Best Subwoofer for Car in India [Updated 2019]

Subwoofers are like speakers that are designed in such a way that they can produce loud in low frequency bass. For anyone who drive a car daily, This accessory help a lot to entertain him or her

Difference between subwoofers and speakers?

They are like speakers but they are not really speakers, but they are related to it. Like human needs other humans to make their life better, Speakers needs too. Subwoofers are speakers’ other friends that make sound better by lowing audio pitch. You would find these having different ranges in playing music like speakers play whole music at same effect, but subwoofers manage a song differently as it also controls bass.

Types of subwoofers

The different types of subwoofers are,

  • Sealed boxes for deep and precise bass: A sealed box has no air passing which is best for all kind of music that requires tight and accurate base. Amplifier is used for optimum performance.
  • Ported box for forceful bass: It has a port to produce low-bass response. Ported box’s result is better than sealed if its size is larger than sealed box.
  • Bandpass boxes for maximum slam: These are portable boxes kind and used for maximum slam. This woofer is a dual-chambered box having one chamber sealed and other chamber ported. The music result is very loud in a narrow frequency range. You would love to listen rap hard rock and etc.
  • Free air subwoofers: This kind of woofers are usually installed to the rear deck or place against the rear seat. They are small and easily installed anywhere as they don’t have any box. As they are manufactured without box, results are not as commendable as boxed woofers.


Types of cones’ materials:

  1. Treated paper: It is light weighted and ensures longevity of product.
  2. Polypropylene: It is rigid in material than treated paper and protects woofers from mold and moisture.
  3. Aluminum and magnesium: It lows frequency and makes sound powerful.
  4. Kevlar: It is usually used in bulletproof vests so it is a good choice to use in a woofer. It increases longevity as well.
  5. Carbon fiber: It is light and tough and makes woofer perform extra-ordinary.


Some of the technicalities:

Subwoofers technical range depends on either they are used inside the house or outside the house. If it is used inside house, frequency level is up to 200 Hz, and if it is used outside the house, frequency is up to 100 Hz. Sometimes woofers are of 80 Hz.


Best Subwoofer for Car in India

1. Pioneer Champion TS-W1211D4 12-inch Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer

It has the injection molded polypropylene composite cone which is durable and lightweight essential for high excursion situations. The single piece basket is rigid and features ventilation holes to improve air flow and release heat for better performance pioneers redesigned to allow the subwoofer to produce more accurate and rich bass. This new independent structure minimizes vibration coming from the cone.  If you are curious about specifications.


  • Its maximum music power is 1400 Watts
  • Its nominal power is 400 Watts.
  • The speaker size is 12” (30 cm).
  • Its impedance is 2 Ω or 8 Ω.
  • Its in-car sensitivity is 95 Db, mounting depth of 5.9 inches cutout diameter of 11.1 inches in four enclosures. Pioneer recommends 1.25 for sealed and 1.5 cubic feet purported.


It is loud. Customers enjoy its frequency. It is best for cars and home theatres. It is in reasonable price in such specifications.


It is not keeping Pioneer’s old legacy in efficiency. The maximum music power written in specification is not true and low than 1400 Watts. It has no warranty period.

Customer reviews

5 stars: 88%

4 stars: 4%

Price: INR 8100


2. Sony XS-NW12002 12-inch Woofer

Sony XS-NW12002 Woofer is of polypropylene material. It has durable rubber surrounding. Its magnet material is made up of ferrite. It is in pentagonal design which reduces distortion levels so you can enjoy bass better in full volume. We all know Sony for its excellence in every product. Indeed, it has given one of the great subwoofers to make its customers’ car groove as well. Sony XS-NW12002.


  • The size of XS-NW12002 is 12- inches/ 30 cm.
  • It is 4 kg in weight
  • It can entertain at maximum 1800 W peak power
  • Rated power is 300 W.


It has good bass. According to customers, it is powerful. Manufacturing is good. Speakers can easily install anywhere. It is affordable. It has one year warranty.


The rear deck and doors are not mostly available.

Customers reviews

5 stars: 58%

4 stars: 22%

Price: 3099/- (inr.)


3. JBL GTO609C High-Fidelity Component Speaker System

If you want to buy a powerful subwoofer, giving your content a life, JBL (James Bullough Lansing) GTO609C is your go-to product. These woofers are covered with non-magnetic Fiber-reinforced Plastic frames. It is made up of Titanium Laminate material. It looks unique and attractive. These are two-way subwoofers. It has two speakers, two grills, 2 crossovers, and 2 tweeters. It has Plus one’s carbon woofer cone which is light weighted. It has Gold plated terminals. It has a low-Q woofer motor. It is high-bandwidth with a large voice coil. It has soft dome tweeter diaphragms.


  • Its power handling peak is 270 watts.
  • It has an impedance of 3 Ω.
  • It is 2.6 kg in weight.
  • Its audio wattage is 100 watts.
  • It has frequencies up to 21k Hz.
  • Power handling (RMS) is 5w – 200w.
  • It has a sensitivity of 92 dB.
  • It has 12 dB passive crossover networks.
  • It has tweeter mounting hardware.


Bass output is efficient. Woofer’s integration is acceptable. Even if the speaker is not installed in the right place, it will work fantastically. Smooth transition between woofers and tweeter.


