How to Choose the Best Body Massager for Pain Relief

Suffering from aches and pains can be quite a terrible predicament, especially if you are on medication to keep it under control but it appears to be doing you no good. An effective way to combat body pain, and back pain in particular, is to make use of a body massager. There are many different types and varieties of body massagers that are available in the market. In order to be able to pick the right massager for yourself and for your personal care, there are a number of important points that you need to keep in mind.

Some Important things you know before buy a body massager


1. Opt for a Light Weight Massager

If you are on the lookout for a good body massager for use at home, then the first thing that you should check for is to see whether the massager is light in weight or not. There is no point in using a massager that creates a burden on your hands and on your arms when in operation, as using it can prove to be strenuous affair in the long term. Rather you should opt for a massager that feels very light and which you can operate easily with your working hand, be it your right hand or your left hand.


2. The Massager must be Conveniently Shaped and Designed

The body massager that you use should also be one that is designed in a way that it allows you to reach the body parts that you would not have otherwise been able to reach with your own bare hands, in a quick and convenient manner. The body massager should not cause you any fatigue or strain when you use it to access difficult parts of your body, especially the sore and painful areas on your back and underneath your shoulders. The massager should easily reach all of these body parts with one quick movement, giving your painful back the relief that it so needs.


3. Choose a High Powered Massager

The body massager which you pick should be a well powered device, in order for it to work effectively, especially for back pain relief. This is necessary because there are certain muscular problems that require very deep penetration in order to be cured, and it is only a high power body massager that can help to achieve such penetration. While the low powered massagers can be used to massage hands and legs, it is only the high powered massagers that you can put to use for back pain relief.


4. The Massager must be Electrically Compliant

The body massager must be one that is compliant with the electrical set up in y our home. Only then you can use this over a long period of time. You will have to plug in the massager to charge its battery from time to time, in which case the electrical composition of the machine should be one that is compliant with the type of power set up that you have in your home. If it not, there could be sparks here and there at the time of operation, which in turn could pose a huge danger to you or to any person on whom the massager is being used.


5. The Drive Mechanism of the Body Massager must be Powerful

The drive mechanism of the body massager should also be one that is powerful enough in order for the massager to stimulate blood circulation in the painful parts of your back and the other parts of the body over which it is used. The driver mechanism is what enables the massager to vibrate well enough at the time that it is in operation, giving you the comfort that you need as you run it in a slow and steady fashion over your back, your shoulders and other areas of your body that are much in pain.


6. Massager must be Durable

The durability of the body massager is something that you definitely need to look into at the time of its purchase. You need to ensure that the body massager that you buy is not only one which is capable of effective functioning but is also one which you can use over a considerable period of time. The body massager that you end up purchasing should come with an extensive shelf life and must be one that you can use for a good six to seven years at least if not for longer than that.


7. Avoid Second Hand Purchase

You need to avoid a second hand purchase when buying a body massager for home use. While the second hand body massagers are definitely cheap, these are of poor quality, given the fact that these have already been extensively made use of. If you buy a second hand body massager, you will get to save a considerable amount of money on your purchase, but you will have to throw away the device after using it for just six months or one year, resulting in a complete waste of your money. Always opt for a first hand body massager instead.


8. Buy from a Store of Repute

The store that you make your purchase from is something that you definitely need to pay attention to if you are looking to buy a good quality body massager for home use. While there are many online destinations from where you can get to procure a body massager quite easily and readily, you need to remember to buy it from a store that is licensed and registered and which has been around for the last five years at least. Only such a store can be trusted with the sale of quality products, especially when it comes to electronic devices like a body massager.


9. Ensure Long Term Warranty

You need to ensure that the body massager you buy is a product that comes with extensive warranty facilities at the time of its purchase. The warranty for the body massager should be one that is valid for at least a year or two and should be renewable thereafter. A warranty facility is very useful as it makes it possible for you to get the body massager repaired entirely for free in the period for which the warranty is operational. Given that the body massager is an electrical device, it may run into wear and tear easily, especially if regularly used, in which case it will have to be sent in for repair every now and then.


10. Opt for a Reasonably Priced Product

The price of the body massager must be considered prior to purchase. There is no point in buying a body massager that is exorbitantly priced especially if you are using such a product for the first time. It is best to opt for a reasonably priced model to begin with and see how well this works for you. Once you become acquainted with the process of using a body massager, you can later buy a more expensive version for yourself.