While some consider Headphones to be a luxury, it’s nothing short of a necessity.


Out of all the content that we consume online, movies, videos and songs  on different different gadgets, all have sound, in fact I have had instances where I wasn’t watching the video but I was just listening to it.

This explains the need for a good Headphones or Earphones as some would call it.

So the questions arise: 

How do you tell a good pair of headphones from a bad one?

Well you have to decide whether you need to go for On-ear headphones, In-ear headphones, or Over-ear headphones.

On-ear headphones are ideal if don’t want to keep a little sense of the surroundings and/or you don’t prefer any insertions in your ear canals.

In-ear headphones are for true Audiophiles. You experience the sounds at a different level altogether.

However it is not for those who commute as your surroundings are rendered completely inaudible.

Similarly, Over-ear headphones are ideal for those who commute and want to take it easy on their ears.

 Anyways if you’re looking for a new pair of earphones or headphones then you should go over our guide on how to buy the best headphones that suit your need.