Birthday gift for 5 year old boy in India

They’re only going to turn five once in their lives: so the birthday gifts you give them on this day will create a special memory that will last forever. At the same time, kids are smarter and this is the age when you want to harness the little genius inside him. You see, at 5, he or she will have a better sense of independence, understanding the difference between reality and fantasy.Toys aren’t just figures in a paperbox, scooties to zoom around in. They’re essential in helping the child hone life building skills, creativity, and imagination – actually helping them to grow faster.

They might even show an interest in board games and there’s no better time to harness their energetic, curious nature than right now by giving them the right toys that help do the job. So, keeping these changes in mind, we’ve listed some toys suited for this age group for birthdays.


Birthday gift for 5 year old boy in India


Flying Avengers Super Hero Compo

The MAA TTS Company brings you the Flying Avengers Super Hero Compo. This is one of spinner toys that come with a mechanism that spins the action figures and then shoots them so they literally fly across the room. Available for Rs. 589, the kit consists of one spinner base and four of popular marvel action figures – Spiderman, Captain America, Superman and Batman. The toy doesn’t require any batteries and is made out of durable plastic.

It’s good for a five year old that loves running around, and stimulates their motor skills too. The kids learn how to fit the action figure onto the base, press the button and learn how to launch the toys on their own. Suitable for boys and girls inthe age group of three to five, but provided that they have an adult on site to show them how this toy works.

Play Panda Magnetic Puzzles Circles

If you think your five year old is good at maths, loves jigsaws and puzzles, then the Play Panda Magnetic Puzzles Circles kit is the right gift. You have a magnetic board and 400 coloured round magnetic pieces that can be placed together to form shapes.Your child can either follow the manual that shows him or her how to create over 200 different types of images of nature, animals, cars or he can make his own.

The benefit of such a board game is to encourage this child’s artistic side and be creative. While placing the magnets together they are boosting their spatial and geometric understanding. They will also be enhancing their motor skills too when picking up the magnets and moving them around.They’re sure to be engrossed in it for hours, having fun while learning at the same time. The kit even comes with a display kit too so they can place completed designs in it, giving them a sense of fulfillment and achievement.

Smoby Mighty Battle Scooter

This scooty is meant for the five year old that loves sports. Parents don’t have to worry about letting their kids on this scooty because it’s built with a strong metal frame with wheels set in firmly using bearings.The piece is foldable and can be stored away under the child’s bad, behind the door without it taking up too much space. It’s also lightweight and compact too and can easily be placed in the car or on a motorbike and taken to the children’s park too.

The back wheel has a brake mechanism too and only has to be stepped on to be activated. This will teach the child how to slow down, keep an eye on what’s in front of him and learn how  improve their eye to hand coordination. The handle bar offer a firm grip too because of the foam bars on either side. The footboard is very wide too, so there’s little chance of the child falling off especially when they’re learning how to use it.

Airshow Jet Building Blocks from Lego City

This toy from Lego is meant for kid’s ages 5 to 12, so your five year old can get the help of this older brother or sister when building this jet. Blocks included in the box are to be pieced together to form a jet and even includes a small action figure of a pilot! And that’s not all; Lego has even added some sticker decorations, landing gear and the cockpit of the jet can be opened as well.

The toy does not include any batteries, remote controls but al pieces to make up the actual jet, cockpit and the pilot figure. It’s a tangible puzzle and teaches the kid dimension, how to put random pieces together to form a three dimensional object. Interestingly the puzzle doubles as a child’s toy after that and fills him with a sense of pride of having built something on his own.

Jenga Tube Pack

The Jenga building puzzle is a toy that your five year old can enjoy with the rest of the family. There’s no learning involved and really doesn’t get boring. The game consists of using 54 of these small, oblong blocks of wood to create a tower. You can do this first part either by hand or by using the cardboard builder scale given inside the box.

Once the tower is set up, each player takes their turn, in pulling away one block at a time. Each block that has been pulled out is put back on top of the tower, making the tower even more unstable. The game continues this way and becomes tougher with each block that’s been removed. To make this game even more interesting, you’re only allowed to use one hand to remove each block! The person who pulls the last block without dropping the tower is the winner.

Available for Rs. 572, imagine how much fun all your kids will have. They’ll improve their concentration, focus all while having loads of fun.

Batman Batmobile Building Blocks

Just like Lego, this set consists of 325 pieces to help you build Batman’s Tumbler Batmobile as featured in the movie. The good part is that each piece has been made out of eco –friendly nontoxic ABS plastic. You even get mini Batman and Joker figurines too. You can move the wheels around and put the mini figures inside too, so kids can send the Dark Knight on different crime fighting missions. There’s plenty of ways the child can gain from this. To begin with, they’ll be improving their fine motor skills and the dexterity of their hands as well.Building block toys encourage team work, when kids group up in order to finish a toy.

Cute Winnie The Pooh Character Soft Toy

This Winnie The Pooh Soft Toy from AVS Toyhubis a plush toy that’s ideal for girls and boys. It’s one of the first relationships or kinships they will build as they look at it as something they can relate to and interact with. The Winnie The Pooh Soft Toy is made out of feltmaterialsthat are non-toxic and stuffed with soft fabric making it software and more cuddlier. In keeping with the character out of the fairytale, the toy is fully yellow bearing small red shirt.Washable both by machine and by hand, there’s no issue of the toy getting dirty or filled with germs that could be harmful to the child.

