How to Grow Beard Faster [Updated 2019]

How to Grow Beard Faster [Updated 2019]

Having a nice, lengthy or well trimmed beard can definitely go a long way in enhancing your physical appeal as a man. With a great beard that is regularly maintained and well taken care of, you need only get to look bold and beautiful but you also gain the confidence you need to face life with gusto. Of course there is a lot of diligence and hard work that goes into keeping a beard in shape all the year through. If you are not too happy about the length of your beard and want it to grow out faster, there are ten hacks you can keep in mind, to facilitate beard growth like never before.


Best 10 ways to grow your beard faster


1. Keep your Skin very clean

The first thing that you need to remember if you want your beard to grow longer in length at a faster pace, is to keep your skin clean at all times. You should consider your personal care before anything else like washing your face with a mild cleanser and lukewarm water when you wake up every morning in order to keep it free from dust and dirt particles. Your beard needs to be free germs and bacteria and all external particles that can pose a detriment to its steady growth.

2. Take plenty of minerals and vitamins

If you want the length of your beard to grow a lot more rapidly than what it is at the moment, then consuming plenty of vitamins and minerals is what you need to do. Your daily diet needs to be comprised of fruits like apples, bananas, pears and citrus fruits, in addition to a whole lot of mineral rich foods if you want your bear to grow faster in length. A diet made up of fruits and minerals will give your body the vitamins and other nutrients that are needed to facilitate quick and easy hair growth.

3. Use a Scrubber or Exfoliant to Clean your Skin

Cleaning your face with a skin exfoliant or a scrubber can definitely be a good idea if you want to grow your beard at a faster pace than usual. You can apply some scrubbing cream over your beard at first and then use the scrubber to rub over it in a slow and gentle manner. The continuous scrubbing will stimulate the growth of new hair cells, giving you that nice long beard that you so desire. Take care to moisturize your skin with some cream or lotion after the scrubbing process is complete, as the use of an exfoliant can make your skin very dry.

4. Take enough rest

Resting well is most definitely necessary if you want your beard to grow in length quickly and easily. This is because resting enables the damaged hair cells in your body to get repaired quickly, which in turn will stimulate the growth of new hair very soon. So no matter how busy you happen to be, you need to make sure that you get eight hours of sleep every night and that you rest for two to three hours in the afternoons too during the holidays, in order to make your beard grow long and strong.

5. Follow a Diet that is rich in Protein

Following a protein rich diet can be a good way to grow a quick long beard. A diet that is comprised of eggs, fish, meat in addition to minerals and fruits as mentioned earlier, will give your body all the nutrition and the stamina that is required for boosting growth in various different ways, including hair growth. Apart from your beard growing out really nice and long, you might find the hair on your head growing to a nice length as well, giving you a nice, trendy appearance without you having to make any effort at all.

6. Use Eucalyptus Oil

Making use of eucalyptus oil or lotion can prove to be rather useful when it comes to growing facial hair. Eucalyptus contains all the ingredients that are necessary in order to stimulate hair growth and it is completely soothing and safe in its impact on your skin as well. Eucalyptus has a beautiful aroma and all you need to do is rub a few drops of eucalyptus oil over your beard every morning, and soon you will find your beard growing to pretty rapid lengths. The use of eucalyptus will not adversely impact the quality of your facial hair in any way, either.

7. Remain Committed to the Beard Growing Process

The process of growing a lengthy beard is one that requires a lot of dedication. You need to remain committed to the process at all times, if you really want your beard to grow long someday. In the process of growing your beard, there will be times when your facial will scratch so bad that you will want to shave the beard off. This is the time when you need to exercise restraint and bear with all the itching and pain that comes your way. The fruits of your efforts and commitment will begin to show in a few months when your beard begins to grow out.

8. Trim your Beard regularly

Visiting your barber every now and then and getting a nice trim for your beard can actually be a great way to make your beard grow in length. You don’t have to shave off your facial hair completely. Instead, you could ask your barber or hair stylist to simply trim out all the awkward edges and corners as neatly a possible, in order to give you a well groomed appearance. By doing so, you not only get to grow your beard very long but you also get to look neat and tidy when going to work or attending school. If you are willing to trim your beard all by yourself then you must checkout our best trimmers article that will definitely going to help you.

9. Massage your face and beard

Giving your face a relaxing massage with quality creams and lotions can be a wonderful way to grow a lengthy beard. You need to massage your facial skin in round or circular motions for at least an hour and a half for two to three days in a week. When you do so, the hair follicles in your face get stimulated like never before and the lengthy beard that you so desperately want will soon emerge before you know it. You need to take care to massage gently and not in a rough manner to keep your facial skin free from damage.

10. Comb your Beard

While this might seem a little strange, combing out your growing beard every now and then can have a role to play in getting it to grow faster than usual. This is the case with regular hair too. The more you comb and brush your hair, the greater it becomes eventually, in both length as well as in volume. So you can apply the same logic and technique for growing a long heard and using a soft hair brush to gently comb over your beard every night, and its length will begin increasing at the quickest pace.


Thus, by keeping the top 10 hacks for growing a beard in mind, you can definitely go ahead and get your beard to grow firmly, easily and to an amazing length in absolutely no time at all.