Best Yoga Mats in India [Updated 2019]

Some time back, if you looked for a yoga mat, you’d only find the basic item- a stretch of PVC fabric that was very sticky, especially in hot summer months. And you could only find it in blue or purple. It’s a very different scene now, and one can easily find a mat to suit all preferences and priorities.

Other than the right patterns and colours, the yoga mat has a purpose and that’s to keep you stable as you manage every pose. Materials used should make it easy to store, carry, comfortable and cushy enough to stand or lie on. Surface texture, thickness and what it’s been made of come next.

The ideal mat is one that’s a little squishy so it can be barrier between the hard floors and your elbows, knees, joints. At the same time it has to have the right density, so that it’s stable under your hands and feet and stays still.

Then, consider your priorities – that is how long you intend on taking yoga classes. It makes no sense buying a very expensive mat for a short term course. Then again, if you really love yoga and have been doing it for years, a super durable, deluxe edition mat will have to do.

Pregnant women, beginners and old people have to consider the materials used for making the mats. Too hard and you could pressure on those joints making them sore. Too soft and you risk slipping injuring yourself and your baby.

This review guide lists 15 of the best and most popular mats keeping in mind budgets, values, practices and lifestyles.


15 Best Yoga Mats in India


1. The yoga mats from Liforme

Liforme is a company that specialises in in yoga gear – yes, mats included. Their new Liforme Yoga mat is made out of a special eco – polyurethane material mix called GripForMe. Not only is it suited to the human anatomy, it’s also a green option too. The design on the mat isn’t a collection of geometric looking patterns but a system known as AlignForMe. The lines you’re looking at are the alignment markers or guides that help beginners and pros to get into an maintain their pose.

How often have you slipped off your mat? Now with Liforme, you don’t have to worry about that because all of their mats are wider and longer. Each purchase of their mats include a carry bag and an info booklet.


Weight- 2.5 kgs

Thickness – 4.2 mm

Dimensions- 185cm long x 68cm wide


2. The Sticky Mat from 2nd Wind Health

Sometimes falling or slipping off your mat is the biggest concern and given the kind of yoga poses out there, it could even be dangerous. If this is what bothers you as well, then you need the stickiest mat you can get – from 2nd Wind Health. Each mat has laser engraved designs that not only act as an alignment guide but funnels every drop of sweat away from the centre of the mat. Ideal for use in the hottest of summers. Biodegradable and eco friendly, the mat provides the best grip out there even in cold weather.


Weight- 4.5 lbs

Thickness-5 mm

Dimensions- 185x65cmx4.2mm


3. The Jade Fusion Yoga Mat from Jade Yoga

Proudly made in the USA, this mat is made using an open cell natural rubber substance derived from  rubber trees, that offers superior grip, resilience and cushioning. This thick mat is good for those how want that green connect in the everything they do, including yoga. The mat doesn’t include any synthetic plastic foam or rubber. In fact, Jade Yoga has partnered with the Trees for the Future foundation, where they plant a tree for each mat they sell. Now that’s nice!


Weight- 8 ½ lbs


Dimensions- Available in 24”, 68’’ and 74’’


4. B Mat Strong Yoga Mat form B Yoga

Made using  a mix of synthetic and natural rubber, the B Mat is suitable for beginners who are still looking for the right mat. Affordable, no nonsense and does the job by providing you with great grip. Although it is a thin mat, the material is dense enough to provide necessary support.


Weight- 5 lbs

Thickness- 6 mm

Dimensions- 26″ W x 71″ H (66cm x 180cm)


5. Oasis Essentials Premium Rubber Yoga Mat from Tranquil Yogi

This mat is 100% biodegradable made using rubber sourced from renewable sources. Super strong non slip, high density surface suited for senior people and for added protection against weak joints, elbows and knees. The material is extremely thin and when rolled up is light enough to carry, NO need for extra carry bag as the mat has an attached strap that doubles as a support aid for the more difficult poses!


Weight- 8 lbs

Thickness- 6.0 mm

Dimensions- 72


6. Hugger Mugger’s Para Rubber Yoga Mat

The Para Rubber Yoga Mat is the choice for those that have trouble remaining stable on standard yoga mats. Both sides of the mat can be used and have different textures. On the top you have this streaked pattern with tiny bumps. The other side is has a rubbery, woven like textures meant for the professionals and intensive yoga sessions. The thickness is just right for sensitive knees.


