10 Best Tips for Hair Wash

10 Best Tips for Hair Wash

How you wash your way goes a long way in deciding the texture and quality of your hair over the long term. If you want to take adequate care of your hair quality and keep it looking bright and beautiful always there are a few useful hair washing tips that you ought to bear in mind.

Best 10 Hair wash Tips for an Indian Women


1. Rinse the Hair

One of the most important things that you need to remember when washing your hair or shampooing it rather it to allow the hair to soak in water for sometime. Get under the shower and rinse your hair thoroughly, letting the water seep through it for a minute or two before you start applying shampoo and then conditioner. It is very important to let the water touch each and every part of your hair strands and also your scalp if you want the hair to be washed and cleansed thoroughly.

2. Avoid Rubbing Hard

Another important point that you need to bear in mind when washing hair properly is to avoid rubbing too hard. This is very crucial. You need to be as gentle as possible when running the shampoo or conditioner through the various strands of your hair as well as when you are rinsing it off. The harder you rub your hair at the time of washing it, the more likely you will be to tear up the different strands of your hair, thus inviting hair related issues like early baldness and bad quality hair, something that is not desirable in the least.

3. Use Cold Water

When you wash your hair, you need to make it a point to always use cold water rather than hot water. While it is often believed that it is hot water that plays a vital role in removing all the dust and dirt particles from your hair strands and from your scalp successfully, it is also likely to have a corrosive impact on your scalp and the quality of your hair in general, especially if used a bit to too much. It is therefore better to always wash or rinse hair with cold water to keep it clean and looking good always.

4. Oil the Hair

One of the best tips to bear in mind for hair washing is to oil your hair very thoroughly before you shampoo it. When you apply oil over your hair, you get to lubricate your hair and your scalp, making it shine, while giving it the oil base that it needs for all the knots and tangles to be removed. Oil is known to have a cool and calming effect on hair cells and can play an important role in restoring damaged hair and making it look good again. You need to remember to oil your hair and keep it oiled for at least an hour and a half before you go ahead and shampoo it.

5. De-Tangle your Hair

Getting your hair de-tangled is something that definitely needs to be done if you want to wash your hair in the best way possible. For this purpose, you need to rinse your hair in cold water, take a de-tangling brush or comb, and slowly untangle all the knots in your hair, until your hair is completely free of the knots. Once the hair is knot free, you can go ahead and shampoo and condition it as much as you want to.

6. Use Good Quality Shampoo

You need to pay careful attention to the quality of shampoo that you use for washing your hair. The shampoo that you used should ideally be organic in composition rather than being one that is made up of harsh chemicals, if it is to have a gentle impact on your hair, while successfully removing all the dust and dirt particles from it at the same time. It is a good idea to make use of an organic shampoo and to dilute the shampoo with a little bit of water before you apply it on your hair, for best results.

7. Condition the Hair Well

You must remember to condition your hair right after you have shampooed your hair, if you want it to look vibrant and gorgeous once it is dry. The hair conditioner is a product that plays a vital role in making your hair shine, giving it a lustrous quality and a beautiful texture. The conditioner needs to be applied evenly all over the hair and then left on for ten minutes or so after which it must be washed off thoroughly. You have to take care to rinse off the conditioner completely, as allowing it to remain on your scalp can lead to problems such as dandruff.

8. Massage and Rub the Hair

Massing and rubbing your hair is something that you ought to do when you set out to wash it. After applying the shampoo, you need to massage your hair in slow circular movements in order to clean it as thoroughly and as quickly as possible.

9. Brush Hair prior to Showering

You must make sure that you brush your hair prior to taking a shower. By doing so, you will be stimulating the blood circulation in your scalp, which in turn will have an important role to play in making the quality of your hair shine out like never before. The more well stimulated your scalp is prior to being washed, the better will be the quality of your hair.

10. Pat dry the Hair after a Wash

You have to remember to pat dry your hair after you have washed it and avoid applying the blow dryer immediately, as this could negatively impact the quality of your hair. The blow dryer should be used once your hair is semi-dry.



Thus, by keeping the above mentioned points in mind, you can do a very successful job of washing your hair in the right way, and making the quality of your hair absolutely silky and resplendent, making it stand out while you walk down the road or attend to your work.