10 Best Natural tips for winter skin care

10 Best Natural tips for winter skin care

As soon as the season of winter makes its arrival, there are a number of skin care tips that you need to follow in order to keep your skin looking all glowing and beautiful. To know more about the 10 best winter care tips, read on.

10 Best Winter Care Tips for skin

1. Use Good quality Soaps

Soap is something we do use in our daily routine life and it’s mandatory for all of us to use best soap brands for our skin specially in winters when all of a sudden skin becomes very rough and itchy sometimes.


2. Use Lukewarm Water for Bathing

One of the most important skin care tips that you need to bear in mind during the season of winter is to wash your hands and your feet and also the rest of your body with lukewarm water. The winter is the time when your skin is likely to develop cracks and crevices, the possibility of which will be greatly reduced when you have your bath with lukewarm water. You need to make sure to wash yourself, both your hair and your body with lukewarm water as carefully and as regularly as possible when the season of winter is in progress.

3. Choose Skin Care Products with Carefully

Another vital winter care tip that you need to keep in mind is to choose your skin care products with a lot of care. You should opt for skin care products that have a high moisture content, such as creams and lotions and reduce the use of astringents, face masks and gels. This is largely due to the fact that astringents and gels have a drying impact on the skin when used, and in the winter, since the skin begins to dry up quite naturally, you need to keep it moisturized as far as possible instead of using products that can make it drier than what it is.

4. Take Care of Hands and Feet

You need to take special care of your hands and your feet in the season of winter. The hands are quick to dry up as are the feet, so you need to apply moisturizer over your hands and feet as regularly as possible in the winter days to keep them soft and smooth. While wearing gloves will certainly keep your hands well protected, you need to cover up your feet very well too, keeping these adorned with socks and shoes at all times and taking them off only when you go to bed.

5. Use Good Quality Sun-screen

The sun’s rays are known to be particularly strong in the winter season. It is therefore imperative to make use of a high quality sunscreen in the winter season, so that your skin is guarded against the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun, which can otherwise have a damaging impact on your skin. You need to apply the sunscreen cream or lotion carefully and evenly all over the face and the neck and your arms as well, especially if these are going to be exposed to the sun for long hours in the winter.

6. Keep the Skin Hydrated

When the winter season arrives, you need to keep your skin hydrated at all times because of the fact that it is now going to start drying up from within. Other than using essential creams and oils to keep your skin moisturized you also need to drink plenty of water when the winter season is on. You should consider drinking eight to ten glasses of water in a day if not more than that in order to keep your skin and your body well hydrated during the winter. Of course while this may mean that you have to visit the bathroom a little often, the price is still small compared to the price of having dry, chapped and cracked skin during the winter.

7. Follow a Good Skin Care Routine

Following a good skin care routine is entirely necessary if you intend on taking good care of yourself in the winter. You need to apply moisturizer to your face and neck and arms every day, after cleaning it with a cleansing lotion or a scrub. You need to apply cream over your hands and legs every night and in the morning too, so that these are able to absorb as much moisture as possible, giving you the relief and the comfort that you need to run around in the winter.

8. Follow a Well Balanced Diet

Following a well balanced diet is important during the winter season. In fact, this is the time of the year when you can actually include fat rich foods in your diet as you will need to add plenty of fat to your body in order to stay warm during the winter. The food that you eat should also have plenty of vitamins and ought to be rich in antioxidants in order to help you feel warm and protected in the cold. Fruits and salads need to form a regular feature of your diet in winter.

9. Limit Alcohol and Caffeine

Alcohol and caffeine intake should be limited greatly in the cold months of winter. This is largely due to the fact that alcohol and coffee dehydrated your skin and can cause it to become completely parched up from within, something that is not desirable in the least. While you definitely need to take some amounts of alcohol and coffee in order to stay warm, you should reduce its consumption as much as possible in order to stay healthy and to keep your skin looking great.

10. Exercise

Exercising is something that needs to be a part of your daily routine in the cold winter months. Exercising will help you to keep your body warm and healthy months while enabling you to stay in shape at the same time. You should consider exercising within the home rather than outside of it to avoid the winter cold while doing your workouts.


Thus, there are quite a few ways by which you can take good care of yourself when the winter season is on. You need to be disciplined and diligent about personal care and pay sufficient attention to yourself in order to prevent the cold weather from wrecking havoc on your skin, your hair and your health in general.