Top 10 Best Multivitamins in India [2019]

Top 10 Best Multivitamins in India [2019]

Best Multivitamins in India


We all know due to current environment and modern day habits, we are all probably deficient in one or more vitamins.

Good News!

We have a host of options in forms of multivitamins to choose from.

But choosing the right and authentic one is harder than it seems.


These supplements are the most effective, efficient and affordable that could eradicate all the nutritional deficiency or any nutritional value which you are lacking in your body.

It supports you to develop your mental and physical capacities.

These are enriched with vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino. Multivitamins actually contain all the extract from natural foods or beneficial ingredients.

Do you know that ?

These supplements not only enhance the metabolic rate and strength in your body but also act as an energy booster that provides the additional points towards your physical development.

The age group of 10- 40 is so active that no matter how much food intake you do, there will still be a need for something more.

If you have active proteins why not have this multivitamin supplements which will boost your energy level and take you to a level extent. Well, no one would like to live a dull life or having boring routines.

We all know that the simple nutritious food like less oily, green leafy vegetables, varieties of fruits, varieties of pulses and cereals, different greens can provide all the vitamins, nutrients & proteins to us, but a handful of people consume all of them.

For example, we hardly know what are phytonutrients, probably we might be missing them in our regular diet. These multivitamin supplements will avail you all these missed nutrients from your diet.

Multivitamin supplements are the alteration which is given to us, either if you are not able to consume all of this if you want extra body build up or physical development. Don’t get indulged yourself into the thing that multivitamins are more or fewer tablets/medicines.

Medicines are consumed when you are having any disease or trouble with your health. Multivitamins can be consumed when you are even healthy and want to maintain it.

A lot of brands has been come for providing various Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements to improve health.

You will relate it to more when you will know that we eat dry fruits, fruits, consume dairy products and other healthy things knowing that it will add a bonus to your health.

Multivitamin supplements are just a replica of all these things which contain the extracts and Minerals, vitamins and all the essential elements that are necessary for our body growth and development.

Why Do we need a multivitamin?

If you are confusing a multivitamin supplement by any bodybuilding or muscle developing stuff then you are wrong.

As the time is changing, the requirement and physical activities of anyone differs from every other person.

We hardly get time to pay attention towards taking proper food or a balanced diet. Thus, it becomes very necessary that we should intake any of the supplements in order to enhance our physical growth.

Even if you are not a fitness freak or a big fan of bodybuilding you must definitely try multivitamin supplements once. The energy level which we will retain afterwards is admirable, you will yourself feel the difference.

If you are inclined towards bodybuilding or muscle development, then you are in the right place. As bodybuilders can’t just survive on a normal diet, instead they need healthy, nutritious and a proper supplementary food that cause them overall physical development and strength.

There are plenty of multivitamins available in the market with various options in ingredients, beneficial traits, cost, dietary plan and many more. Few of them are good for your muscles, few for bones and each may vary for specific functions.

We all are aware of the fact that the physical capabilities and construction of men and women are different. Thus, the body requirements and nutrient deficiency also vary.

These multivitamin supplements are designed to fulfill all those needs and work so efficiently over the bodies leaving no sign of weakness or development behind.

The multivitamin composition plays a very important role in these supplements because there are 900+ available so knowing which you need for stimulating your physical development is necessary.

Few of them are listed as-
● Single Vitamin
● Vitamin+minerals
● Vitamin+antioxidants
● Vitamin+proteins+minerals
● Multivitamin+minerals
● Multivitamin+protein+minerals
● Multivitamins+others.

Benefits of multivitamins

It is hard to believe that how good one supplement fulfill the entire need of a balanced diet, but yes multivitamin supplements are designed only for that.

