How to Grow a Beard

How to Grow a Beard

Growing a beard is one of the best feeling. A study claims that 85% of the men surveyed would like to have beard at least once in a lifetime.

So Look:

If you want to grow a beard?

Then Read this article carefully, personal care of your body is very important these days, believe me I have done a decent amount of research to come up with the conclusion that beards can be grown but you need to give it proper care and nutrition.

I have divided the procedure into 5 method!

How to Grow a Beard


Method 1 – Take care of your Face

  • Skin should be clean
  • Use some moisturizer to moist your skin
  • If there is any dry or flaky bits. Remove them.
  • Live a healthy and stress free life
  • Do yoga or some exercise to keep stress away.


Stress is a strict no-no if want a healthy facial hair growth.


Method 2– Use of Vitamin, Supplements & Beard growth oils

  • You can add some vitamins (Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 & Vitamin B1) in your diet they are very helpful in growth of hairs, these vitamins are basically found in eggs, fishes almonds etc.
  • You can increase the amount of protein in your diet by increasing the intake of pulses & eggs. Exercise Regularly
  • A supplement called Biotin can be added in your daily diet but please consult a doctor first.
  • You can also use beard growth oils, they work like a charm.
  • Add fruits and green vegetables to your diet


Method 3- Be Patient

  • Don’t be impatient leave your hair alone
  • One of the biggest misconception is that shaving and trimming speed up beard growth.
  • When you get a full beard after 4 to 6 weeks then you can groom it properly.
  • Quit drinking and smoking if you really wants to grow your beard. My advice!


IF you want to grow your beard genuinely you have to follow these tips grooming routine

Take a shower, use warm/hot water whatever is preferable to you.

Avoid your beard to get wet from this water!

Use cold water to wash your Beard! Use Beard combs that don’t break beard hair


Method 4

Use some natural oil and home remedies: I am listing some natural oils and home remedies that can really help to stimulate your facial hair growth

  1. Coconut and Rosemary Oil: you can use coconut and rosemary oil in 10:1 and put 3-4 drops on your palm and rub it evenly and apply it on your skin underneath the beard that will surely help you to stimulate growth of beard. Do this three times a week for best results.


  1. Cinnamon and Lemon Juice: If you have oily skin then you can use a mixture of cinnamon and lemon juice. Grind Cinnamon and take one spoon of it with two tea spoon of lemon juice.


  1. Amla Oil and Mustard Leaves: Make a paste with amla oil and 3-4 mustard leaves together and apply it on your beard skin and after 20 minutes clean it with cold water.


  1. Eucalyptus Oil with Olive Oil or Sesame Oil: combination of these two i.e. eucalyptus and olive oil or sesame oil is very helpful in beard growth, make paste of these two and apply it gently all over the beard skin. Rinse after 20 minutes with cold water



Method 5 : Other Therapies and treatments

This should be the last option in my opinion as I am pretty sure if you are ready to change your lifestyle a little bit then very less chances are there that you are not able to grow your beard!


Many treatments are there which you can opt to help your rate of growth of beard.

One of the famous treatment is Micro-needling also called collagen Induction therapy (CIT),

This involves a tool called dermaroller which has tiny needles at it’s end and which make holes in the top layers of the skin and which is very effective and great way to accelerate beard growth.

One another therapy name red light therapy that also helps to improve density of the beard and give volume to the hair follicles.

These all treatments are medically approved for their effectiveness in stimulation of hair growth.

You can also recommend this video.

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