits such as smoke can also reduce the benefic impact that the intake of probiotic supplements can otherwise have on your body. This is largely due to the fact that the probiotic supplements require the right type of physical environment in which to colonize. If probiotics make their way into a healthy body, then these will be able to colonize pretty well and show their benefic impact. If these make their way into an unhealthy body, then the time taken for the good results to show can be far longer.


8. Consult a Doctor

If the probiotic supplements that you have been taking are not showing effective results, then you need to consult your doctor immediately and find out if you should be taking these supplements in the first place. At times, your physical constitution or any other internal conditions that you may be suffering from like allergies for instance, may come in the way of the benefic workings of probiotic supplements and make matters far worse for you when you consume them. Hence getting in touch with a doctor or a health expert like a dietician will definitely stand you in good stead prior to choosing the right probiotic supplement in the market.



Thus, making use of probiotic supplements to treat medical conditions, and skin conditions in particular can certainly be a useful thing to do. Probiotic supplements are ordinarily quite effective and tend to work well on most of the people who use these. However, prior to judging the impact that probiotics can have on your health and before deciding on the type of probiotics that you should be specifically using for your personal health issues, you need to be aware of the fact that these tend to vary in terms of impact from one person to another. What works well for you may not for your friend and vice-versa. At the end of the day, what you need to do prior to selecting the right probiotics for yourself is to have an open mind, consult a dietician or nutritionist and look for products that have been tested in third party labs in order to derive the full benefits associated with using probiotic supplements for healthy living.