Best Cordless Phone Buying Guide

Best Cordless Phone Buying Guide

The cordless phone is an essential item to have around the house or office in terms of phone accessory. It lets you talk when you are mobile, but within a limited space, and it much more convenient to use than a phone that comes with cords. There are many different cordless phone models that you can come across in the market and to choose the best one out of these can often prove to be a tricky affair. If you want to know how to buy the right cordless phone for you, you need to keep the following points in mind.

6 Tips before buying a Cordless Phone


1. Look for the Right Size

If you want to make a good choice of a cordless phone, then the first thing that you need to look for is a phone that is of a decent size. There is no point in buying a cordless phone that is too bulky in size as it is going to look out of place while it is going to be difficult for you to use it as well. You need to go for a phone that is neither too large nor too small in size and which will be easy for you to hold and use when you are talking into it.


2. Consider the Weight of the Phone

The weight of the phone is something that needs to be taken into consideration as well before you go ahead and buy it. It is best to opt for a cordless phone which is light in weight and which will not cause a burden on your hands and arms when you pick it up and talk into it for hours at a stretch. The light weight phones are quite nice to look at as well, and enable you to have a conversation with your best friend or your near and dear ones from the comfort of the kitchen or the living space or even the bedroom or bathroom, as and when you desire.


3. Consider the Design and Color of the Phone

The design and the color of the phone must be considered if you want to buy a cordless phone set that looks good in your living space. The best looking cordless phones are those that are grey or black in color. White cordless phones are known to look quite decent too though these tend to become black rather easily. The color of the phone should be in keeping with the color scheme of the room in which it is going to be kept.


4. Find out about the Number of Extensions for the Phone

You need to find out about the number of extensions that the cordless phone comes with before you go ahead and buy it. The best cordless phones in the market are those that come with at least three to four extensions, letting you connect the phone to a number of important conversations that you need to have all in the same day. The number of extensions that a cordless phone comes with is an especially important consideration that you need to make if you are buying a cordless phone for office use rather than for use in the home.


5. Be Familiar with how the Phone is to be Used

The usability of the phone is something that you need to become familiar with before you buy it. You should not buy a cordless phone that could later prove to be difficult for you to use so it is necessary to opt for a trial version first and see how well you can use it before making a final purchase. You need to go through the various keys and functions on the cordless set and see if these make sense to you or to the person who you are buying the phone for, before you actually end up buying it.


6. Find out about Maintenance Instructions and Warranty

You need to find out about maintenance instructions at the outset when you buy a cordless phone. You also need to make sure that the phone comes with a warranty at the time of purchase so that you can get it repaired for free for a limited period of time at least, should it show signs of defect. The warranty facility that is given for a cordless phone is one that is usually valid for about a year or two but you can lookout for a warranty that is offered for the longer term as well, just to be on the safe side.


Things to know when using a Cordless Phone


Charge the Phone when not using it

When using a cordless phone, you need to remember to keep it back in its charging box once you have finished your phone conversation. The cordless phone is a product that operates on a battery. While the battery system of a cordless phone is usually powerful enough to allow you to have a conversation for three to four hours at a stretch before running out of charge, but you need to keep it back in its charging point as soon as the conversation is over, in order to be able to use the phone again soon.


Clean the Phone regularly

The cordless phone is one that has to be cleaned very regularly with dry cleaning solution, if you intend on keeping it dust free and clean all round the year. You must never ever clean a cordless phone with water as you will spoil the phone for good if you do so. The cordless phone set usually comes with a liquid or dry cleaning solution and soft cloth which you can use to keep it free from dirt. If not, you can always buy this separately, for a small sum of money.



Thus, if you keep the points mentioned above in mind, you will be sure to do a good job of buying a cordless phone for yourself, whether you buy it for professional use or for personal use at home.