Best Saffron Brands in India [ 2019 Update ]

Best Saffron Brands in India [ 2019 Update ]

An illustration of saffron flower for the article of best saffron brands in indiaIt’s True:

Saffron or Kesar is touted to bring in a lot of health benefits.


Finding good quality and trusted saffron brand is very hard

Good News!

We have compiled a list of best saffron brands in India.

Saffron or Kesar is an exotic ingredient that is used for cooking various types of Indian cuisine as well as cuisine that is unique to the North West Frontier Province in general.

It is absolutely delicious in terms of taste and is known to be characterized by a wide range of health benefits.

Saffron can be safely consumed by people of different age groups and is not known to trigger side effects of any sort. To know about the ten best saffron brands in India and why using these in your kitchen can be such a good idea, read on.

What are the Benefits of Saffron?

Apart from being a product that adds great smell and flavor to food, saffron is known for many different health benefits.

An icon image depicting memory and how saffron helps in improving itFor one, saffron is known to provide protection against cold and fever as it boosts the immunity system in the body.

An icon image depicting how saffron helps with sleep disordersIt helps with memory retention too and is therefore ideal for consumption by people who are in their old age and who are suffering from problems such as memory loss.

An icon image depicting saffron helps in maintaining heart healthSaffron is regarded to be good for heart health as it keeps a number of heart related diseases at bay.

An icon image depicting saffron is good for sleep disordersIt can also be used by people who suffer from sleep related issues such as insomnia.

An icon image depicting how saffron is good for women's healthSaffron is additionally known to be quite effective for the treatment of menstrual cramps in women, and can even be used to treat a wide range of allergies, including asthma in men and women of various ages.

Saffron is a rich source of vitamins and minerals as well.

Is Saffron safe for Pregnant Women?

Saffron can be safely used by women who are pregnant, provided it is taken in doses that amount to less than ten grams. If it is taken in higher doses, then saffron can end up causing contractions in pregnant women and can even result in a miscarriage for some. Pregnant women therefore need to exercise a good deal of caution when using saffron and need to ensure that the dosage of saffron added to food is less than ten grams, if they want to enjoy a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Comprehensive list of Best Saffron Brands in India

1. Baby Brand Saffron

Baby Brand Saffron is a hand picked high quality saffron product that is safe to use for cooking sumptuous dishes. The brand has been in existence for as many as a hundred and seventy five years and has managed to acquire quite a good reputation for the quality of its produce. Most of the Baby Brand Saffron strands are red in color with only a minor portion of the saffron being of a yellow shade. This is Grade 1 Saffron meaning that is it entirely compliant with ISO standards and there is absolutely no chance of suffering from problems such as food poisoning or indigestion when eating food that has been cooked with this saffron. The Baby Brand Saffron product is of quite a fair price as well and is easy to afford. Only a small quantity of this saffron is required for cooking, and it adds some amazing flavor, aroma and color to the food, when it is used.

2. Shalimar Brand Saffron

Shalimar Saffron is also one of the best known saffron brands in India. It comes from Kashmir and it is organically manufactured, being entirely free from dangerous chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. While Shalimar Brand Saffron is normally used for cooking, it can also be used as a beauty product. It is a product that is heavily tested in the lab prior to being released in the market and is therefore entirely safe to use, even by pregnant ladies. The Shalimar Saffron Brand is a product that is characterized by a fabulous aroma, and it is golden red in terms of color. It is a graded saffron product and tends to be thicker as well as longer in texture compared to most other saffron products in the market. It is not too expensive to buy either and can be easily afforded by any person belonging to a middle income budget, even if it is extensively used.

3. Gathering Spanish Saffron

Gathering Spanish Saffron is a saffron brand that has been in circulation in the subcontinent since 1880 and is renowned for its excellent quality and pure taste. It is definitely possible to cook the most delicious of meals when using a product like Gathering Spanish Saffron, regardless of whether it is meat or a vegetarian dish that is being cooked. This is a brand of saffron that originates in the Kashmir Valley, with the color of the saffron being gold-red, making it a sight to behold. The texture of this saffron is really fine too and its pure organic quality makes it a product that can be safely used for cooking a variety of meals and that too for people of different age groups. There are no adverse health side effects that are associated with Gathering Spanish Saffron and it is also quite affordably priced, making it an ideal product for use by the middle income customer.

4. Noor Brand Saffron

The Noor saffron brand formally came into existence in the year 1999, with operations being confined to the city of Pampore in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Noor ranks among the leader suppliers and distributors of saffron in the country and takes a good deal of pride in the quality of saffron products that it makes available to customers. The Noor saffron products are delicious to taste and are extremely good for health too, being entirely pure in their composition. Such saffron products can be used to cook many different meals, particularly rice dishes like Biryani and Pulao and its consumption is something that is fully safe for individuals of all ages. The Noor saffron brand is one that is readily available in the Indian market and it is priced in a way that it can be afforded with ease by middle and low income customers alike.