It has no such cons.

Customer reviews of amazon:

5 stars: 58%

4 stars: 26%

Price: 9990.00 (inr.)

4. Blaupunkt GTB 82002A

Blaupunkt GTB 82002A is a black colored bass reflex woofer along with class-D Amplifier. It is a single cone subwoofer. Its diameter is 200/8 in an mm/inch. Blaupunkt membrane material is Spun Paper cone. It has separate controls for low pass filter, phase, and gain. It comes with a woofer box, user manual, cables, and installation materials. Its small dimensions are 250 x 272 x 260 mm. The other specifications are:


  • It is 6,9 kg in weight.
  • Its subwoofer’s maximum output power is 200 watts.
  • Subwoofers RMS Power is 75 watts.
  • Its frequency response is 30 – 200 Hz. It is installed with the automatic function of On-/off which usually turn off it after 30 seconds.
  • Its impedance is 2×2 Ω.
  • It has 92 dB.
  • Its low pass filter is 70 – 190 Hz.
  • It has a Protection indicator which indicates through green color, and it has a Power-On indicator which indicates through red color.
  • Its surface material should be carpet.


You can play music with family as it does not have the strongest bass but it has acceptable bass. It is small in size so you can fix even in small cars. It is cheap in price.


It is more for music lovers than for bass in music. Moreover, you would enjoy more in a car while the person observing you, won’t get extra-ordinary impressed.

Customers’ reviews

5 stars: 67%

4 stars: 21%

Price: 9990.00


5. JBL CS1204B

JBL CS1204B is in a trapezoidal sealed box. It has the surface area with carpet covering. It is a dual magnet speaker. The speaker cable is linked with gold plated socket down at the rear deck. Two metals bars are in front of the woofer to clear disturbances. Its compatible tested amplifier can be JBL GTO24001. It is enclosed in a subwoofer system. The other specifications are below:


  • Its power handling peak is 1000 watts.
  • It has an impedance of 4 Ω.
  • It is 1.4 kg in weight.
  • Its audio wattage is 275 watts.
  • It has frequencies 40Hz to 300Hz
  • Power handling (RMS) is 250w.
  • It has a sensitivity of 90 dB.


It has an appreciable power handling peak. It has rich bass. It provides the best quality and performance overall. It has a reasonable price.


There are no such cons.

Customer reviews on Amazon:

5 stars: 100%

Price: INR 7,999.00


6. Sony Mega Bass XS-FB162E

Sony Mega Bass XS-FB162E is a three-way speaker as it is of XS series. These are two coaxial subwoofers. It has Mica matrix cone woofer for rich bass.  A 2.88 inches’ rear deck speakers are comparatively shallow, so it is easily installed. The mounting depth of door speakers is 1.69 inches. The other specifications are further below:


  • Its power handling peak is 250 watts.
  • It has an impedance of 4Ω.
  • It is 1.36 kg in weight.
  • Its rated power is 40 watts.
  • It has frequencies 55Hz to 24000Hz
  • Power handling (RMS) is 45 w.
  • It has a sensitivity of 91 dB.


It has good power handling. They are cheap in price. It has a one-year warranty card.


They are not preferred for crazy music listeners. Exceeding the RMS will cause distortions.

Customer reviews

5 stars: 45%

4 stars: 28%

Price: INR 2290


7. Pioneer TS-W306R Car Subwoofer

Pioneer TS-W306R is 12 inches’ subwoofers. The product dimensions are 8.5 x 12 x 18 cm. These consist of voice coil cooling system (vccs) which increases longevity and sound quality. Voice coil cooling system also offers better power handling. It makes bass output great. This model is designed with IMPP cone design which makes woofers produce optimized bass. The other specifications are:


  • Its power handling peak is 1300 watts.
  • Its impedance is not provided.
  • It is 1.2 kg in weight.
  • Its nominal wattage is 350 watts.
  • It has frequencies up to 20 Hz to 125 Hz
  • It has a sensitivity of 96 dB.


It has great power handling. It has deep bass.


It needs an ampere. Price is not suitable for the qualities it consists of. It should be a bit low.

Customer reviews

5 stars: 63%

4 stars: 23%

Price: INR 4490

8. Pioneer TS-WX300TA Sub-Woofer

It has flexible installations. It means these are easily installed through RCA or connectors to the car stereos. The product dimensions are 26.4 x 18 x 14.8 cm. It comes with truss screws and 1 enclosure. The cone was made of molded polypropylene. The cone size is of 12”. The magnet material is made up of Ferrite. It has copper round 4 layered wires. It has easy bass production. Further specifications are below:


  • Its power handling peak is 1300 watts.
  • Its impedance is not provided.
  • It is 9.6 kg in weight.
  • Its nominal wattage is 350 watts.
  • It has frequencies up to 20 Hz to 130 Hz
  • It has a sensitivity of 114 dB.


It has great bass.


It is high priced.

Customer reviews of amazon:

5 stars: 91%


Concluding note:

We tried to provide you best subwoofers having high and low prices. Some are great in performance and high priced to people who can afford luxuries, and some are good at performance within-budget prices. Somehow, they all are other customers’ loved subwoofers. We tried to give you every detail possibly available for the subwoofers one can find. We hope that you can now see the differences between brands and even models respectively.