They are very easy to consume. You don’t have to engage your efforts much into it as most of them don’t have just fillers or unnecessary ingredients but contains the extracts of very beneficial constituents

. Let us get familiar with their beneficial aids-
● They help you in your overall growth and development.
● Also provides mental relaxation.
● It improves your immunity system.
● Extremely good for blood circulation and helps in heart health.
● Your hair & skin remain healthy.
● Boost up your energy level and keep you energetic throughout your day.
● they also relieve you from stress and anxiety

Best Multivitamin for Bodybuilding

When it comes to bodybuilding and muscle build up, most of the people start consuming the supplements in ample amount. Priority is not given to the best one. As people often seek for weight gain, mass, strength include muscles and bones but it is only possible when you know the actual idea of multivitamin and which one will enhance the desired results for you.

Always keep in mind that whether you are a dreamer on a sportsperson, your training might misguide you about this or you might get into the influence of wrong products which will do you more harm rather than benefits.

Bodybuilding is one of the toughest things and considered crucial when not done in a proper way. Multivitamin supplements play an important role in it. The deficiency of any nutrient can lead to trouble.

Let ourselves get introduced with a few of the vitamins and their functions-

● Vitamin A- it helps you get healthy skin and strengthens your bones and teeth.
● Vitamin B complex- it is very important for your nervous system and clears your vision.
● Vitamin C- it improves your immunity system and takes care of your body cells.
● Vitamin D- it is one of the very important vitamins which helps in the absorption of calcium.
● Vitamin E- it is a very powerful antioxidant needed in our body.
● Vitamin K- it is very must for our bones and cartilage growth.
● Zinc- it improves our immunity system.
● Folic acid- works exceptionally well for your body.

Of course, multivitamin supplements are amazing and efficient for your health but remember it will take time to get the desired results. They will not transform you into Hrithik Roshan in a blink of an eye.

For the bodybuilding prospect, these supplements are adulterated in order to provide the initial improvements to a person so that they might get under the influence or get impressed & buy.

Always trust the branded products. Invest a bit more money but do buy the healthy and natural ones, that are devoid of any artificial flavors or harmful constituents.

There are innumerable vitamins and minerals that are essential for our growth but the few of the strongly recommended ones are-

● Performance lab whole food multi for men.
● Anavite multivitamin by gaspari nutrition.
● Vita JYM by JYM
● Animal Pak by universal nutrition.
● Men’s one by Rainbow light

Top 10 Best multivitamins in India

Here is a list of the best 10 multivitamin supplements which are extremely beneficial for your health & very renowned-

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

It is manufactured by optimum nutrition. It is a Perfect Combination of 70+ ingredients which are available in various forms in our body. The best part is you can either choose a single nutrient for your desired growth or all at once. It contains all the goodness of natural ingredients that keeps you energetic throughout the day.

● It is precisely a dietary dosage.
● It has a higher composition of active ingredients.
● It is affordable.
● It is easy for anyone to consume this.

● It may be restricted by age.
● Non-vegetarian product

Price – Rs 2988 for 150 tablets

Availability – It is available on major e-commerce sites.

Armor-V by MusclePharm

It is manufactured by MusclePharm which is one of the best selling brands. It is a multivitamin which is formulated for providing the strength and energy in the body. It is enriched in vitamin B complex and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. It provides enormous growth and strength for muscles. It helps you with the immune system keeping you healthy and fit.

● It has antioxidants in abundance
● It is a perfect blend of green vegetables and fruits.
● It has multivitamins and probiotics for health.
● It contains omega fatty acids.

● It might be costly for you
● Dosage is in capsules

Price – Rs 4248 for 180 capsules

Availability – It is available on major e-commerce sites.

Controlled Labs Orange Triad

It is manufactured by Controlled Labs. This multivitamin is enough for weightlifters and bodybuilders. It contains many of the constituents which are required for your overall physical growth and development. This product is so popular among the ones who are crazy for fitness. It has its natural essence to impress you and accelerates your energy level instantly.

● It contains many vitamins and minerals.
● It is devoid of extra fillers or necessary substances.
● Presence of Vitamin B and abundance
● It is easily digestible.

● Its dosage is high.

