How to Choose the Best Hair Dryer?

How to Choose the Best Hair Dryer?

Choosing the right hair dryer is quite important if you want your blow dryer to shape your hair and style your hair exactly the way that you want it to, but without damaging the quality of your hair at the same given time. To know more about how to select the best hair dryer for you, read on.

9 Important tips while choosing a hair dryer


1. Opt for a Light Weight Dryer

If you are looking to choose a hair dryer, then the first thing that you need to make sure is that the product is light in weight. It is going to be very difficult for you to dry your hair with a hair dryer that is heavy and which can cause a significant burden on your arms at the time of being used. If you don’t want to get all worn out at the time of using a hair dryer then going for a light weight dryer would be the best thing to do.

2. Choose a Hair Dryer with Multiple Heat Settings

You need to make sure that the hair dryer which you buy is one that comes with multiple heat settings. This will help you to control the type of hot air flow that is used to heat and style your hair and to keep it in shape. Multiple heat settings will enable you to regulate the temperature of the hot air, and you can definitely avoid burning your scalp or injuring it in any way when you have a blow dryer in your possession that features more than one heat setting.

3. Avoid buying Hair Dryers that are Fragile

If you are looking for a hair dryer that is going to last you over the long term, you need to avoid purchasing a dryer that is made of ceramic or of porcelain. This is because a dryer that is made of ceramic or porcelain will tend to break easily and will not be able to withstand any kind of rough use. The porcelain and ceramic dryers are quite effective, but are fragile in quality and need to be used and stored with care, something that may be quite difficult to do for an item as banal as a hair dryer.

4. Make sure the Dryer comes with an Instruction Manual

If you are buying a good hair dryer for yourself then you need to make sure that it comes with an instruction manual at the time of purchase. The instruction manual will contain all the guidelines that you need to follow in order to use the hair dryer in the manner that is desired. The manual usually contains many different instructions, all of which are written in comprehensive English and which may be understood easily. The manual should also be written in nice bold prints so that you are able to view and read the content without difficulty.

5. Go for a Branded Product

If you are looking to buy a hair dryer that will serve you well and which will give you value for the money that you spend on it then it would be a good idea to opt for a branded product. The quality of most branded hair dryers in the market today is absolutely top notch, and while you may have to spend a little extra on these compared to what you would spend on a regular hair dryer, you will benefit from using them as these are long lasting and durable and come with a wide array of heat settings and controls.

6. Ensure the Dryer comes with a Warranty

You need to make sure that the hair dryer that you buy is also accompanied by a warranty facility at the time of purchase. The warranty should be valid for at least 6 months and it is something that you ought to be able to renew at a later date. The warranty facility is one that enables you to get the hair dryer repaired for free in the event of any damage. It is therefore essential to ensure that you have a warranty facility to fall back on, should the hair dryer incur any wear and tear upon being extensively used.

7. Buy a Dryer based on Hair Type

There are specific hair dryers in the market for specific hair types. If you have dry hair, then choosing a titanium hair dryer is something that you can do. If you have frizzy hair, then opting for one of the ionic hair dryers in the market can be a good idea.

8. Go for a Small Sized Hair Dryer

You should ideally go for a hair dryer that is small in size rather than one that is too bulky in terms of appearance. The small sized hair dryer will allow you to use it easily without getting too tired or exhausted, and will be easy to store away as well when it is not being used.

9. Opt for a Noiseless Hair Dryer

Choosing a hair dryer that operates in noiseless fashion can be a good idea as well, if you are looking to buy a quality hair dryer for yourself. Conventionally, hair dryers are known to generate a good deal of noise at the time of being used, so opting for one of the noiseless ones will enable you to dry your hair every morning after taking a shower without waking up the whole house while you do so. The noiseless hair dryers cost more than the regular ones, but are worth buying because of their silent mode of operation.


Thus, there are quite a few pointers that you need to bear in mind if you want to buy a good quality hair dryer that you will be able to use over the long term. The hair dryer is an essential device to have around the house and you need to pay special attention and care when buying one, so as to benefit the maximum from its use.