Best Scooter for Kids in India [2019]

Best Scooter for Kids in India [2019]

So one fine morning while I was preparing breakfast for family, my young (or maybe not so young anymore ) 7 year old comes to me and declares :-

“Look Mom, Anish has a kick scooter, I want one too”

My first reaction was, of course:


Which resulted in some coaxing from his side, followed by fussing over breakfast and going to school with a sad emoji plastered on his face.

But wait:

We all want to be the amazing parent, being picture perfect and providing our kids with everything.


After trying my hands at baking some chocolate ragi cookies that day, I sat and researched about kids scooters and what benefit could they bring to my child. Well I did compile a list of best scooter for kids from amazon in toys category and ended up buying one for my little one, who is happily using it with his friend Anish.


So are kids scooter really beneficial and should I buy one for my kid?

Well the answer is up to your discretion, but, yes there are loads of benefits of the push scooters such as,

Improved Motor Skills:- Well you have to balance it (in case of two wheeled models) and steer it by shifting weight and leaning which helps in improving balance and motor skills.

Physical Exercise:- Yes, even my little one, like all others, these days is immersed in playing games on my OnePlus 6 a lot of times. It could be a good way to push him away from the screen and sedentary activities.

Outdoorsy Fun:- I feel even parents like me do not get outdoorsy time due to our busy schedule and well, life comes in between. This can be a good excuse, even for us to go out with our kids and bond over physical activity.

So you may ask, what exactly did I look for,

while selecting the best kick scooter for kids?

Weight of the Kids Scooter:- Most Scooters are rated between 2-4 kgs of weight. The lower weight makes it easier for us to fold and carry it around.

Weight rating of the Scooter: – This defines how much weight can the scooter bear, most scooters can bear upto 50 kgs of weight with a few exceptions that were rated at 30 kgs and one was rated at whooping 72 kgs.

Handlebar Height Adjustment: – Height Adjustment means that the scooter can be used by our kids for years to come as kids grow really fast and thus their toys can become old.

Tyres:- The tyres need to be durable specially since the roads in India are not that good.

Fold-ability:- Gone are the days when kick scooters could not fold. Thankfully, most scooters listed in this review are foldable which adds to the portability aspect too.

Extra Features: – Some kids scooters have extra features like handlebar mounted brakes, ring bells, basket, seat which makes them an attractive package overall.

Without further ado, here is my detailed guide to purchase,

Best Scooter for Kids in India

Smoby Might Battle Scooter

(Best Overall)

Right off the bat this one is made out of a metal frame which bolsters my trust in this. The ABEC Bearing ensures, while riding the wheels have a smooth operation and they would not be making too much of a noise. A big plus point of this model is that it is foldable, which would mean a lot of portability and I can easily carry this Smoby scooter in boot of my car. Though many would have preferred a handlebar mounted lever type of brake, I feel for beginners, rear fender type brakes are a much better option, thus, this checks the box. Wider footboard than the competition means that finding a comfortable position becomes a tad bit easier while the foam grips would result in comfort over long periods of usage as plastic grips tend to become slippery due to sweat and often times result in rashes on hands. I even loved the styling on this one with Superman graphics, making it look premium and not some cheap Chinese ripoff. Another feather to Smoby’s hat comes in the form of EN-71 certification which means it has been tested for the safety to be used by kids. The scooter comes rated with 50 kgs of maximum weight which is more than enough for kids up to 10 years of age while the presence of 3 levels adjustable handlebar means our kids would not outgrow this easily and it can be used for a few years to come.

Toyhouse Two Wheeled Skate Scooter

(Best for 10 year old boy)

The amount of orders of this scooter on Amazon and amazing ratings do present a proof that Toyhouse has come out with a solid product. Toyhouse Kids Scooter is made out of metal and comes in vibrant cyan, pink and sporty black color. One of the downsides is that the customers report that they often times received a different shade and one of them reported that the decal on the footboard was missing, which is a shame. The weight rating of 50kgs and height adjustability of upto 32 inches makes it suitable for kids from 5-9 years of age. This wheels on this one look really smart and comes with ABEC bearings which should result in a very smooth operation. What is interesting to see is that the scooter comes equipped with a side stand integrated in the footboard which ups its practicality quotient. The foldable design and a weight of 2.6 kgs is a boon for transportation and we can easily carry it around. Ignoring a few negative reviews this looks like a good product to purchase in its price and even if we receive a defective product we can always exchange it.

TOYHOUSE Two Wheeled Metal Folding Skate Scooter

R for Rabbit Road Runner Scooter

(Best for 14 year old kids)

This looks good, really good. The frame is made out of aluminium which would provide it safety and strength and talking about safety, it is rated at EN-71. The PU wheels combined with ABEC-7 rated bearings means that it has a noiseless operation and the wheels are smooth. What I really love about this one is that it is rated at 75 kgs of maximum weight coupled with 33 inches of maximum height of the handlebar, which makes it really safe and fun for kids right from 4 years to 14 years of age. Heck, even I can ride it because I am around 72 kgs. 5 inches wide footboard means this provides enough legroom on the footboard for a comfortable ride. This is not the most portable model out there but there is definitely easy packing of the scooter. This comes in 4 amazing shades which makes it a goto choice for kids who are really choosey with colors.  It also has graphics that look well placed and funky.

