10 Benefits of Omega 3

10 Benefits of Omega 3

Vitamins Including Omega 3 in your daily diet is absolutely essential if you want to be healthy and happy for the most part of the year. Omega 3 is one of the best known nutritional supplements in today’s day and age, which is easy to procure, not too highly priced and which is suitable for people of every age, especially those who are in their growing years. You can also use omega 3 capsules. To know more about the usefulness of omega 3 and why it should form a part of your regular diet, you need to keep the 10 benefits of omega 3 in mind.

benefits of omega 3

10 Benefits of Omega 3


1. Improves Eye Health

Omega 3 is a supplement that is known to boost eye health in people. Omega 3 has a rich concentration of DHA, the lack of which can cause eyesight issues in youngsters and adults alike. Taking regular doses of Omega 3 is therefore absolutely essential if you want your eyesight to be sharp and powerful always. Omega 3 is also responsible for the reduction of a physical condition known as macular degeneration, something that is capable of causing permanent eye damage. Hence the more you increase your omega 3 intake the better will be your eye health.


2. Increases Brain Activity in Infants

Omega 3 is known to increase brain activity in infants, and is therefore a supplement that you must be taking regularly if you are pregnant, and about to give birth soon. The DHA that is contained in omega 3 accounts for sixty percent of the human retina and forty percent of the poly-saturated fats that are present in the brain. So by including omega 3 in your daily diet as a pregnant woman, you give your infant all the nutrition that it needs in order to develop a sharp and well formed brain, and to be in a position to think and feel sharply and clear as it grows and develops.


3. Cures or Reduces Depression

If depression is something that you suffer from, omega 3 can definitely have a vital role to play in reducing it or even making it go away completely. Depression is a state of mind that is characterized by sadness, loneliness, anxiety, and at times, even helplessness. The more depressed you are, the less inclined you will feel to lead a normal life. While counseling and therapy are considered to be the best cure for depression today, including a substantive amount of omega 3 in your meals everyday or taking omega 3 supplements, can certainly bring down your depression by a considerable notch.


4. Prevents Heart Disease

Omega 3 is essential for healthy living as it is capable of keeping heart disease at bay. This is does in a number of different ways. Omega 3 reduces inflammation within your body and prevents your blood platelets from getting clumped together and forming blood clots, which is usually the cause of a stroke. The cholesterol levels in your body as well as your body’s triglyceride levels are reduced quite a bit by omega 3. You also get to keep your arteries free from any damage by preventing plaque which hardens and restricts arteries, using omega 3.


5. Reduces Symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome

Reducing symptoms of metabolic syndrome is something that you can definitely achieve with the help of omega 3. For instance, the omega 3 fatty acids can help in bringing about a reduction in obesity by burning the fat cells in your body. Omega 3 can also improve inflammatory conditions, improve insulin resistance, and keep your blood pressure well under control. Your body’s immunity levels also get a considerable boost with the help of the omega 3 fatty acids. By taking omega 3 on a regular basis you will have the energy and the stamina that is so characteristic of healthy and fit people around the world.


6. Cures ADHD in Children

If you have a child at home suffering from ADHD symptoms, then using omega 3 can be a good idea to keep the symptoms under control. Omega 3 is capable of improving the attention span in such children and can also make them a lot less hypersensitive than what they usually are. Aggression and impulsiveness, which are common traits in children suffering from ADHD, are also well controlled with the help of omega 3. Such children should be made to consume omega 3 fatty acids two to three times in a day at least, for best results.


7. Fights Long Term Inflammation

The omega 3 fatty acids are capable of fighting long term inflammatory conditions. Inflammation that is brought about as a result of any physical injury, as well as internal inflammation, if allowed to persist over the long term, can end up causing diseases like cancer and heart failure. Hence it is imperative to reduce inflammation and keep this from occurring internally or externally by taking the omega 3 acids very regularly. The molecules that get produced in the body to cause inflammation such as cytokines and inflammatory eicosanoids are reduced by a good number with the help of omega 3.


8. Controls all Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases can be fought in a smooth and efficient manner with the help of omega 3 fatty acids. Autoimmune diseases occur when your body’s healthy cells are wrongly identified as foreign cells, and attacked by your immune system in turn. A good example of autoimmune disease is the diabetes mellitus. Other examples include psoriasis, colitis and rheumatoid arthritis. Through a daily intake of omega 3, the autoimmune diseases can be fought quite effectively and prevented from surfacing ever again in the future.


9. Helps in Treating Mental Disorders

Mental disorders like the bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder and schizophrenia, as well as relapses and mood swings can be improved and perhaps even cured with the help of omega 3. If you suffer from any of these psychiatric conditions, then you should take some omega 3 with your meals, or omega 3 supplements before or after your meals to keep your mental condition healthy, and free from danger. Omega 3 fatty acids are quite effective in driving terrible mood swings away, and can cheer you up considerably, making you feel positive and optimistic about life.


10. Prevents Old Age Mental Health Issues like Alzheimer’s

Avoiding the onset of physical and mental problems that are related to old age, such as the Alzheimer’s disease for instance, is something that you can definitely achieve with the help of omega 3. This is because the omega 3 fatty acids boost the gray matter in your brain cells, help you to process information, memories and images far more readily. Hence the problem of memory loss and forgetfulness is something that is suitably controlled with the help of the omega 3 fatty acids. As you move closer to the twilight years of your life, you should consider taking three to four doses of the omega 3 supplements daily for effective results.


Thus, including omega 3 fatty acids in your day to day diet, either through food item like fish or fish oil or through the use of omega 3 supplements, is something that you should definitely consider doing, if you intend on being hale and hearty throughout your life.