Top 10 Best 5.1 speakers in India– Reviews [2019]

Top 10 Best 5.1 speakers in India– Reviews [2019]

Best 5.1 speakers in india

You can enjoy so many things after purchasing a best 5.1 speaker system for your personal needs. But still, many buyers do not know the proper difference between the different 5.1 speaker systems available in the market for sales, so they get confused at the time of purchase which one to buy and which one to quit. Don’t worry because we are here to teach you everything about the 5.1 speaker sound system. A 5.1 speaker system can be generally used in homes, colleges, schools, commercial business centers, festive locations, residential hotels and in much more places based on the dependency to play the audio in the best way.

A 5.1 sound speaker system consists of five separate speakers coming along with the one sub-woofer which helps you to get the rumbling bass while playing the audio to get the best sound that we all love. The six speakers you get at the time of purchase need to get installed in your home all over the area where you look forward to sitting and enjoy the sound system. Having the proper place to finish the setup is very crucial to enjoying the best ever audio experience. The rear left and right speakers need to get installed above and behind your head at the time of installation. This 5.1 sound speaker systems installed in your room benefits buyers like you who watch a lot of movies hear a lot of high-quality audio songs and play video games in huge numbers. 5.1 sound speaker system buyers can get immersed in a closed environment with the best surround sound which allows them to truly enjoy from the very first second without any hassle.

As a buyer, the most important thing you need to be aware of is at the time of speaker purchase. If your 5.1 speakers do not have the sound card in it, then you cannot enjoy the best quality bass sound from the speaker because sound card only outputs the sound in the digital format via the optical audio cable. If you do not have a sound card, either upgrade the existing sound speakers or buy the trending one in the market. Also, if you are planning to buy the best speaker system for your needs, then you must be ready to spend good price amount to get the best speaker system from the market. By investing a little lesser amount will make you go upset after the few days of purchase with the cheap speaker system providers. These cheap speaker systems cannot offer you the true digital sound and you cannot even enjoy 50% sound quality as you anticipated for.

Here we bring a list of Top 10 best 5.1 speakers in India to your notice to help you get the idea what are the specifications you can expect in a 5.1 speaker and which sound speaker system suits you the best for your personal needs. Each and every piece of information shared here for the different types of 5.1 sound speaker systems available in the Indian market will help you know the basic to advanced features integrated with the speaker system.

Best 5.1 Speakers in India

Factors to consider before buying the Best 5.1 speaker for your needs:

Any buyer who looks forward to purchasing the specific speaker system always faces the big challenge as he/she gets confused before deciding the right one based on their place in where they are planning to install it. There are plenty of models available in the current day trend and to choose one speaker which does all your needs is really a complicated task to complete. Looking into some factors within your home as well as with the type of speaker system you are considering to buy, you can decide easily whether the desired model speaker system will fulfill your requirements or not.

Size of the Room:

Room size plays a major role in getting the best sound from the receivers of the speakers. Even if you buy the best speaker in India which has all the latest specifications and features, when you do not have a spacious room it won’t help you get the best experience with the sound system, so read the product descriptions of the product available in the online or consult with the speaker services centers to assure the speaker you buy will give good quality sound within your installed area.

Av receiver:

A/V receivers are the real nervous system of your 5.1 sound systems, so you need to notice it very well before making the purchase. Av receivers available in the 5.1 speakers perform a sequence of functions including the decoding of your DVD’s sound formats. It also drives your loudspeakers and switch between the video and audio components. If you are planning to get the good quality sound system, then you must purchase the 5.1 speaker system with a premium A/V receiver.

Connectivity options:

All the latest model speaker systems have the advanced features and connectivity options to connect to their favorite devices. Purchase the best speaker system that offers you options to install the speakers around your home using the wireless technology. Also, many speakers are these days comes along with the support to connect with internet support smart devices with the help of Bluetooth technology, so read the complete features before proceeding to buy.

Speakers and cable (custom models):

Although wireless speakers are available in the modern-day speaker systems when it comes to custom model speakers you need to use the cables to complete the installation. Using the right coaxial cable will help you separate the sound in the best way through amplifiers and helps you enjoy the good quality sound with the quality speakers installed. Using the low-quality cables sometimes cost you a lot during the up-gradation period, so always go for the best speaker systems that offer high-quality cable wires for installation.

