How to Play Badminton

How to Play Badminton

Badminton is a fun game to engage in and constitutes a great form of exercise if you play this game often enough. By taking part in the game of badminton you get to strengthen your muscles, make yourself more agile than you usually are and improve your concentration skills. Badminton is not a game of very lengthy duration and you don’t even always need access to a badminton court to play this game whenever you wish to know. To know how to play the game of badminton the correct or desired way, there are some crucial points that you ought to bear in mind.

1. Hit the Shuttle in the Middle or in the Center

One of the most important points to consider when looking to play badminton properly and well, is to hit the shuffle center at all times. This is known as the sweet spot of the badminton shuffle and this technique is one that you can practice by simply looking in rightward direction at the shuffle center, when taking overhead shots. You can even consider practicing the game of badminton with your hands in order to get an idea of what hitting the shuffle center feels like, and exactly how you should be striking it with your badminton racquet.


2. Hit at the Shuttle Arc in Upward Direction

The second essential point that you must bear in mind when playing a game of badminton is to hit accurately at the shuttle arc in upward direction. By doing so, you will end up benefitting from height and the speed that is generated by the badminton shuttle. Getting increased control over shuffle positions and taking killer overhead shots is something that you will definitely be able to do as a result of this. What you need to remember is not to wait for this badminton shuttle to come right at you. If this is the case, the shuttle will lose both height as well as momentum.


3. Always return to the Middle of the court

Returning to the middle of the badminton court is necessary to do when taking part in badminton, whether with just one other player or with multiple players. Going out of position after hitting the shuttle with your racquet is always a bad idea. Instead you should proceed to the middle of the court after you take a shot as by doing so, you will be able to prevent your opponent make you run around and hit the badminton shuttle towards a place that you will not be able to reach. A position of readiness is one where you stand right in the middle of the badminton court and simply keep moving both your feet, while preparing yourself to make the next move.


4. Hit the Shuttle toward he Back Line

The shuttle should always be hit towards the back line if you want to play the game of badminton with success. This will require a considerable amount of strength and precision and will also force your opponent to shuffle backwards as well as to hit the badminton shuttle with plenty of strength and force in order for him or her to able to return your shot in the desired fashion. In the event that the back line appears to be wide open and you are not entirely sure about how and in which direction you should be taking your next shot, you should consider aiming the shuttle towards the back line. Try and aim the shuttle right before the back line in order to avoid committing any fault, should the shuttle fall beyond the back line, going out of reach.


5. Practice your Footwork with Diligence

Your footwork is something that you need to practice on a regular basis if you want to be a pro at the game of badminton. You need to keep making small movements using your feet until you are sure of the fact that the shuttle is in the right or desired position. Some of the foot exercises that you can consider doing on the badminton court to help you in this respect are to squat jump, take a lunge, try out the agility ladder or do some shadow foot work all around the badminton court, with the shuttle or without it. Footwork is best practiced with the assistance of a coach or a badminton partner who can suitably guide to the points in the court towards which you should be directing or moving your feet.


6. Practice the Short Serve

The short serve needs to be practiced every now and then if you are to master this at some point. This is regardless of whether your play a doubles game or a singles game. To perform the short serve, all you need to do is hit the badminton shuttle at a very high point of contact while dropping it closer to your badminton racquet rather than situating the shuttle before the racquet.


7. Practice the Long Serve

The long serve in a badminton game needs to be practiced in singles. The long serve needs to be hit in the form of a straight arrow, to the back portion of the court’s service line. This is something that you can do only in a singles game and you can be rest assured of the fact that this is a move that is going to throw your rival completely off guard. Your opponent will either lack the power that is needed in order to return your shot or will miss the shuttle entirely, when you hit it. If it is a long shot that you want to hit, then you need to swing the racquet in backward direction and let the shuttle fall before you in order to generate the moment that is required for swinging forward and hitting the shuttle.


8. Always Keep Doing the Best that you Can

Persistence and determination are the two qualities that you need to play a game of badminton. The harder you try and the more that you practice the more likely it is that you will succeed. No matter how difficult it is for you at first, you should always make an attempt to hit the shuttle with your racquet. After playing a few games, both singles as well as doubles, you will soon master the art of hitting the badminton shuttle exactly in the way that you are supposed to.



Thus, by keeping the above mentioned points in mind, you will be able to do a good job of playing the game of badminton in the way that you are supposed to. Badminton is one of the most energetic games out there and it is often as rigorous as the game of tennis. You need to be very agile, sharp and lithe in order to play this game with precision, concentration and dedication. Like the game of tennis, badminton can also be played in two formats, in singles as well as in doubles. The doubles games tend to be more fun as you get to partner up with others for this. By keeping your focus sharp and your hands and feet ready, you will be able to do a stellar job at playing the game of badminton no matter how new it is that you are to the game.