10 Essential Tips for Using Condoms

10 Essential Tips for Using Condoms

Using a condom is absolutely imperative if you have an active sex life and want to keep yourself safe from the problems that arise as a result of intercourse. If you are aware about your sexual health then your sex life going to rock your world.

A high quality condom can help you to derive the pleasure that you want from sexual activity while averting issues like the onset of pregnancy, the transfer of sexual germs or sexual diseases etc. While using a condom seems easy to do, there are a number of tips that you need to bear in mind, to use it as effectively as possible. To know about the ten essential tips for using condoms, read on.

Best essentials tips for using condoms

10 Best Tips for Using Condoms


1. Avoid using Condoms under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol

Try to avoid using condoms if you are drugged, or if you have been drinking alcohol. In fact, you should avoid having sex at all when you are under the influence as this is the time when you will not be in your senses and may not even know how to put on the condom properly, let alone have safe sex using it. The more high you are on drugs and alcohol, the less rational you are likely to be, all of which makes using condoms and having sex a dangerous and unsafe thing to do.


2. Use high quality condoms only

You need to make sure that the condom that you use is made of quality latex material. A good quality condom will also contain lubricants and will give you much pleasure during intercourse while avoiding the risk of tearing too easily. A condom that is made of top notch latex can be used multiple times and in a rigorous manner without getting torn or damaged in any way. The quality condoms in the market are on the pricier side, but are definitely worth buying if you intend on keeping yourself safe and secure during sex. you can refer this article if you are willing to buy a best condom brand for you.


3. Dispose off the Condoms in Garbage Cans once Used

Once you have finished using your condom, you need to wrap it up in a piece of tissue or soft material and then throw it right into a trash can where you know that others are not going to be able to access it. Avoiding flushing the condom down in a toilet at all costs as condoms end up clogging up the sewers. Once you have finished disposing off the used condom with the help of a tissue paper, you need to wash your hands very thoroughly using soap and lukewarm water. By doing so, you will be washing all the germs associated with sexual activity, away easily.


4. Grip Condom Rim and Retreat prior to Ejaculation

Gripping the condom rim and retreating carefully and slowly away from your partner, is what you need to do right before you ejaculate and before your genitals begin to get all soft. You cannot afford to keep going at it when on the verge of orgasming, as the process of ejaculation is one that is capable of ripping your condom apart and shredding it to bits, no matter how good the quality of the latex is. So you need to exercise a considerable degree of caution and retreat as soon as you sense that you are about to come, when using a condom for sex.


5. Take off your Condom with Care

When you take your condom off, you need to do it as carefully as possible in order to make sure that the semen does not fall down to the ground. If you allow this to happen, it is going to be quite yucky, grossing both you and your partner out! Once you have finished having sex, and have ejaculated well enough, you need to make your way to the bathroom and pull the condom off your penis in a slow, steady and gentle manner. The semen should remain in the condom as you dispose it off.


6. Wear the Condom a few Hours before Sex

When it comes to wearing the condom properly, you need to put it on at a time when the penis is very hard and straight and before you have touched your partner’s body or have allowed yourself to be touched in turn. If you end up touching and kissing before putting the condom on, there is every chance that you may not feel inclined to use the condom at all, and thus end up engaging in unprotected sex. So you need to take special care in this respect, and put on the condom a few hours prior to sexual activity, so that you and your partner are well protected at the time of having sex.


7. Pull back Foreskin when Penis is not Circumcised

In the event that your penis is not circumcised, you need to pull the entire foreskin back before you put your condom on. This is very important. If the foreskin is not pulled back, this can create a great deal of discomfort at the time of wearing the condom, making you having sex in a half hearted fashion and keeping you from ejaculating as well as you could have.


8. Use New Condoms Only

An important tip that you need to bear in mind when using a condom for safe sex, is to use a brand new condom every time you have sex. You should not use the same condom for two instances of sexual intercourse as the experience will just not be the same. This is especially important to consider if you have sex with two different people in succession. By opting for the use of an already used condom you end up spreading sexual germs to your partner and also affect the health of your penis quite negatively. Once you have used a condom, you need to dispose it off immediately and use a brand new one the next time that you have intercourse.


9. Use the Condoms Correctly

You need to use your condoms in the correct manner from the very start to the very finish if you intend on having safe sex using it. The condom needs to be worn correctly, prior to engaging in any intercourse, and then disposed off into a garbage can, once sex is over. Wearing the condom properly is imperative if it is to be of any use to you while you have sex. You can’t wear the condom in a manner that it slips and falls of easily, putting you and your partner at risk.


10. Store the Condoms Properly

If you have an active and healthy sex life and make use of condoms on a regular basis, then you need to learn how to store these properly as well. By storing your condoms, you get to protect these from the settlement of dust and dirt particles that can otherwise make your sexual activity infectious, and unhealthy. The condoms need to be stored in a closed container and taken out and aired at least a few hours prior to being used. The condoms should also, ideally be sealed before being used for sex.


Thus, by taking the tips mentioned above into consideration, you will be able to use condoms quite successfully in order to have safe and well protected sex with your partner.