RMS power of amplifiers:

No one likes to buy a speaker that makes a 32-watt amp. A 40- or 50-watt amplifier will help buyers enjoy the best sound inside their home. If your amplifier gives a 100 watts output, do not worry about because in most of the cases amp will put only about 1 watt for the typical speakers with normal listening levels. Loud sound from the sound system is due to the amplifier performance inside the speaker system, so you need to purchase RMS power of amplifiers installed in a sound system to get the best sound throughout the day.


If you are planning to buy a 5.1 speaker system for your home theatres to play music, movies, and video games, then more than other speakers, the subwoofer is the most important one in the room. Subwoofers handle the lower frequencies well to give the good bass sound. Also, it reproduces low-frequency effects to give theatre like effect inside your home, so purchasing the sound system with the best subwoofer is one of the main factors need to consider before choosing the audio system.

10 Best 5.1 speakers in India


1. Bose Solo 5 Sound bar Speakers:

One of the best sound speakers that have the best Sound bars to experience the audio like never before. Speakers look very attractive and slim in size. You can enjoy the extraordinary sound quality inside your room and terrific bass sound due to the multiple speakers offered to you. This speaker looks in bar-shape and has the option to connect with the various devices like laptop, personal computer, and much more.

2. Sony HT-RT3 sound bar home-theatre-system:

One of the best 5.1 speakers available in the current day market to buy at the affordable cost. This 5.1 speaker system gives you good sound effects inside your room due to the additional speakers offered to you at the time of purchase. Placing the speakers at the corners of your room helps you to get the theatrical sound effect all-day. This Sony speaker system consists of one sound bar, two mini speakers and one big speaker, so this is the perfect choice for the home buyers.

3. F&D F3800X 5.1 Speakers:

This F&D F3800X 5.1 model speaker system stands on the Dolby standards and helps you to get the superb sound quality around your installed room to give a realistic feel of the audio played in the movies or games or music. The output of the sound doesn’t annoy the users as this naturally processing sound will take every user inside the music and movies.

4. Creative inspire T-6300 5.1 multimedia sound speaker System:

Sony is not a very well-known brand among the customers, but you can enjoy some amazing sound quality with this sound speaker system. No matter whether it is a smartphone, modern-day television or any other devices, this creative inspires sound system delivers the best sound to their customers at the buyable price amount.

5. Philips SPA8000B/94 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers System:

As well all know Philips is one of the best brands in India that offers the best electronic devices to the customers; this speaker system also comes under the best products list of Philips. People who love the exploding bass sound from the speakers will surely love this product to the core. This multimedia speaker is suitable for the home theatres for your daily use to play video games, music, movies and much more.

6. Philips SPA7000B 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers:

Philips SPA7000B 5.1 speakers give you the crystal clear sound from the receiver without any noise. If you are planning to buy 5.1 digital speakers that offer you the distortion-free sounds like the output from the installed speakers, then purchasing this 5.1 speaker system will be very effective for you.

7. ImpexMesto 5.1 Bluetooth speakers:

This revolutionary multimedia speaker system helps you to experience the sounds from the top-quality audios and videos like never before. The sleek design, enhanced features, fast processing technology implemented on this speaker will never let your bored with your video games and music.  You cannot afford the good-quality audio speaker system as this speaker produces pulsating sounds like an echo from the connected speakers across your room to give you the best user experience.

8. I ball Booster 5.1 USB Audio Speakers:

If you are looking forward to purchasing an audio speaker for your home theatres in-between the price range 6k to 7k, then these audio speakers are a perfect choice. The main advantage of this speaker is that it has the best bass effect which helps every member in your house to feel beat non-stop. This is a highly recommended product for every home buyer.

9. Zebronics ZEB-BT8490RUCF Bluetooth Audio Speakers:

This is a 5.1 multimedia speaker which has the compatibility to connect with the Bluetooth, USB, SD, and FM. Because of its versatility, you can either connect with your smartphone or can insert the memory card with the data inside the system to enjoy the movies and music all day with full joy. Also, you can witness the terrific sound from the subwoofers with good clarity.

10. F&D F5060X 135 W Bluetooth Audio Speakers:

This speakers works under the PLL technology and has the options to store more than 100 FM stations without any hassle. Bluetooth which is available around 15meters around this speaker systems connect flawlessly with the user’s devices. If you are a buyer who loves to use the powerful bass at the time of play, then this F&D F5060X 135 W audio speaker system is the right choice.




