Menstrual Cup for beginners- Buying Guide

Using a menstrual cup can be an excellent way to face the challenge of your periods every month. The menstrual cycle lasts for three to five days, and is usually characterized by a lot of bleeding, accompanied by a pain. While sanitary pads or tampons are what women usually tend to use in order to absorb all the bleeding that occurs during the menstrual cycle, the menstrual cup makes it far more convenient for you to survive your periods, as it is easy to put on, and take off, and you simply need to wash away all the blood in order to use it again, instead of disposing it like you would a tampon. In other words, menstrual cups are cost effective and comfortable and if you are looking to buy one for yourself, there are a number of useful points that you ought to take into consideration. If you really care for your personal health then do not compromise with the quality of menstrual cups.


9 Best Tips to Choose the Right Menstrual Cup for You


1. Consider the Size of the Cup

The first thing that you need to consider when buying a menstrual cup is the size of the cup. Menstrual cups are available in three different sizes, namely, small, medium and large. You need to pick the size of the menstrual cup depending on the rate or intensity of your menstrual flow every month. While small sized cups are not too uncomfortable, it is usually best to opt for a medium sized menstrual cup, even if your bleeding every month isn’t too intense. This is because the medium sized cup is something that you can wear when donning all types of garments and underwear and removing it, and putting it on is something that you get to do in a smooth and hassle free manner.


2. Take the Capacity of the Cup into Consideration

The capacity of the menstrual cup is something that you need to be aware of before you go ahead and buy one for yourself. There are some cups that need to be emptied within ten to twelve hours of use, while there are others that can be emptied after twenty four hours have passed. You need to select a menstrual cup of a relatively high capacity if you have intensive menstrual flow every month. Such a cup will be comfortable to wear no matter how heavy your bleeding is. The high capacity menstrual cup must be emptied every eighteen to twenty hours or even after twenty four hours and must be washed with a lot of water in order for it to be used again.


3. Opt for a Cup of Decent Length

The length of the menstrual cup is also what needs to be taken into consideration when set out to buy one for your personal use. If you are tall and lanky in shape, then it would be a good idea to opt for an elongated or lengthy menstrual cup. If you are short and stout and the area around your vagina is not too broad or expansive, then you can opt for a short sized menstrual cup, which will be easy to wear and which will absorb your menstrual blood easily without causing the slightest bit of discomfort.


4. Try using Disposable Cups

If you are using menstrual cups for the very first time, then you can consider buying light weight and disposable menstrual cups. The disposable cups are not too expensive to buy and can be thrown away immediately after use, just like you would throw away a tampon. The disposable menstrual cups fit as easily as the conventional menstrual cups do and can be inserted as well as taken off quite easily and quickly. You never have to worry about your mobility getting restricted or hampered when you use a disposable menstrual cup, as it is quite comfortable and easy to wear.


5. Pay Attention to the Menstrual Cup Color

You should pay careful attention to the color of the menstrual cup that you buy, if you want to make a good purchase. While the menstrual cups in the market are available in both light and dark colors, it would be best to opt for a darkly colored menstrual cup rather than a clear colored one in order to ensure that stains are not visible at the time of wearing. The dark colored menstrual cup can also be kept quite discreet in terms of appearance, while a clear cup is capable of at times, being seen through garments.


6. The Menstrual Cup should be firm enough

The menstrual cup that you buy should be characterized by the right degree of firmness. There is no point in buying a menstrual cup that slips off or slips away too easily. The menstrual cup should fit over your vagina tightly and firmly once you wear it and not cause any uneasiness when walking around or even running. The menstrual cup you use should be firm enough to let you engage in rigorous physical activity while wearing it. Only then will you get full value for the money that you spend on the purchase of a menstrual cup.


7. Buy High Quality Menstrual Cups Only

The menstrual cup that you buy and use should be one that is made of high quality material so that the risk of infection is relatively reduced at the time of wearing it. The vagina is a part of your body that is easily vulnerable to infection so you need to pay a lot of attention to the quality of the menstrual cup, so that it protects you from skin infection rather than helping you contract it at the time of your periods. For this purpose, it is better to go for the more highly priced menstrual cups in the market.


8. Go for Menstrual Cups that come with User Guides or Manuals

The menstrual cup that you buy should be accompanied by a user manual at the time of purchase. This user manual will contain detailed and comprehensive instructions about how best you can use your menstrual cup when your periods set in. If you have never used menstrual cups before and are considering making use it for the first time ever, then it is especially important for you to have such a user manual in your possession, as it will guide you as to how exactly you should insert and remove a menstrual cup when using it during your periods.


9. Buy from a Reputed Store

The store from where you buy a menstrual cup should be one of repute so that you know for sure that what you buy from here is a quality product. The menstrual cups are also readily available online, and if buying from an online store, you need to ensure that it is a licensed and registered store, if you want to end up with a genuine product unlike many of the fake or poor quality menstrual cups that are also available in the market.


Thus, there are quite a few important points that you need to consider prior to buying a good menstrual cup for personal use. The menstrual cup that you own and use should feel light in weight and comfortable, while also having the capacity of absorb plenty of blood during heavy flows.