15 Benefits of Cycling

15 Benefits of Cycling

Cycling is considered to be one of the best forms of exercise in today’s day and age. By cycling on a regular basis, you get to keep yourself in shape while enjoying yourself at the same time. Cycling is not an activity that requires a lot of expertise, and it lets you explore new or familiar places, giving you the break that you need from the monotony of everyday living. you can checkout best gear cycles in India here. According to health experts around the world, and fitness experts in particular, there are at least 15 well-recognized benefits of cycling. To know more about these benefits, read on.

15 Benefits of Cycling


1. Promotes Weight Loss

One of the best known benefits of cycling is that it helps in the promotion of weight loss. You can definitely expect to burn calories and lose a few extra pounds, and avoid obesity by cycling for an hour or two in the day, thus causing your body less stress than you would by working out for long hours at a fitness center.


2. Fights Depression

When you cycle on a regular basis, you also get to improve your mental health and avoid problems such as depression. Mental illnesses like bipolar disorder and borderline personality issues can be treated well, and their intensity can be reduced by a considerable degree by physical exercises such as cycling. Feeling down in the dumps or excessively sad is no longer something you will suffer from, when you cycle every single day for a few hours.


3. Helps in Building Muscles

Apart from assisting in the burning of fat, cycling as an activity can also help in the building of muscles in your body, especially around the calves, hamstrings, the quads as well as glutes. A nice, toned and well-developed body is something that you can definitely get to build for yourself, if cycling is an activity that you include in your daily living.


4. Improves Lung Health

Lung health is something that you can definitely improve by cycling as often as possible, especially in the early hours of the morning. When you go cycling early in the morning, you get to breathe in all the fresh morning air that is not polluted by the car fumes or toxic gases that are emanated into the environment as a result of industrial activity.


5. Allows you to have Two Breakfast Meals in a Day

Since cycling as an activity is something that helps you in burning a considerable number of calories, you get to enjoy more than one breakfast meal in a day, if you cycle daily. You can have your breakfast in the morning, go cycling, burn all the calories that you need to feel hungry again and enjoy a second breakfast meal after that.


6. Low Impact Exercise

Cycling is a low impact exercise in the sense that it does not have any negative bearing on the health of your heart when you take part in it. Cycling as an exercise is not the same as running, jumping or lifting weights. It does not have a heavy impact on your breathing and heart health when you engage in it.


7. Reduces the Risk of Cancer and Heart Disease

Diseases like heart disease and cancer are those that you definitely get to avoid when you take part in cycling activities daily. Cycling ensures the continuous supply of fresh blood to your arteries, pumping your heart valves with blood that contains plenty of oxygen, thus ensuring good heart health for you over the long term. By boosting your immunity system, cycling also helps you to avert the onset of diseases such as cancer.


8. Saves Time and Energy

You get to save a lot of time and energy when you decide to visit a place by cycling instead of walking or going by car. By using a cycle to go from one place to another, you can easily get to avoid traffic and obstacles on the road, and get to your desired destination earlier than you would have had you opted to take a car or go on foot instead.


9. Improves Navigation Skills

Improving your navigation skills is something that is definitely possible by taking part in activities such as cycling. Cycling is usually done on natural terrain, in forests or in mountainous areas, where you need to know how to find your way back to the starting point if you get lost. You can therefore certainly end up training yourself in navigation skills when you go cycling on a regular basis.


10. Boosts your Sex Life

You can give your sex life a considerable boost when you go cycling every single day. This is because cycling is a physical activity that shapes your body, increases the testosterone levels and boosts your libido, making you want to have plenty of sex. If things have been getting depressing under the sheets for awhile, you can always spice it up by going cycling everyday and getting your libido back on track.


11. Helps you to Sleep Well at Night

The more you cycle, the more worked out your body is going to feel after all that leg exercise. This in turn will induce you to sleep more readily when you hit the sack at night. Health problems like insomnia or reduced sleep levels can be easily beaten with the help of physical activities such as cycling. By cycling often, you get to ensure a good night’s sleep for yourself.


12. Builds Brain Power

Giving your brain power a considerable boost is also something that you can do when you when you go cycling every day. When you cycle, you facilitate the flow of fresh blood to your brain, that is, blood that is rich in oxygen and which will give your brain the stimulus and energy needed to function well at all times.


13. Strengthens the Immunity System

If your immunity system has been on the down low for some time, you can revive it and make it stronger than ever by engaging in a physical activity like cycling. When you go cycling, the blood circulation that takes place in your body as a result of such an activity helps in giving your immunity system a boost, making you less vulnerable to illnesses such as fever, common cold and infections.


14. Expands Social Circles

You get to grow your social circle quite a bit when you take part in cycling every day. This is because cycling as an activity takes you to new places, where you get to meet new people and making new friends, thus expanding your social circle or social network quite a bit. You can end up having quite a few cycling buddies if you opt to go biking every morning.


15. Strengthens Spacial Awareness and Handling

Spacial awareness and handling abilities can be strengthened quite a bit when you cycle always. This is because you need to hold onto the handles of the cycle very tightly as you ride it and you need to maneuver your way along the pavements and roads when riding it, thus increasing your awareness of space.



Thus, there are many wonderful benefits associated with cycling as an activity  and you can always take it up seriously to boost your health and lead a fit and happy life.