Pros and cons – Comparison Table:

Product Name Pros Cons
Bose Solo 5 Sound bar Speakers ·         Wireless technology is used, so options are available to connect any devices to play the audio and video in your system.·         Different modes like dialogue mode, video mode, and much more options are available.·         Powerful bass with the terrific sound display. ·         Sound amplification is not that effective.·         No slot to insert the memory cards inside the system.
Sony HT-RT3 sound bar home-theatre-system: ·         USB audio playback option is available.·         The one-touch wireless audio streaming option is provided for the users.·         Everyone can enjoy the nice movie theater experience in their own home. ·         Cable management is little annoying.·         Speaker system is not looking very stylish like other model speakers.
F&D F3800X 5.1 Speakers: ·         PLL technology is used to get the uninterrupted digital FM working on your system.·         Provides a distinguished output power of 80 W from the source.·         Options are available to connect with multiple devices. Latest wireless technology is not used
Creative inspire T-6300 5.1 multimedia sound speaker System: ·         Size of the speakers is small and handy.·         Super Bass system at this price range.·         Long wires to connect without any problem. Bluetooth support is not available so you cannot connect with your favorite devices.
Philips SPA8000B/94 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers System: ·         Both Wired & Wireless connections are possible.·         Memory card slot is available to insert the SD cards.·         Versatile in nature. No advanced features at this price range.
Philips SPA7000B 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers: ·         Options are available to insert the SD card in the system.·         6-inch Subwoofer gives the best sound quality.·         Looks very stylish and attractive. ·         Wire length is small.·         No support for the Bluetooth connection.
ImpexMesto 5.1 Bluetooth speakers: ·         A speaker system with stunning design.·         High-features are available with versatility.·         The remote control is possible. Speakers are bigger in size compared to the modern day speakers.
I ball Booster 5.1 USB Audio Speakers: ·         Options are available to mount the speakers on the wall.·         An aerial antenna is provided with the whole setup for FM radio.·         Easy to use the system. ·         Speakers are not up to the mark after regular usage.·         Sounds from the speakers are disturbing.
Zebronics ZEB-BT8490RUCF Bluetooth Audio Speakers: ·         Stunning look.·         Options are available to use the SD cards.·         Best for home entertainment. Not portable in nature.
F&D F5060X 135 W Bluetooth Audio Speakers:

·         Options are available to play multiple devices in a single time.·         Heart thumping bass system to enjoy at this price range.·         Supports Bluetooth connectivity. Doesn’t have a stylish look like other 5.1 audio speakers.

Comparison Chart for the Technical options and features available in each 5.1 audio speakers:

TechnicalSupportInSpeakers Bose Solo 5 Sound bar Speakers Sony HT-RT3 sound speakers F&D F3800X 5.1 Speakers Creative inspire T-6300 speakers Philips SPA8000B/94 Speakers Philips SPA7000B


ImpexMesto 5.1 speakers I ball Booster 5.1 Speakers Zebronics ZEB-BT8490RUCF Speakers F&D F5060X 135 W S

Options to connect the Bluetooth Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Memory card Slot unavailable unavailable unavailable unavailable SupportsSD cards Supports SD cards Supports SDcards Unavailable SupportsSD card Unavailable
Wireless Technology Available Available Wired Wired Available Wired Wired Wired Available Wired
RMS Power Output 650W 600W 80W 40W 125W 90W 80W 45W 30W 135W
Price amount 22,050 16,499 4,999 6,168 8,999 6,999 5,849 7,899 5,349 12,990
Connector type Coaxial audio input, optical audio input Bluetooth, NFC USB cable USB cable USB, Aux-in USBCable Bluetooth,




Bluetooth, USB USB,Bluetooth


Conclusion : Best 5.1 speakers in India


Hope the shared information’s regarding the 5.1 sound speaker system helps you get the valuable data to pick one among the Top 10 sound speaker system for your home theatre and other needs. Do not spend more money on the 5.1 speaker system which is not necessary for your needs because you will not use features which are not necessary for you, so please stop wasting money on such high-advanced speakers. Also, instead of purchasing the cheap home theater system for less cost, buy anyone from the above-recommended speakers to enjoy new sound experiences in your own home. You are investing a plenty of amount on the speaker system, and you will look forward to using it for plenty of years without any problem, so choose wisely and enjoy happily.