Price – Rs 6599 for 270 tablets

Availability – It is available on major e-commerce sites.

MuscleTech Platinum multivitamin supplement

It is a well-renowned name usually for the best multivitamins. While others are rich in vitamins and minerals it provides a wide range of amino and proteins. It contains the goodness of vitamins & minerals in a balanced amount so that you can get equal benefits.

● It was excessive fat from the body
● It is provided with the natural flavours
● It is a must-have product for those who want to build muscles.
● It is easily consumable, as available in tablets.

● It contains non-vegetarian ingredients in it.

Price – Rs 1198 for 90 caplets

Availability – It is available on major e-commerce sites.

Revital multivitamins supplements

We all have heard this name as we grown up. It is offered by Ranbaxy brand. It is included with 10 essential minerals, vitamins. The best part about this is it contains ginseng which is good for health and boost stamina. It is a comprehensive and effective supplement which can get you the desired health & fitness goals.

● Along with physical health, it is also good for your mental health.
● It supervisors the immunity system of the body.
● It eradicates stress and anxiety.
● It maintains the overall health.
● Perfect supplement for fitness freaks.

● It should not be consumed during pregnancy or another health treatment.

Price – Rs 498 for 60 capsules

Availability – It is available on major e-commerce sites.

Amway Nutrilite daily

The products from Amway are already having enough space; it is a multivitamin supplement which is extremely rich in natural ingredients. As it is the blend of vegetables & fruits more, it provides the essential phytonutrients for our health which we generally do not get from the normal food.

● It improves your digestive system
● Maintains the blood circulation in the body and regulate it.
● It is enriched in vitamins and minerals.
● It contains no artificial ingredients in it.
● It is easily consumable.

● Kids on pregnant ladies should not consume this.

Price – Rs 1668 for 120 tablets

Availability – It is available on major e-commerce sites.

Universal nutrition uni Vita

This multivitamin is highly consumed by the bodybuilders. It also comes under the best multivitamin in India. It gives you overall strength, body build up and muscle growth collaborating with the performance of your body. Gymers & bodybuilding aspirants who are looking for hard and fast results can start its intake. It will boost the athletic ability, stamina & vitality.

● It is a Universal nutrition product.
● It is very helpful in bodybuilding.
● The growth of muscle occurs in a very regular period.
● It is hundred per cent effective and affordable.

● A specific age group of people cannot use this

Price – Rs 1365 for 120 capsules

Availability – It is available on major e-commerce sites.

Centrum multivitamin supplement

If you are not up to the bodybuilding or not up to a sports type of thing, then you must definitely have this on the top of your list. If you are not fond of a balanced diet then you can easily go for this, as it is highly rich in the vitamins, minerals & the other constituents. It contains the richness of antioxidants and few essential enzymes actions as well.

● It helps you better digestion
● It doesn’t help in muscle build up but definitely provides strength.
● It improves the metabolism of your body.
● It builds strength in your body throughout the day.

● Its taste is not much good

Price – Rs 1343 for 130 tablets

Availability – It is available on major e-commerce sites.

Inlife multivitamin and Minerals

This product is helpful for most of the biological activities in our body. This is the solitary product which helps in be development and strength of bones. It removes the calcium deficiency in the body. It is a must to consume when you are not having a proper diet. It is a perfect blend of micronutrients & macronutrients, which provides the additional strength to your body & maintains the energy uptake.

● It provides more emphasis on the nutrient deficiency in the body.
● Easy to consume and affordable.
● Does not contain any harmful chemical substituent.
● Helps in absorption in the body.

● It has a bad taste and odour.

Price – Rs 438 for 60 tablets

Availability – It is available on major e-commerce sites.

MuscleXP multivitamin men Daily sports

It is a multivitamin supplement which is specially manufactured for the potential bodybuilders and sport’s persons. It boosts up your energy and helps during the workout session. It helps you build stronger muscles. It contains vitamins and other minerals in access. It helps to reduce muscle fatigue, boosts your immunity & provides stamina as well.

