How to Choose the Best Body Wash for You

How to Choose the Best Body Wash for You

Using a good body wash is absolutely essential if you intend on keeping your skin clean and fresh throughout the year. Body wash has a softer impact on your skin compared to soap, and can be used by both men and women all round the year. There are many different types of branded and non branded, herbal and non herbal body wash products in the market. To know how to pick the body wash that is just right for you and your body, there are a number of crucial points which you need to bear in mind.

Some Important Factors before buying a body wash


1. Consider Skin Type

One of the foremost points that you ought to consider when looking to buy a body wash for yourself is to consider your skin type. If you have sensitive or combination skin, or the type of skin that is easily prone to eruptions, then you need to opt for a herbal body wash. The body wash products that are organic in composition have a soothing impact on the skin when used, and you also don’t have to worry about your skin breaking out into rashes every time you use this body wash. You can safely apply this over the different parts of your body without hurting your skin in any way.

2. Consider Skin Texture

You also need to consider your skin texture prior to choosing a body wash that is suitable for you. If your skin texture is dry, or is one that is prone to dryness, then it can be a good idea to choose a moisture based body wash. There are many lovely body wash products that have high moisture content, and which keep your skin soft and smooth upon use. While your skin may seem a little greasy when you use this body wash under the shower, the soothing and moisturizing impact on your skin, will make you feel better once you have dried yourself and put on your clothes.

3. Opt for a Body Wash that has a Beautiful Fragrance

The fragrance of the body wash is something that needs to be considered prior to purchase. Most of the body wash products in the market are comprised of fruit extracts, as a result of which they all smell quite good when used. You should ideally go for a body wash that has neither a strong nor a mild fragrance. You cannot allow the fragrance to be too pungent, while a mild fragrance can be disappointing as well. You therefore need to browse carefully and choose a body wash that comes with a decent fragrance that is neither too heavy, nor entirely absent altogether.

4. Buy Large Sized Bottles for Long Term Use

If you intend on using body wash regularly, you need to consider the proportion or quantity of the body wash that you buy. Body wash is sold in bottled form, with the bottles being of different sizes, both large as well as small. If you want to buy body wash for long term use, you can buy the larger sized bottles instead of the smaller ones, or opt to buy two or three of these at a time.

5. Opt for Anti-bacterial Body Wash for Sensitive Skin

If skin infections are something that you suffer from on a regular basis, then it could be a good idea to buy a body wash that has an anti-bacterial composition. The anti-fungal or anti-bacterial body wash products are a little more expensive to buy, but are known to work wonders when it comes to cleaning your body and treating your fungal infections at the same time. The anti-bacterial body wash products are usually free from any type of fragrance, and while these lather well under the shower, they do not have a greasy impact on your skin.

6. Buy only from Stores of Repute

You cannot compromise on quality when it comes to the purchase of skin care products, which is why you need to make sure that you buy a body wash only from a store of repute. A reputed store, one that is registered and licensed and which has been in existence for quite some time now, will be guaranteed to provide you with quality products. You therefore need to do a bit of homework and look up skin care stores that have been around for sometime now and which have acquired a good name for the skin care products that they deal in, including body wash.

7. Avoid Experimenting

It is better to avoid experimenting too much when choosing a product like a body wash. There are many new varieties of body wash in the market that make use of exotic ingredients like sea-weed formula and extracts or green tea, all of which are supposed to have a wonderful impact on your skin when used. However, it would be good to exercise some restraint in this instance, and forego temptation, by choosing instead, one of the conventional herbal or non herbal body wash products in the market, that people have been traditionally using for quite some time now.

8. Opt for Expensive Products Only

The price of the body wash will also play an important role in its purchase. The branded body wash products tend to be quite expensive while those that are not branded are available at relatively reasonable rates. You should ideally opt for a body wash products that comes at a high price, in order to ensure that what you use over your skin is of the best quality. There is no point in buying a cheaply priced body wash and suffering from skin ailments later on. Such suffering can easily and should always be avoided.


Thus, there are number of essential points that you ought to bear in mind, when looking to buy a body wash product that is suitable specifically for you. It is imperative to be careful and diligent when buying skin care products, as a bad choice can result in painful skin conditions which could take a long time to treat and to heal.