Weight- 6.6 lbs

Thickness- 1/4’’

Dimensions- 70 x 24 x 0.2 inches


7. 2nd Wind Health Cork Yoga Mat

Yogis that want a sustainable, hygienic and durable option can choose this mat. The mats are made out of a special cork materials that produces suberin when damp. This repels moisture, sweat and kills all bacteria each time you use or clean it. Adding to that the cork is free from toxins and isn’t held together with glue. Designs are made using water based dyes and material is tough enough for outdoor use.


Weight- 5 lbs

Thickness- 5 mm

Dimensions- 72.5 x 24.5 inches


8. B Yoga’s BMAT Everyday

B MAT brings you another lightweight, daily, fuss free affordable option that can be used daily. Meant for all foms of yoga practices and meditation sessions. The am might be too sticky for some and requires some getting used to. Bat after that it’s smooth sailing.


Weight- 4.1 lbs

Thickness- 4 mm

Dimensions- 26″ W x 71″ H (66 cm x 180 cm)


9. Indigena Natural Yoga Mat from Prana

Fully focused on the wholesome idea of conscious manufacturing, Prana has made this mat using a double later of biodegradable, rubber sourced from rubber trees in a sustainable way. The rubber has been fashioned into a wood like texture so you get the best grip that nature can give you!

That double layer also gives you a lot of cushioning for additional stability as this kind of rubber is extremely dense.


Weight- 6.1 lbs

Thickness- 4 mm

Dimensions-78 long (198cm) x 26 (66cm)


10. Yoga Mat from Eco:

The ECO mat is exactly what its says it is. Made using all natural materials and 100% eco friendly using rubber made from renewable sources, free of plasticizers and PVC. The mat’s been developed with the help of yoga teachers and put together using a waste free manufacturing process. Each mat is coloured using non AZO and non toxic dyes and is 99% latex free.The rubber is further reinforced using a blend of natural cotton and polyester instead of synthetic polyester.


Weight- 7.0 lbs

Thickness- 5 mm

Dimensions-71” x 26”


11. Jade Yoga Harmony Yoga Mat

This mat is available in several colours, offers a great grip made in the US using sustainable rubber free from EVA, PV and other forms of synthetic rubber. The Harmony mat is available in three different sizes so you can stretch as far as you want.


Weight- 4.5 lbs

Thickness- 5 mm

Dimensions-68″ (74″ also available)


12. Tranquillity Essential Cork Mat from Tranquil Yogi

Cork is biodegradable and has been made dense using rubber. A naturally occurring rough substance that provides additional grip with every amount of moisture that falls onto it. Since it is porous, air enters through the materials drying it out completely, ensuring that it stays microbe free, odour free and clean. Each Cork mat has an attached carry strap leaving your hand free to carry anything else.


Weight- 5 lbs

Thickness- 5 mm

Dimensions-72″x 24″ (183cm x 61cm)


13. Hugger Mugger’s Jute Sattva Mat

Jute is a fiber plant that matures in about 4 to 6 months, and is known for it’s resilience, strength and for being lightweight. This is why it’s a perfect material for making mats for those that don’t like carrying or using heavy rubberized mats. The mat has amazing grip and absorbs moisture.


Weight- 2.65 lbs

Thickness- 1/8inch

Dimensions-68 x 24 x 0.4 inches


14. Jade Yoga Level 1 Yoga Mat

As the name suggests, the Level 1 mat is the perfect match for all new yogis, giving them the cushion and grip they need to learn all new poses. It’s also great for those who don’t want to be near toxins, plastics and other harmful materials. Thickness wise, its in between the Travel Mat and and the Harmony Mat.


Weight- 4 lbs

Thickness- 5 mm

Dimensions-68 inches


15. Hugger Mugger’s Earth Elements Yoga Mat

This mat is a good, all round option that has great traction on dry and wet floors. It remains odour free even after several uses, because the closed cell rubber construction doesn’t absorb moisture and is anti microbial as well. To get a better idea of things, this mat is very similar to the Prana mat we reviewed earlier.Material is free from phthalate free and is highly durable.


Weight- 2.4 lbs

Thickness- 5 mm

Dimensions-72 x 24 x 3/16 inches


Best Yoga Mats in India: Conclusion

There’s a yoga mat for everyone just as there is a yoga style for every yogi. With so many yoga mat options in the market, it might be tough to choose one. Ask your yoga buddies, friends and even your instructor and they’ll tell you that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ answer. Hopefully with our help, you won’t have to do all that extra research to find a good recommendation.Good luck finding you perfect one soon!