5. Taj Mahal Saffron

Taj Mahal Saffron is one of the best known saffron products in India today. It is a Spanish saffron of very high quality and texture and it comes in the form of filaments. Only half a spoon of this saffron needs to be added to food, in order to make it taste splendid and beautiful. Apart from being characterized by an exquisite taste, Taj Mahal Saffron is quite a healthy product too and it does not trigger adverse side effects when used. This is saffron that can be consumed by young and old alike, and that too for more than once in a day. The Taj Mahal Saffron is a product that is popular for its excellent quality and beautiful aroma and it is also a product that is readily available in the market. It is reasonably priced as well, making it feasible for regular purchase and consumption by the middle income home owner.

6. Lion Brand Saffron

The Lion Brand Saffron is saffron that is organically grown and it is characterized by a pure and beautiful taste. It can be used for making both non vegetarian and vegetarian meals and is quite well known for its beautiful aroma. Indeed this is a saffron product that fills up the room with a marvelous and delicious smell when it is used for cooking meals. Owing to the fact that the Lion Brand Saffron is entirely organic in composition, it is safe for consumption by young people and old people alike, and it is known to keep a number of ailments at bay. This is not very expensive to buy either and it is packaged in high quality plastic before being released in the market. The high grade plastic in which this saffron is packaged is what gives it a long shelf life, allowing customers to use this saffron over an extensive period of time without having to buy any new saffron from the market.

7. Satvikk Pure Saffron

The Sattvike Pure Saffron is meant for vegetarian cooking only and it is one of the best quality saffron products in the market today. It can be used to enhance the taste as well as smell of food and it is well known for its lovely aroma and excellent taste. Since the Sattvik Pure Saffron is a pure quality saffron, it is very healthy for consumption and should be taken in sufficient quantity by children as well as by adults. It is of a fine texture and is golden in color. The Sattvik Pure Saffron is not characterized by side effects of any sort, and it is only a small portion of this saffron that needs to be used for cooking activities. It is widely available for sale online and elsewhere, and comes for a price that can be afforded without difficulty by any person belonging to a middle income background.

8. Indus Organic Saffron

The Indus Organic Saffron is a saffron product of beautiful quality that is grown in the mountains of Kashmir. It is fully organic in terms of composition and is free from harmful chemicals such as additives and preservatives. It can be used to add color not only to rice dishes but to sweet dishes and meat dishes too. The Indus Organic Saffron is quite well known for its excellent taste and it is also regarded as a healthy product because of its organic quality. There are absolutely no side effects associated with this saffron and it can enhance the taste and the smell of food like never before. It is affordably priced as well, and can be found for sale online as well as at conventional grocery stores. The Indus Saffron product is one that is known for its long shelf life too, and can be used for a good six to eight months at least if not longer than that.

9. Premium Kashmiri Saffron

The Premium Kashmiri Saffron as the name suggests is a saffron that is grown on a family farm in Kashmir, and it is pure and natural in quality. It is dark maroon in color, is often a very thick texture and is characterized by a strong aroma as well. The Premium Kashmiri Saffron is quite exquisite to taste and can be used to add flavor and color to vegetarian as well as non vegetarian cuisine. It comes in sufficient quantity and is well packaged and sealed prior to delivery. The Premium Kashmiri Saffron is not too expensive to buy either and it is known to come with a long shelf life.

10. India Kashmir Saffron

The India Kashmir Saffron is a pure quality Grade 1 saffron product which is characterized by a lovely aroma and a splendid taste. It is grown in the Kashmir valley and is one of the best varieties of saffron available in the Indian market today. The India Kashmir Saffron can be added to enhance the smell and taste of different kinds of food. It is best used in meat dishes and sweet dishes and it can be added to rice dishes too to make these look beautiful, smell beautiful and taste beautiful all at the same time. The India Kashmir Saffron is quite a healthy product as well and is safe for consumption by people of all ages. It is readily available for sale on the internet and can be bought for a price that is quite reasonable for the middle income home maker.

Conclusion: Best Saffron Brands in India

Thus, there are quite a few saffron brands in the market to choose from, all of which taste beautiful and which are healthy products too. The saffron products that have been reviewed are all pure in terms of quality, are free from side effects and can be used in various types of cuisine. Saffron can really change the appearance and taste of a meal as it adds both color as well as flavor to the food that is being cooked. It can cure many health problems and ought to be regularly consumed for ensuring good health, in children and adults alike.