● It maintains the muscle growth and strengthens your body.
● Acts as an added bonus for the development for the body.
● It is interesting Minerals, antioxidants, amino acids & natural ingredients.
● It maintains your body metabolism.

● It is costly.

Price – Rs 999 for 90 tablets

Availability – It is available on major e-commerce sites.

Some Important Factors while selecting a Multivitamin

It would be to your utmost shock that most of the people are having a deficiency of either micro nutrients or macro nutrients.

In our day to day life we don’t pay enough attention to our diets and thus we lack in this nutrients. Most of us confuse ourselves as multivitamin supplements are only for bodybuilders and it will do you harm afterwards, but this is not true.

These supplements are designed in a way to provide its benefits to each and everyone and if you will stop consuming it, your body will not suffer anything later.

It just provides an additional bonus to your health as they are manufactured by natural extracts. You just have to pay attention about your preference for the brands, do proper research work and by the supplement get fit into your job. As per my thinking if you have been reading the article thoroughly you might be developing a desire to buy any of these multivitamin supplements.

But before you get yourself engaged with any, just keep few points in mind-

● Cost & dosage

This is one of the points which we would definitely like to give a thought. If you will get to buy something of your choice in your budget that would be just an extra bonus to you. On the other hand, do not exceed the intake for a regular basis.

● Ingredients-

The motive of buying multivitamins must be so clear in your mind that you won’t feel trapped under multiple options. Which part of your body you have to build or strengthen by the supplements and the same basis.

● Health benefits

If you are keen towards bodybuilding or you are a person with normal routines, then the multivitamin supplements will help you in any way. They improve the digestion, blood circulation and immunity system in the body. They also provide strength and physical and mental benefits.

● Veg or Non-Veg

Well you might dislike this option, but yes they are available in vegetarian or non-vegetarian categories too. Don’t compromise before buying. If you are not getting how to proceed then read the ingredients properly or can take help from the chemist as well.

● Nutrient ratio

As each multivitamin product is designed for its specific functionality. It would be foolish of us to buy without knowing their nutrient ratio. Some might be rich in minerals some might be in vitamins. You must know the actual ingredients and the proteins, amino and vitamins present in your chosen product.

Best Multivitamins in India: Conclusion

We must never underrate the concept of health. Because it is well said, “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. The market is almost flooded with the variety of multivitamin supplements, as most of them are not limited for any age group male, female or anyone.

Having a proprietary diet including all the beneficial nutrients and vitamins is a complicated thing for all those who have busy schedules.

If you are inclined towards just fitness and health you can take the basic dosage of the supplements in order to maintain your fitness. If you have your interest in bodybuilding and a good physic, then you can follow proper instructions and can intake these supplements.

If you have to boost up your energy level, enhance your immunity system and how to develop your muscles and bones most of them will help you. The benefits which multivitamin supplements can do to a 10-year-old kid will be the same in an 80-year-old man.

They are available in wide varieties for those who are not interested in bodybuilding. For the sportsman, they will act as energy boosters and keep the body level high. For common man and simple working women, they will frequently adopt the daily routines and help them to cope up with it. Multivitamin supplements are the perfect blend of the nutrients’ extract that you must consume in order to compensate for the losses or deficiencies which you are facing with your health.

As they are available in various forms say tablets, syrup, as powder forms, capsules and many more. As they are easy to consume and flexible for your pocket, you will have a variety of options and you can always go for the ones which you like. Why would we not like a product when it has multiple things to offer which comes under our affordable price.

All you have to do is just buy any one of your priority supplement and start consuming. We have designed this article keeping in mind the thought of a common person while buying any multivitamin supplements. We have tried to cover each and every detail, still if you have any query feel free to ask us. We are here to provide help anyway.

We hope this guide will help you decide what are the best multivitamins in India and help you in making an educated purchase decision. If you have any questions then feel free to ask away in the comments section below.