R for Rabbit Road Runner Scooter for Kids

Archana Noddy Scooter for Kids

(Most Features in the Price)

This has to be one of the most feature rich and fancy scooter for kids out there. This also happens to be one of the most cost effective kick scooters in the list. Well not all is rosy for this model as right off the bat this is rated at maximum weight of 40 kgs only which means our kids will grow out of it real quick. The presence of bell and a basket really adds chutzpah to the scooter as compared to other scooters which have things more for form and less for function. This is equipped with a rear fender footbrake which is really wide, which, also means mean that operating the brakes would be a lot easier as compared to a thin fender type brake. The height adjustable handlebar is great for growing kids but remember 40 kgs is a limit with this one. This one scores maximum points for its design as the beautifully designed PU wheels even add lustre of the whole package. This model is more suitable for kids who fall in 4-7 years of age.

NHR 3 Wheel Noddy Scooter For Kids

Funbee Ninja Skate Scooter

(Sportiest Looking)

Ferrari! Yes this looks like a Ferrari in the world of kids’ razor scooters, with its beautifully finished red footboard and red wheels. Though the scooter is available in other shades as well but I feel in red it really comes on its own. The front hinge finished in charcoal adds to the overall feel while the whole design shouts “sporty” overall. This is EN certified but the certification level is not disclosed which makes me a little sceptical about its safety. This scooter promises to have lean to steer feature available which is a good thing.  The availability of 3 wheels makes it easier to balance even for beginners. The handlebar is adjustable from 23 inches to 33 inches, but, the rated weight for this scooter is not disclosed clearly. Reviews and questions on Amazon do say that the rated weight of the scooter is around 30 kgs. This makes it not so suitable for our growing kids. Overall this is a good looking albeit a lower weight rating.

Funbee Ninja Skate Scooter for Kids

Elektra 3 Wheel Scooter

(Most Affordable)

This has to be the most affordable scooter for kids in the list. This is listed in blue and green shade but sadly we cannot select the color during purchase, as per the listing it is claimed that any one of the colors would be shipped to us. It is made out of metal but I dislike the front hinge design as it has sharp edges which might prove unsafe for our kids in case of a fall. However it does come with its own bells and whistles like ring bell and brake lever which is mounted on the handlebar. What we do see is that the brakes are applied to the rear wheels which is better for stability. The overall quality of the product seems decent, and it is actually light at 1.94 kgs of weight. This is also equipped with glowing lights in the wheels. The footboard is wide and resistant to slips. I personally would pass on this and choose some other product but as a package it is great for the price.

Elektra 3 Wheel Adjustable & Foldable Kids Scooter

Zest 4 Toyz Kids Skate Scooter

(Minimal and Simple)

This scooter comes finished in dull chrome shade and the frame is made out of metal which gets a big thumbs up from my side. It comes sans with graphics all over it and has a bit more minimalistic feel to it. The Zest 4 Toyz scooter is light and tips the scale at a little less than 3 kgs. The quick lock on the scooter coupled with the light weight makes this scooter really portable to be carried in a bag or trunk of your car. It comes shod with 3 wheels which means that balancing the scooter is a lot easier than 2 wheeled models. One of the points I also like about this is that our kids can learn to steer using weight transfer and leaning, which is a result of front 1 and rear 2 wheeled design. The lean to steer would help our kids get better at balance as well. The footboard is wide enough to fit both feet perfectly and in comfort. It comes with 3 adjustable height options which is a boon for our ever growing kids and smooth gliding wheels. The rated maximum weight for the scooter just like the one above is 50 kgs which is perfect.

Zest 4 Toyz Kids Skate Scooter with - 3 Wheels

Blubud Skate Scooter for Kids

Best for 4 year old ( Very Practical )

This is a super unique scooter in the list, with its looks and features. The scooter looks super cute with a big cute beetle upfront. The availability of seat on the scooter makes it super practical as our kids can either use it in skating fashion or a tricycle fashion. Moreover the height of the seat is 3 level adjustable which ups its practicality and usability quotient go much higher than other scooters for kids in the list. The weight rating is at around 40 kgs which is decent. The seat functionality makes it comfortable to be used by kids of 3 years of age and the weight rating and height adjustability of handlebar up to 63 inches makes it suitable for kids of up to 10 years of age. This comes equipped with rear fender type brake, the fender looks decent in size thus braking should not be a problem. The wheels also come with LED light which would look funky during operation. Concluding, yes this scooter looks amazing, comes with a lot of practical features but the frame is not made out of metal which can make it susceptible to higher rate of wear and tear.

BLUBUD Skate Scooter for Kids

Amide Tri Cycle Scooter

(Best Tyres)

Though this scooter is made out of metal frame, but I do not like the overall finishing on it. There are a lot of exposed, seemingly sharper metal bits and parts all around the body. This is a 3 wheeled model which does come with height adjustability from 43cm to 73cm. What makes me dislike this one a little more is that the weight of the scooter is around 3.5 kgs, which makes it tad bit less portable as compared to the other models in the list. Talking about design, its very plain and dull which might not be liked by all the kids. I do like the wheels on this one, they do seem like they can handle the abuse of day to day usage, even on not so good roads. So all in all, this scooter is more about function and less about form, yes it ticks a lot of boxes with its good wheels, foam grips, height adjustability but it doesn’t seem as safe to me as other products in this list.

Amide Try Cycle Scooter

So what is the best kids scooter in India?

Well the decision is subjective, based on your budget, your kids’ choices and what you are looking for. We hope this guide will help you decide what are the best scooter for kids and help you in making an educated purchase decision. If you have any questions then feel free to ask away in the comments section below.