How does one really buy a car and is there any right way about it? If it’s your first one or another one, getting a new car feels like reaching a new milestone.Much before there’s the excitement, steering clear of impulse buying, loads of research and then the actual buying.

That aside, people also think about getting a new car for other reasons as well. But they also want a car that will get them to places comfortably. When shortlisting their preferable car choices, people look for practicality, features, budget, cost and anything else that is critical to them.

This is because after all, when one buys a car they will be using it for a long time or at least they intend to. Then, the purchase of any car is an expensive one too and it’s tough to return a car that doesn’t suit their needs.

A car also has to suit the size of your home or more importantly, your gararge or the parking spaces that’s available. What if you were to end up buying a car thatis too big for your garage or if your residential area only permits certain vehicles?

The car model that’s the most suitable depends on a lot on your usage and who you’rebuying it for – yourself, senior parents or child friendly. Then based on your budget, you might be limited to a manual or automatic start up, or one that runs on either LPG, petrol and diesel. If you’re choosing one that will set your kids easily, then you’ll need to consider safety features like airbags, strong seatbelts or ABS.

Speaking about budget, it helps to list out road taxes, ex showroom prices and other things like fuel requirements costs, maintenance, tires changesas well. That sports car looks nice, but taking a loan to get it is a bad idea especially if you have a family.

It can be a bit confusing to know what kind of car to buy just by looking online. Ask any good driver that they’ll tell you that you need to do that assessment first hand. That is test drive the car, to understand how the steering is, whether highlighted features, speed controls are worth the extra money.

Make a choice once you’ve narrowed down all your preferences without overstretching your budgets. And once you have got your new car, drive safely and responsibly!