10 Best Hair Care tips for All Hair Types

Caring for your hair is absolutely imperative if you want to keep it in good shape and make it look bright and beautiful all the year through. In order to care for your hair in the best possible way, there are a number of useful hair care tips that you ought to keep in mind.

Top 10 Hair Care tips for All Hair Types


1. Oil and Shampoo the Hair Regularly

You need to oil and shampoo your hair on a regular basis if you want to ensure that it looks good at all times. Oiling should be done at least an hour or two ahead of shampooing the hair. Depending on your hair type you need to use a hair oil product that has a combination of both chemical and herbal ingredients, in order for it to work well in stimulating hair growth and protecting your scalp from dryness. When you shampoo your hair after oiling it, you need to do so slowly and steadily and by using lukewarm water so as to ensure that all the dirt particles are removed from your hair successfully. Luke warm will have a soothing impact on your scalp and will not make it itch and burn in the way that hot water is likely to do.


2. Rinse off Hair Wax after Use

You can use hair gel or hair wax from time to time in order to style your hair, but you need to make sure to rinse it off at the end of the day or the next morning, before applying it again. Hair wax if allowed to remain on the hair for too long can prove to be detrimental for its overall quality.


3. Use a Conditioner

You need to make it a point to condition your hair on a regular basis in order to preserve its quality and texture. Conditioning should be done right after shampooing the hair, and efforts should be made to leave the conditioner on for at least ten to fifteen minutes, allowing it to get absorbed into the hair completely, before rinsing it off. At the time of rinsing off the conditioner you need to use cold water, and you need to rinse off the conditioner very thoroughly indeed, not even allowing a trace of it to remain on your scalp, as this could later lead to problems such as dandruff and dry scalp.


4. Regularly Brush the Hair

Brushing your hair very regularly and that too prior to going in for a wash is an important tip that you need to bear in mind if you want to care for your hair in the best possible way. Brushing should be done with the help of a boar bristle brush, with the bristles being firm and strong enough to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp when you run it over the scalp. Hair growth will be well facilitated by regular brushing of the hair.


5. Use a De-Tangling Comb

Using a de-tangling comb to rid your hair of all its knots, especially when you wake up in the morning, is an important hair care tip that you must consider. The de-tangling comb can be used over dry hair as well as oily hair, and needs to be applied slowly and steadily, in order to remove all the tangles and knots in the hair with it successfully, without tearing or damaging the hair in any way. You can also use the de-tangling comb to un-tangle your hair in the shower, after rinsing your hair with cold water.


6. Pat Dry the Hair

When you dry your hair, you need to take special care to pat dry the hair instead of rubbing over the hair too hard with your towel. The more you pat dry your hair the softer will the impact be on your hair. If you rub the hair too hard, especially right after a rinse, you risk tearing off strands of your hair, hurting yourself in the process.


7. Avoid Blow Drying the Hair right after Rinsing It

You should also avoid applying a blow dryer over the wet hair, immediately after rinsing it, and should use it instead after the hair has dried a little bit. If your hair texture is sensitive to heat, you can apply a heat protectant to your hair before you use the blow dryer to style it.


8. Comb Hair Every Night

You need to comb your hair before you go to bed every night. This will not only play an important role in stimulating the hair follicles in your scalp and facilitating hair growth, but will also help you to keep your hair free from knots as much as possible. When you comb your hair regularly, you get to keep it looking silky, smooth and in shape, and by combing it every night, you end up adding plenty of volume to it as well.


9. Use Special Oils and Shampoos for Colored Hair

If you color your hair, and that too on a regular basis, you need to make sure to use oils and shampoos that are specifically meant for colored hair only. Using the regular oils and shampoos in the market will not do any good for your hair if you have started coloring it.


10. Use Organic Oils and Shampoos for Regular Hair

Depending on the type of scalp you have, you should also consider using organic oils and shampoos, that is, those that have a rich composition of herbal ingredients. The presence of chemicals in your hair can render it rough and dry and may damage its texture in time to come. Using an organic oil or an organic shampoo is a much better, even though these may not be as effective as the chemical rich hair care products in the market.




Thus, by keeping the various tips that have been mentioned above, you can do a successful job of caring for and preserving your hair in the manner that is truly required and desired.