Greeting Cards Making Kit

This toy is called greeting cards making kit from Art Box is meant for ages 6 and up but can be gifted to five year olds as well. It comprises of material that the child can used to bring out his artistic side and develop a hobby that instills imagination and creativity. In addition to that, they will be increasing their attention span, analytical and creative thinking.

The kit has enough materials to make 12 cards along with 12 envelopes, sequins, laces, buttons, adhesives, double sided tapes and a host of other fun shapes.


Double Faced Portable Magnetic Dart Game

Hi Gadget brings you the child friendly version of the classic game of darts, made using magnets. Set up is very simple, where you only need to hang the board against a wall or flat surface and then throw the darts on it. The board can be rolled up and fits easily into any carry bag, so one can take it to parties, picnics etc. The set comes with 6 magnetic tipped darts, a board with a hanging chain.Reverse the board and you will find a target eye designs that will keep the kids amused for a long time and teach them how to aim and focus.

The toy is a great gift for the kids who ae interested in board games and sports. Since there is no particular age group on this toy, the child can enjoy the game with older siblings.

Walkie Talkies

Does your five year old like a good game or hide and seek or cops and robbers? If so, then this walkie talkie set from Top Gift Toys is the right gift for them. Designed to be used for kids ages 3 to 12 years of age. It’s easy to use and encourages person to person communication and can be used as a simple intercom device between parents and children.

The device is available in black and comes with an extra camouflage sleeve. Powered by 3 AAA batteries, the walkie talkie can even be used for better communication during outdoor games, activities like camping or hiking. Each walki talkie is 4.96 inches in height and can easily be carried even by five year olds. It even features a small headphones jack, torch light on the top next to the antenna. You have a bright green LED screen that shows you battery backup, speaker volume, distance. Under this screen you have the speaker, power button, torch switch, microphone and radio channel scan button. The Push To talk button is on the left hand side.

FunSkool Hungry Hippos

The Hungry Hippos game from FunSkool is a fun, hyperactive game that any kind of five year old will love. The concept is something out of a fairy-tale, where you have four hippos on the four corners of a mechanised board, whichwill pull marbles towards them when a button is pressed. The faster you press this button, the more marbles they can pull and the hippo that has to most marbles is the winner.

The game is suited for kids that have a lot of energy, but can’t go out to play due to rains, excess sun etc.Younger kids may have to be taught how-to use the game and be supervised by adults as the kit consists many small parts. Hungry Hippos can even double as a game meant to be enjoyed by the family and older siblings too.

Intex Inflatable Rectangular Pool

Summer is coming and kids want games that will help them cool off. This inflatable rectangular pool from Intex might be the answer to that issue. It’s a great pool solution for places that don’t have standard swimming pools and can be placed outdoors in balconies, terraces, garden lawns. Constructed out of heavy duty PVC plastic, it includes a soft inflatable floor and even includes a repair patch that can be applied to patch holes and tears. The advantage of the padded floor is so that your little ones can stand up, walk around without stepping on anything hard or sharp underneath. It can easily seat two to three small children and is a great way to get them used to being in water before taking them to an actual, bigger pool. The pool may have to be set up on a big plastic sheet to water from spilling or splashing over onto the floor or walls.

The pool weighs 1.790 kgs, 81 cmswall and can contain 27 gallons of water.

Travel Augmented Reality Learning Games

This game from Shifu teaches the child new things, names of various forms of cars and transportation using the power of augmented reality and your smartphone. Inside the box you have 60 flash cards with black discs on them. Next install the Play ShifuApponto your Android or iOS device and then scan each flashcard to bring to life hidden content inside them. Once scanned, your smartphone will show a 3D image of one vehicle and a descriptive narration of the purpose of each car, how they are operated, the kind of sounds they make.

The game has been created by two childhood experts who happen to be parents as well. With this highly interactive kind of game, you can see your child’s imagination, creativity and self-learning ability grow. It even shows the child how to pronounce the name of those vehicles being displayed, improving their speech, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, pronunciations and conversational skills as well.

New Play Keyboard Musical Music

Pandaie brings you an oversized piano for kids that are musically gifted. All the child has to do is step on any part of this carpet like piano to generate a sound that they’ll hear on a speaker connected on the top. Each key is numbered, colour coded and this helps them to count and learn in a fun, musical way too. Designed to keep kids entertained for hours at a stretch, the toy doubles as entertainment at any children’s party. Kids remain active as they need to stand up to make full use of this piano and ensures that they get exercise and use all that pent up energy.

This is another good option for when the kids are at home and are bored with nothing to do. The toy is priced at Rs. 2450.00 and might be a bit expensive when compared with other options listed here, but is long lasting.

Webby Supermarket Shop

The mini version of the shopping market is sure to keep your kid interested. This set comes with 34 accessories like plastic fruits, dairy products, cakes and other items that you see in the real life version of the market. The stand is complete with a register, weighing scale,fake credit card and an ice cream sundae stand too.

Webby has ensured that they used the right kind of plastic and rubber to ensure that the kids can get a comfortable grip on each item. They have used bright, eye-catching colours that they’re sure to love. Designed specifically with toddlers in mind, they have used strong, unbreakable plastics knowing that children will throw things around! The main structure of toy is light and can be moved around easily, adding to which there are wheels at the bottom as well.


Conclusion: Birthday gift for 5 year old boy in India

Gift them the right toy now and they will cherish the moment forever, even playing with them throughout summer months when they are away from school and still continue learning and growing the healthy way. As you can see, there’s a right toy for every kind of personality and to boost each kind of skill, talent along the way.